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Why Don’t You Kill the Hero?

This is a spontaneous post born from an interesting statement on a review.  The person asked why the villains don’t kill the heroes or why I explain the reason for such an action.  You know what?  I’m betting we all … Continue reading

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Author Life: Influences from Every Corner

It’s hard, if not impossible, to delve into the life of an author without touching on the thing that sets them off.  You have your imagination or a real life tale to tell, but something triggers your desire to write … Continue reading

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Is It Right to Twist Reality?

It’s interesting when reading a fantasy book and there are Earth groups or a variation in there.  Most people that thrive on these books don’t think twice.  Others seem to get confused or take offense.  For example, Luke Callindor’s dog, … Continue reading

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W.I.P.- Breakdown? Invasion? I Don’t Even Have a Title

A while back, I mentioned I was going to restructure a lot of my ideas with merging, deleting, and altering stuff.  I also hinted that this is in response to a new idea that spun my mental gears around.  At … Continue reading

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The Phantom Feeling

For the Angst and Longing prompt at the Community Storyboard. Our moistened lips touch And I am jolted awake To a bed of crumpled blankets Only made by me My companion the alarm Which I curse at as I hit … Continue reading

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