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Infinite Dreams and Limited Time

A thousand voices Maybe more Call out within my mind Praying for life And tempting me with dreams A multitude of rabbit holes That merge Into a maze of adventures * I wish to follow Grant every dream some flesh … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Yeah . . . Everything is Blurry

This is a week that felt like every day lasted a month and all of the events have become fairly blurry.  I remember looking into Masters programs and realizing that I need to take the GRE first.  Signed up for … Continue reading

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Goal Post: The Week of the Big Return and Many Yawns

(This is a strange addition at the final hour.  I’ve had 90 reviews for Beginning of a Hero for a long time. I’ve lost a bunch for undisclosed reasons over the last nearly 7 years.  All of a sudden, I see … Continue reading

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First Goal Post of 2020: Might Be a Little Anticlimactic

Everybody sober up or catch up on sleep after staying up until midnight?  Yeah, I’m not as young as I used to be, so the late night is still wearing me down.  Alcohol wasn’t even a factor since I had … Continue reading

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Final Goal Post of 2019: Ending on a Break

(Maybe I used this video before recently, but I really like the song. Began rewatching the series during lunch this week.) Well, here we are. Staring at the end of the 20 teens and about to step foot into the … Continue reading

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A Much Needed Break and A Sign that I Need a Nap

Today is the first day of a 16 day break. Kind of feel like stopping there because I’m not sure how to explain everything else that is happening.  I’m writing this post without scheduling it, so this is LIVE.  I’m … Continue reading

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Hero Motivation vs Villain Motivation

I was asked a few months back to write about the motivations of heroes and villains.  This was the be done separately, but I found the topics overlapping.  That and I thought it would work better as a comparison.  After … Continue reading

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