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Goal Post: Sleep. I Definitely Need Sleep (Took me 4 tries to spell ‘Goal’ correctly)

Not even going to beat around the bush . . . I AM EXHAUSTED! Monday through Thursday went the same.  I woke up around 7 AM to let myself wake up and then got my son moving.  We had breakfast … Continue reading

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I Can’t Even Think of a Title Here

I’m just stunned and confused now.  Leave out the stuff with taxes and the ex-wife as well as the application to graduate school.  All of those have been kind of dwarfed by the big thing going on.  Been trying to … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Total Overhaul for the Infamous GRE

I thought I didn’t get anywhere with the goals I made last week, but then I realized that I made them very vague.  War of Nytefall: Eradication was released and I’ve sold a whopping 2 copies.  Although, around 10 have told me … Continue reading

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Let the Winter Break Begin with an Awkward Nap

Today is the first full day of my Winter Break and it feels like things aren’t going to be calm in any way.  First, I want to say that there is A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming tomorrow that I’m surprised I’m … Continue reading

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Goal Post . . . Was This a Week or a Month?

I really can’t remember much of what happened prior to Thursday.  I know stuff did occur and a lot of things were moved from mine and my son’s room.  It’s still 1.5 weeks until the floors get worked on and … Continue reading

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Infinite Dreams and Limited Time

A thousand voices Maybe more Call out within my mind Praying for life And tempting me with dreams A multitude of rabbit holes That merge Into a maze of adventures * I wish to follow Grant every dream some flesh … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Yeah . . . Everything is Blurry

This is a week that felt like every day lasted a month and all of the events have become fairly blurry.  I remember looking into Masters programs and realizing that I need to take the GRE first.  Signed up for … Continue reading

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