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Goal Post . . . Or Are These Weekly Updates?

This was a whirlwind week.  I didn’t have a single day of normalcy, which can be fairly taxing by the end.  There were altered schedules, various drills, and a really fun field trip at school.  One of my favorite parts … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Fasting on the Horizon (Don’t Forget ‘War of Nytefall’ Sale)

First, War of Nytefall is on sale for the month of October.  All 3 books have gone down to 99 cents.  If the response is good then I might keep it longer or even make Legends of Windemere 99 cents across the … Continue reading

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Life of the Author (A Shakespearean Sonnet)

To be honest, this is my first attempt at a Sonnet.  Learned about them in college and it was a project in ELA last year.  I helped my student with this, but I never took it by the reins myself.  … Continue reading

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Week of the Son of Pneumonia

(And I thought the song was bizarre!  Can’t say I don’t enjoy them though.) It was a week to remember . . . Not really in a good.  First full week of school, which was fun and I got into … Continue reading

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First Week of School is in the Bag

(One of the big songs of the summer.) The big event is that I went back to my Teaching Assistant job on Tuesday and got a taste of what the future holds.  I’m working in what is called the Life … Continue reading

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Give Me a Silent ‘P’! (I Said Silent, People!)

All goals for the week were curb stomped pretty badly.  Last weekend was spent resting and catching up on errands instead of outlining like I’d hoped.  That and I just couldn’t get my head into the game.  Ended up tearing … Continue reading

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Summer for Kids vs Summer for Adults

You know, Homer Simpson isn’t exactly wrong here.  While kids get the summer off from school, most adults don’t get the time off from work.  Even if you have a job that stops at the end of June, you need … Continue reading

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