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Teaser Tuesday: Not on Your Best Day #fantasy #adventure

I have to touch on the spin-off with an excerpt from Quest of the Brokenhearted.  I decided to show a little of what Kira Grasdon has been up to since the battle with Baron Kernaghan.  I’m hoping I took enough … Continue reading

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Goal Post: I Really Need to Buy a Calendar

I’m not kidding.  Once Thursday afternoon hit, I suddenly forgot . . . Wait . . . I’m writing this on Friday and that was yesterday?  Is that right? For the love of the dust bunnies that keep appearing under … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh! Maybe . . . I’m Napping this Weekend

It’s Thursday night and I’m scheduling this baby now.  What else could possibly happen this week?  Well, Friday is my son’s moving up ceremony because he moves on to middle school in the fall.  That’s going to be fun and … Continue reading

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On the Edge of Completion of Many Things

I was tempted to start this off by talking about current events.  Then, I remembered all of the arguments I’ve gotten into this week.  You see, I think about the psychological impact of an action and play devil’s advocate too … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Guess I Was Due for a Rough Week

This week didn’t go smoothly.  The schoolwork was fairly intense because a lot of new skills and actions were introduced.  First, analyzing a Longfellow poem with a kid who is literal to the bone is an act of patience.  “Dust … Continue reading

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Goal Post: I’m Just Going to Remove Anything Before ‘Day’ on the Calendar

I’m going to start with heavy event number one.  I can’t talk about details because that would be crossing a line.  All I will say is that I got to experience my first Zoom funeral this week.  Found it awkward … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Stress

Stress is brutal.  In small doses, it can drive us ahead, but how often do we get the proper amount?  The longer I live, the more I meet people who are either unstressed to the point of being unmotivated and … Continue reading

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A Week of Work, Holidays, Birthdays, and Limited Exposure

Another week of schoolwork and housework.  Look, I’ve got very little else going on here since New York is such a mess.  Things were a little easier since our spring break was supposed to start on Thursday and we have … Continue reading

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Kind of a Room Tour (Revival of the Florida and College Decor!)

I don’t do many pictures of my room because it’s fairly dull.  Large rack of DVDs, TV on a dresser, nightstand, bed, large bookcase that was never given a coat of finish, hat rack, exercise bike, smaller bookcase, and desk.  … Continue reading

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I Can’t Even Think of a Title Here

I’m just stunned and confused now.  Leave out the stuff with taxes and the ex-wife as well as the application to graduate school.  All of those have been kind of dwarfed by the big thing going on.  Been trying to … Continue reading

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