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It’s Not the Heat, but the Humidity . . . No, It’s Also the Heat

So, we have an Excessive Heat Warning here.  It’s been something we’ve been bracing for since Thursday.  Currently, it’s in 83 degrees, but feels like 91 and it isn’t even 8 AM.  I have a friend’s daughter’s birthday to go … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Writing an Encyclopedia/Compendium

My parents used to have this set and it got me through so many school projects.  People don’t use physical encyclopedias these days thanks to Wikipedia.  Then again, I’m thinking of another type of encyclopedia.  We’ll get to the questions … Continue reading

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Not Sure I Can Say That I’m Still Standing

This might be short because nothing really happened beyond work and puzzles.  By the time I get home, I’m exhausted.  This week started the pool trips, but we had one rained out.  There was also a trip to an amusement … Continue reading

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Goal Post: My Future Life as a Puddle

Last week was the when I finally got to have some full days of the summer job. To everyone who thought I could get any writing in, you were GRAVELY mistaken.  I arrive around 7:20 in the morning when I … Continue reading

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The Summer Strikes: Leaping into the Next Adventure

Well, I should be in my summer job by now.  Can’t be sure because I’m writing this in late May and haven’t put in for the last two days of my school job off.  There’s a bit of overlap, which … Continue reading

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A Long Week Ending with a Short Post

What can I really say about this week?  I went to work for test proctoring (classes on Monday) and then I got maybe two hours to get to training for my summer job.  This was every day except for Friday, … Continue reading

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I Think This Week Happened and the Next One Is Coming

When this goes live, I’ll still be in the big day of training for my summer job.  I’m writing this Friday night, so I don’t know what I’ve done or about to do.  This is actually the first day of … Continue reading

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