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Was There a Misstep Along the Way?

I know I promised the Ichabod Brooks blurbs on a post that most people don’t read over the weekend.  Figure I have over a month to get that done, so I can get this brain worm out of my head. … Continue reading

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As Madness Looms, The Goals Must Go On

Geez, where to even start?  Things are flying everywhere today and I’m not sure where to start.  Just look at how late this post is coming and how I’m not even scheduling it.  I wanted to finish a beta-reading project … Continue reading

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No Time for a Title!

Let’s get the easy part over with: Goal Accomplished/Progress Made– June Blog Posts Scheduled That’s it.  This Spring Break has been incredibly chaotic and busy.  My hope to write at night was dashed by a few late nights for the … Continue reading

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Up, Up, and Away for a Bit: Burn the Mail While I’m Gone

I just realized it’s April Fool’s Day, so me saying I’ll be away for a bit could be perceived as a joke.  Well, it’s not and I’ll be doing my best to respond by phone until I get back online … Continue reading

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From The Psycho to the Killer: Should I Take a Break?

I have this song stuck in my head, which I brought on myself.  Bought ‘Moana’ for the kid and he said he loved it . . . Then only watched it once.  Finally got him to watch it again today … Continue reading

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Progress and Goals: What Could Go Wrong?

There’s been something eating at me for a while and I needed to get it off my chest.  That will be tomorrow.  Wrote up the post to get the rant and frustration out of my system before I wrote this … Continue reading

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Fading Colors

What was once vivid Has faded into the bleak Bright colors of youth Have lost their luster And continue draining As the days go by Is it the world around me Or my own eyes have glazed? Cataracts of pessimism … Continue reading

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