Immortal Wars: The Summoning Part 25 #fiction #throwback

(Previously on Immortal Wars.)

(Again, we shall revel in my teenage originality.  Everyone groan in unison.)

Disclaimer: Immortal Wars was the book I came up with and wrote in high school.  I hadn’t even hit college by the time I wrote the first two books.  That means I hadn’t developed my style yet, wasn’t good at self-editing, and the story was fairly basic. So, you’ve been warned that this is the ultimate author throwback segment for my blog and will show my author origins.  FYI-  I put the first book (The Summoning) through a Print-on-Demand publisher and the second one (Light, Blood, & Tears) never saw the light of day.  Enjoy!

Eventually, Fate found himself standing in the doorway of his best friend’s room.  Infinity let him in without a word and gave him some unknown drink.  The room they are in has pictures covering most of the walls and the bed has a star pattern on it.  A pair of vases sits in a corner and they show evidence of being glued back together.  Fate quickly explains his talk with the old Mars guardian and what Solix had told him.  He also apologizes for getting angry with everybody in the Game Room.  Infinity listens carefully while pushing buttons on a data pad without looking at it.  Fate finally finishes his explanation and waits for a response from his friend.

“We should all apologize for getting angry at each other.  But was all the arguing really necessary, Fate.  You should have known that there was a good reason for Solix’s actions.  Miracle was never against you and neither was I.  Hydrana on the other hand didn’t really care.  Still, your argument did stir a little curiosity in us all.  Miracle went off on a secret investigation with the computer system.  Hydrana is actually becoming an engineer on the equipment.  She really has a natural talent for fixing mechanical things.  At least the stuff we play with up here,” explains Infinity.  He lies down on the bed and stares at a series of pictures on the ceiling.  Each one is a collage of colors that create a solar system when they are all put together.

“I know that now.  So, what have you been looking up?” asks Fate.  He removes his headband and looks at it in disgust.  He tosses it into a can near the door and listens to the sound of a disintegrater.  Still, he knows that the headband will be back in his uniform cylinder when he goes back to his room.

“At first I was looking at the different races that we can run into.  A lot have been destroyed been immortals, each other, global disasters, or cosmic entities.  Mars used to have several races that have been dead for centuries.  The ones that survived have different levels of technology.  Glebnoks are a peaceful race under the surface of Neptune and they have the most advanced technology.  We’re talking cloning, robotics, AI, teleporters, and they created the original planet guardians.  They only have one flaw.”

“What’s that?”

“They hate humans.  Racial prejudice basically.  Due to the evil immortals being from Earth and our all so colorful past of violence, they hate us.  The reason nobody on Earth has ever contacted an alien race is that the Glebnoks won’t let them.  That and we can’t.  All other races work with communication devices that warp through a small dimensional void.  Radio signals can’t get there and nothing from Earth can intercept these signals.  We are not the most loved species in the cosmos.”

“That’s not surprising.  You ever watch a news report that didn’t spend most of its time dealing with murder, rape, and crime?  I haven’t.  We probably scare the hell out of most of the other races,” says Fate.  He finishes his drink and takes a look at the data pad that Infinity was working on.  It has to most dangerous species in the solar system.  Humans are number three on the list.

“At least we’re not number one.  Well technically we are.  Immortals are considered the most dangerous because they just are.  That’s done on power levels and not naturally violent behavior.  And number two are called Elementals and they are extinct.  This little thing is bound to cause many problems,” mentions Infinity as he puts the data pad away.

“Especially since we are humans.  We’re going to have a lot of explaining to do when we finally meet those aliens.  But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Right now, we have more important things to do.  Like the fact that I haven’t slept in days.  I’m gonna go slip into a coma, so don’t wake me up unless it’s important.”

“No problem, Eddie.  By the way, it’s good that you aren’t leaving.  Wouldn’t be the same up here without you.  Miracle would be miserable.  I would be bored.  Hydrana wouldn’t have anybody to argue with.  And there isn’t anybody else that the three of us would rather have on our side.  Except for an entire army of immortals that can back us up because we still have no idea what the hell we’re doing.  We all run on instinct.”

“We’ll work on it.  Goodnight, Steve.”  Fate walks across the hallway to his own room and finds that the lights are on and the windows are open.  He stares out at the sun and pushes a small button on the window.  One of them opens for him to get through and he leaps to a nearby solar flare gun.  He keeps bouncing off the defensive equipment until he lands on one that is on the sun’s surface.  From here he can see all the stars and planets around him.  Earth is a shining dot in the distance and he sees the occasional comet shooting by.

“And we’re supposed to protect all this.  Might as well just admit it to myself that I would have been miserable back home.  This is where I belong and I don’t want to go anywhere else.  I’ve always been a planet guardian and I’ll stay that way.  Edward Slane can stay on Earth, but Fate can’t be kept out of the stars.  This is the life I’ll stay with.  Of course, I shouldn’t do too much with the poetry,” thinks Fate as he looks toward the outskirts of the universe.

Suddenly a whispering voice says, “You have no idea how right you are about this being your true life.  It will be a long time before you understand me, but soon your life on Earth will never look the same.  Your destiny and mine are connected in a way that nobody can ever understand.  Nothing is aware of our connection, but soon you will know the truth.  I guarantee it.”

Fate sits up and suddenly finds himself back in his room with the window open.  He knew he went out the window and looked at the stars.  But he doesn’t know how he got back or where the voice came from.  It sounded too human to be SEAS and something about it seemed oddly familiar.

He tries to go back to sleep and find himself dreaming a group of people dragging a young woman away from a young boy and a young girl.  Both of the children have golden hair while the woman has shiny, black hair.  A dead man is impaled on what looks like a spaceship.  The vision blows up in a combination of golden and green light.  It ends with the silhouette of a woman carrying away the young girl.  And the young boy is left lying face down on the ground with a glowing sword lying just out of reach of his little hands.

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The Funnies of Summer

In case people need a laugh about the upcoming season.  All from a Yahoo Image Search.  Enjoy.

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Teaser Tuesday: Pesky Bugs #fantasy #shortstories #adventure

Cover Art by Circecorp

Wouldn’t be a run of teasers if I didn’t end a fan favorite.  Here we have a piece from The Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks.  Since this is a collection of short stories, it’s hard to pick something that isn’t too much, so II picked a random one and grabbed a chunk with some action. This comes from Ichabod Brooks & The King of Nowhere.  Enjoy!

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Summer 2020 Plans

Moana Islands

Full disclosure: I’m writing this up on April 7th.  Partially because it’s still the middle of the pandemic in New York and I have no idea what the future holds.  Going to be pretty funny when I forget I wrote this and it pops up today.  We’ll get a comparison of what I wanted to do, what I already did, and what I now plan on doing.  Wonder if future me will be more optimistic . . . Yeah, I’m not holding my breath on that one either.  I’ll just be happy if future me is able to leave the house without looking like he’s going to rob a bank and hide a body.  Then again, it’s hot in the summer, so I might be hiding under a ceiling fan anyway.  Ah, fun to think about the future.

That’s what we’re going to try to do now.  Since I’ve already started writing War of Nytefall: Savagery, I plan on finishing it.  Unless it’s already done.  Definitely going to edit War of Nytefall: Ravenous with the intention of a September release.  I might have tackled this already too and then handed it to a few readers.  It really is hard to do that with Nytefall because some context is needed for later parts of a series.  Anyway, I’ll figure that one out at some point.  My son may only be in camp for July, so that’s the big book writing period.  If I’m up to Anarchy then that may be the July goal and I’ll be saving the fantasy tip book for August.  Easier to do that at night and over weekends when my son is around since the entries will be blog style.

All of that is simply writing.  I need to rest my head and heart a bit.  With me working last summer and the pandemic, I haven’t had much time to think more about the fact that my life changed so dramatically.  I know the divorce started long ago and, as a man, people think I should have gotten over it quickly.  Yet, I still find myself feeling blue.  I remember things that I wanted to do as a family, but those can never happen due to the situation I’ll be in for a long time.  Having to rebuild a lot of my life doesn’t help.  So, I really do need time to feel human and creative again.  Not too much to ask for on that one.  Especially since the Fall is going to be busy.

A final part of the plan is getting my head into graduate school mode.  Once that kicks off, writing is going to be even tougher.  I’ll be using evenings to do school stuff as well as the weekends.  I will try to save one day for writing.  Saturday might be for that, so I can get 1 chapter done every 2 weeks.  It’ll depend a lot on what the workload is.  Some people want me to load up so much that I can only do school, work, and parenting.  That way I’ll finish faster.  As nice as that would be, I think people tend to forget I have fleshy parts and a human psyche.  Unlike the Educator 2000, I break down and I’m not getting any more durable with age.

Guess that’s the overall plan.  Nothing detailed:

  1. Writing
  2. Resting
  3. Parenting

Pretty simple as long as we aren’t still locked in our homes or zombies have been added to the equation.  Past me really isn’t sure what’s coming.  Really hope future me is still able to see this.  Guess we’ll see.

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Chapter Titles for Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips)

Took a long time to do these because I kept heading into other projects.  That and I would stare at the page for too long.  It really was tough to go from War of Nytefall to this project because it’s more daunting.  I can do action scenes and dialogue, but Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips) is a different bear to wrestle.  I’m voicing my opinion and almost making myself the main character where I can only talk.  All of my sources have to be from my own works to avoid legal issues, so I have to be careful not to make this sound like it’s solely about promoting my books.  That’s a secondary goal, which I’ll admit to.  Anyway, here is the break down and you’ll see that every chapter is a question.  The things in parentheses are the topics, which won’t be included.

  • Who Am I? (Intro)


  • The Author
    • Do I Need a Prologue or Epilogue?  (Prologues and Epilogues)
    • What Tense Should I Choose?  (Choosing Tense)
    • Should I Be a Plotter or Pantser? (Plan or Pants)
    • Do I Have to Avoid Cliches? (Cliches)
    • Should I Talk about My Inspirations? (Admit Your Influencers)
    • How Can I Please Everyone?  (Avoiding the Negative)
    • Do I Hide My Quirks? (Author Quirks)
    • What Kind of Author Should I Be? (Author Persona)


  • The World
    • How Do I Evolve My World? (Setting as a Character)
    • Do I Have to Go Medieval? (Classic fantasy settings)
    • What Kind of Magic Should I Use? (Magic Systems)
    • Can I Take from the Past? (Using the Classics)
    • Should My Fantasy Races Hate Each Other? (Interspecies Relations a.k.a. Thank A Lot, Tolkien!)
    • Do I Dare to Touch on Religion or Politics? (Religion and Politics)
    • How Do I Paint My World? (Describing the World)
    • Is There a Benefit to Taking Notes?  (Using World Notes)
    • Does My World Need Monsters? (Monsters)
    • What about Time?  (Passage of Time)
    • How Much of the Past Should I Reveal? (History of the World)
    • What is Beyond The Cities?  (Wilderness)
    • Should I Have Magical Items?  (Relics)
    • What about Necromancy?  (Necromancy)
    • How Violent Should I Make My Stories?  (Accepted levels of violence in world)
    • Can I Reuse My World for Another Series?  (Multiple Series in 1 World)
    • What about a Steed? (Riding Beasts)
    • *See Book Title*  (Do I Need to Use a Dragon?)
    • Should I Put My World Through an Upheaval?  (Great Cataclysms)
    • How Deep Can I Make a Short Story’s World?  (Short Story Worlds)


  • The Characters
    • Where Should I Start My Heroes?  (Starting Weak or Strong)
    • How Can I Grow My Characters?  (Evolution)
    • Do I Need Supporting Heroes?  (Importance of Supporting Cast)
    • Can I Add Humor to My Story?  (Comic relief and humor)
    • What about Gods?  (Gods!)
    • Should I have Flawed Characters?  (Flawed is Perfect)
    • Is There a Trick to Writing Female Characters?  (Damsels and Princess Generals)
    • How Do I Name a Character?  (Names)
    • Should My Characters Have a Signature? (Signatures of Characters)
    • Can I Use a Monster as a Hero?  (Monsters as Heroes)
    • What Kind of Casters Should I Make?  (Types of Casters)
    • Is the Villain as Important as the Hero?  (Villains)
    • Should I Use Supporting Villains? (Minions)
    • How Do I React to Reactions? (Fan favorites and the Despised)
    • What about Holy Characters?  (Priests, Priestesses, and Paladins)
    • How to Juggle Multiple Heroes?  (Ensemble casts)
    • Should I Design Character Biographies?  (Biographies)
    • Do Rivalries Help Characters Grow?  (Rivals)
    • What’s an Archetype?  (Archetypes)
    • How Do Short Story Characters Evolve?  (Short Story Evolutions)


  • The Quest
    • Do My Heroes Need a Clear Purpose?  (Always a Goal)
    • How Do Heroes and Quests Relate?  (Synergy of Heroes and Quests)
    • How Is a Story like a Roller Coaster?  (Roller coaster plots)
    • Should I Have a Good or Bad Ending? (Good or Bad Endings)
    • Is There a Trick to Fight Scenes?  (Fight Scenes)
    • How Do I Write a Big Battle Scene?  (Big Battles)
    • How Big Should the Finale Be?  (Final Battles)
    • What Is a Time to Shine?  (Times to Shine)
    • Why Can’t a Caster Fix It?  (Using Magic as a Crutch)
    • Should I Focus on Adventure or Politics?  (Adventure or Politics)
    • How Dark I Should Go?  (Heavy Topics)
    • Should I Include Destiny?  (Destiny vs Free Will)
    • What about Romance?  (Romance)
    • Is It Time for a Nosh?  (Eating Scenes)
    • Can I Skip Travel Scenes?  (Traveling)
    • Are Distractions, Deviations, and Side Jobs Useful? (Stepping Away from the Main Plot)
    • Do I Have to Kill Characters?  (Killing characters)
    • How Do I Train My Heroes?  (Training Scenes)
    • What about the Children?  (Next Generation of Heroes)
    • How Do I Write a Short Story Quest?  (Short Story Quests)


  • Is It Time To Go?  (Outro

And there you have it.  All 70 chapter sections that may seem overlapped and I’m not 100% certain about the order.  I got confused at the end of this post because I had finished writing the list in my notebook 2 minutes before I began this.  So, I hit the last few sections of ‘The Quest’ section and started wondering if I repeated topics.  As far as writing this, I’m going to do all of these in ‘blog style’ writing, so I expect them each to be around 2-3 pages long.  Thinking pictures would be cover art and one for each of four categories.  The category ones would be book characters, so I’d like to hit Legends of Windemere, Ichabod Brooks, and War of Nytefall.  Maybe do Quest of the Broken-Hearted as a fourth one?  Bedlam won’t be included here since it isn’t fantasy.

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First Non-School Week of the Summer . . . It Was Aight

Think I’m going to have to do a day-by-day here.  A lot happened since this was the first week that my son and I didn’t have school.  In fact, Monday was the first day since late February that we had nothing more than having fun.  So, we tried to get a bunch of things in, which oddly enough didn’t include video games. I’ll just do a break down for the father/son time.

Sunday/Father’s Day

I picked my son up in time for lunch since he was at his mom’s.  Figured I would let him be there for the morning for a certain reason that I don’t think I can say here.  Pretty sure one can figure it out.  Once we got back and had lunch, it was into the inflatable pool for the little guy.  Grandpa had bought two pump water gun things that aren’t shaped like guns.  You put one end in, pull back the pump to suck in the water, and then push it back to fire it out.  Needless to say, we all got drenched because my son simply stayed in the pool and blasted away.  Of course, he hit grandpa who was resting, which meant the garden hose came into play.  After that, it was drawing using YouTube videos.  We did a few pictures every day he was with me and I plan on making a Sunday post to show them off in about 2-3 weeks.


A lot of places are either closed or I’m not comfortable taking my son there.  So, we decided that the afternoon would be cleaning all of the cars.  Then, back to do some drawing and reading.  What did we do in the morning?  It was nice out, so we went to a small park that is on the coast.  Keep in mind that I’m on Long Island, which means the coast isn’t too far away.  It was a nice 1.5 hours where we saw plenty of animals and I realized that I need a point-and-shoot camera.  Cellphone doesn’t cut it when I’m trying to take a picture of these green monk parakeets that live in the area.  They aren’t native, so it’s weird seeing them.  Story is that the original birds escaped from a crate at JFK airport in the 60’s or 70’s.  Anyway, we also saw a bunny, horseshoe crabs, green heron, large heron, and a bunch of other birds.  It was a lot of fun.


With the weather being iffy on Wednesday, we agreed that the afternoon would be time to enjoy the pool.  We were going to have to deflate and clean it soon too.  With no other ideas, we went to another part, which used to be a garbage dump.  It’s much bigger than the previous one and it’s a lot of uphill walking to reach the top.  There are pygmy goats that they walk up to the top to take care of the grass too.  Tried and failed to get pictures of those damn parakeets too.  Not as many animals on this trip as we would have liked and it was very hot.  So, the trudge back to the car was met with a lot of complaining.  Little guy finally cheered up when we were buying ice cream toppings afterwards and I suggested we buy ice cream for lunch.  Very good decision.


I was burnt out and family were swinging by to say hello.  This meant that my son and I weren’t going to go on another adventure.  Instead, we worked on this all day:

We finished it just in time for us to have dinner, make our super sundaes, and watch some cartoons before he went to his mom’s.  This beast is still waiting on the living room table for him to add more characters to the inside.

And that’s really it for the father/son stuff, which is where the fun is.  I mean, we are watching the following cartoons at various times:

  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Kip and the Age of Wonderbeasts
  • Yugioh
  • Naruto
  • Fairy Tail
  • My Hero Academia
  • One Piece

He’s loving all of it and I think he’s starting to get the idea of characters not being simply black/white mentalities.  Bakugo in ‘My Hero Academia’ really helps he see how characters, and people, can grow.  Yeah, it isn’t a traditional way to teach a kid about various morality and ethical questions, but it’s working a bit.  I think.  Mostly, my son likes spending time with me watching these.

The rest of the week wasn’t nearly as exciting.  Found out that I’m not going to be working over the summer, so I’ll be focusing more on writing and my son.  The overall schedule has been mucked up due to changes that we knew were coming.  So, my balancing act is going to be shakier than expected.  I’m already 4 chapters into War of Nytefall: Anarchy and am hoping to get through #6 by the time my son comes back.  Then, I’ll try to work a little on Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips), which will be the topic of tomorrow.  I’m going to be testing out the chapter titles.  Summer typically doesn’t have a lot of blog traffic, so we’ll see what happens.  If I can’t balance the two projects then I’ll finish the first one and save the other for August.

Aside from hanging out with some friends last night in a safe and distant manner, I got nothing else to report.  I’m tired and still a little anxious about life.  There were some incidents this week that I can’t go into here.  So, the weekend is going to be all about writing and resting.  Started watching an anime called ‘Rising of the Shield Hero’, which is pretty good.  Only two episodes in and it reminds me of similar stories, but I like a few of the characters.  Not the villain though.  Really hate her and she was only in the first episode, but she made an impact.

What are the goals?

  1. Write more War of Nytefall: Anarchy
  2. Prepare the file for Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips)
  3. Possibly start writing the above.
  4. Help my son with summer school when he comes back.
  5. Buy a point-and-shoot camera.
  6. Buy more ‘Captain Underpants’ books, but that might wait until next weekend.
  7. July 4th fun with the son
  8. Charge the dust bunnies rent since they aren’t going away
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7 Tips to Writing Underdog Heroes

Everyone loves an underdog.  At least that’s what people say.  These aren’t as easy to write as one would think.  You have a lot to consider and a delicate balance to maintain for the adventure.  What are some ways to make sure that happens?

  1. Know the definition of an underdog.  That means the hero is considered to have little or no chance of success.  It doesn’t mean that they are the strongest character in the story, but have a long walk ahead of them.  They need to be at a level below whatever they are facing to be a real underdog.
  2. The title doesn’t remain indefinitely.  Yes, I’m using two tips to drive this point home because people don’t get it.  An underdog can become powerful enough to be a real contender.  As soon as he or she wins, he is no longer an underdog as well.  The best example I can think of is Rocky Balboa.  He was the underdog in the first two movies since nobody thought he had a chance and he was lacking.  The rest of the series, he’s the champion or a powerful contender.  Don’t mistake a character being slightly weaker for having not chance either.  Yeah, he lost to Clubber Lang, but I still don’t believe he regained the underdog title.
  3. Characters who are underdogs don’t always realize their position.  Many are able to continue on because they believe in themselves.  They understand they have weaknesses, but think that their positive qualities are enough to counter this.  Now, this could be true.  In fact, most times it is and that’s why underdogs can win.  The label is primarily given and thought of by other characters and the audience.
  4. Training and special gear can help improve the chances of an underdog, but it doesn’t entirely clear them.  It’s still the same character and he can still go into the main fight with a hindrance.  His chances have improved to little in this case.  Maybe the training isn’t enough or the gear is damaged.  You have to be careful about making this change a sure thing.  Otherwise, the hero and villain are on equal footing, which tends to go to the side of good.
  5. An underdog hero can remain as such and still be a danger due to how they think and act.  An unpredictable or cunning nature means that they have a mental aptitude for problem solving.  If not that then at least doing the unexpected, which can take a more powerful character by surprise.  For example, Luke Callindor in Legends of Windemere is an underdog in many of his fights.  When not fighting regular monsters, he tends to be overpowered and less experienced than his enemy.  He wins by doing the unexpected and thinking his way through.  This does get dicey near the end of the series though, so I’d give it to him for around the first 6 books.
  6. There is no shame in a character rising from an underdog status.  Don’t be afraid to have this happen if it works for the story.
  7. Other characters are allowed to be fully aware of a hero being an underdog and react accordingly.  They can have faith in them, but 9 times out of 10 it is obvious that they’re backing the weaker combatant.  This is what can lead them to help the hero instead of sitting on the sidelines.  More powerful people may take it upon themselves to train the underdog up.  On the other side of the battle, a villain could easily underestimate a weaker opponent until it is too late.
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How to Publish with KDP: Part Eleven

Story Empire

Image courtesy of

Hello SErs. Harmony here.  As promised, here is  part eleven in the post series dedicated to taking a step-by-step look at how to get your finished manuscript from your computer and on sale on Amazon in both ebook and paperback.

If you’d like to take a look back at the previous posts in this series, please click on the links at the end of this post.

So, here’s Part Eleven: How to Preview Your eBook.

The quickest and easiest way is to use Amazon’s online previewer to view your eBook. However, it is always best–if you can–to check how your finished book looks on as many devices as possible … more on that later.

As we saw in Part Ten, once you’ve uploaded your eBook, you can click on ‘Launch Previewer’ at the bottom of your eBook details page.

The following screen will load >>> (It…

View original post 503 more words

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Immortal Wars: The Summoning Part 24 #fiction #throwback

(Previously on Immortal Wars.)

(Again, we shall revel in my teenage originality.  Everyone groan in unison.)

Disclaimer: Immortal Wars was the book I came up with and wrote in high school.  I hadn’t even hit college by the time I wrote the first two books.  That means I hadn’t developed my style yet, wasn’t good at self-editing, and the story was fairly basic. So, you’ve been warned that this is the ultimate author throwback segment for my blog and will show my author origins.  FYI-  I put the first book (The Summoning) through a Print-on-Demand publisher and the second one (Light, Blood, & Tears) never saw the light of day.  Enjoy!

“I already told you that you have no reason to know any of this!” exclaims Solix from the chair at the head of the table in the Main Hall.  Fate is standing on the other side of the table and is managing to remain calm.

“The way I see it is that you need me to stay.  So, I want to know exactly what is going on or else I will leave you to face your enemies alone.  I want answers, Solix.  And I will even tear this base apart or go to the evil immortals to get my answers.  I might have to beat the hell out of them, but if I have to I will.  Anything is better than dealing with someone like you.  Do you understand what I’m saying here?  Either you tell me what I want to know or I go off on my own and probably cause more trouble for you,” threatens Fate.

“I think you should tell him, Solix.  I have taken away your programs that block me from telling him the information,” replies SEAS from his containment crystal.  Solix stares with his mouth open at the subordinate behavior of the computer and then slumps in the chair.  His face has a look of defeat on it.

“Very well.  I will tell you what you want to know.  First of all, the very villains that you are going to fight killed the original guardians.  The many points in this story are very short because the details would take months that we don’t have.  The original guardians found them on Earth during the time of the Roman Empire.  We took them in and taught them how to fight.  My personal student, Adriana, took over and led them against us.  I managed to escape with the Solstar medallion, but they chased me.  Many of the races of this universe were destroyed in the pursuit.  I finally used the ultimate power of the medallion to send them to another galaxy.  And they have finally returned,” explains Solix.

“How could an immortal get killed?  That goes against what everyone thinks immortality is supposed to mean,” mentions Fate.  He sits cross-legged on the wooden table and calmly stares at the older warrior.

“That question delves into the creation of the original guardians.  We are genetic creations made by an alien race known as the Glebnoks.  They desired galactic peace and created us to help defend all of the nine planets.  An asteroid was the location of the lab and it was abandoned right after all ten of us were created.  Eventually, the lab disintegrated into Earth’s atmosphere and caused it to be the only planet in the solar system that can have natural immortals.  It is a rare and random effect.”

“You didn’t answer my question.  How can an immortal die?  I knew you were old, but your short-term memory can’t be that bad.”  Fate stands up and opens up a secret compartment in the table.  He hits a button and a chalice of water appears on the table.  Solix walks over to the hit another button and a mug of ale appears for him.

“The answer to your question is connected more with our physiology.  The reason that we are immortal is because our bodies give off a specific hormone.  They are related to pheromones, but they create a field that keeps us alive forever.  But the hormones negate each other when two immortals engage in to the death combat.  Our regenerative powers still make it difficult to get us killed, but we are simply normal creatures when fighting other immortals.  Not many creatures besides immortals can destroy us.  In fact, the only creatures have been dead for centuries.  Does that answer your question?”  Solix takes a long drink from his mug and wipes the foam off of his face with the back of his hands.

“So we can only be killed in combat with another immortal.  Why did the Glebnoks put that into your design?  The birthright powers are obviously random and from what I can gather, they appear to suit the personality of the immortal.  I take chances so I have good luck.  Infinity is protective of those he cares about so he gets telekinesis.  But why create superior beings to live forever and give them the kind of flaw you just told me about?” asks Fate.

Solix shrugs before saying, “In case one of us decided to turn on the others.  We were able to keep each other in check and all of us thought that all immortals were genetically good-natured.  Every creation needs something that could prevent it from going out of control and destroying everything.  Creating a race of powerful, immortal warriors is no exception to that rule.  This flaw is why we didn’t consider that our new friends would inevitably turn on us and steal our weapons.  The combination of our immortal energy with the free will of humanity caused immortals to have a choice between good and evil.”

“Now, here’s the big question.  Why are my friends and I so important to you that you would lie and trick us into working with you?”  Solix sits back down in one of the wooden chairs and starts to scratch his chin.

“Because you are the only guardians left.  The other five were destroyed before we could discover them.  I need all of the planet guardians that SEAS can find and you are the only four left.  Thankfully your powers were already active and it kept all of you together.  That was how we were able to find all of you.  SEAS found a high energy level and discovered the four immortal energies on Earth.  It was due to luck that you four are still alive and are able to learn about your role in the universe.  Do you understand why I lied to you?  I did not want to scare you off by telling you the truth until you had started to adapt to your surroundings,” explains Solix.

“So, you wait for us to get comfortable and calm.  Then you yank up the curtain and show us the truth.  If you had gone through with that, I still would have tried to leave.  The others are too obsessed with the thought of being heroes and being important.  I’m used to being unimportant, so it doesn’t make any difference to me whether I stay or go.  I do whatever the hell I want.”

“Then we are both in the wrong.”

“How so?  You are wrong for lying to us, but I didn’t do anything wrong.  Disobeying your orders was done because we would have been fighting blind if I had just followed you to the battle.  I’m not wrong.”

“Yes you are.  The fact that you don’t care about the effect your actions have on other people is just as bad as what I do.  The interesting thing is that you are not what you pretend to be, Fate.  In the practice sessions you are a hero and doing whatever it takes to keep the others safe and succeed in the objectives.  Your actions as a planet guardian will have an effect on everything.  Now I want the four of you to continue practicing.  All of you have a lot of work to do before I actually put you in the field.”  Solix goes over to shake Fate’s hand and lead him out the door.  Fate stares at the floor as they walk across the Main Hall.

“First of all, I’ll make sure we don’t trust you as much as we did.  If you lied once there’s no telling if you’re lying again.  But before you said four guardians.  I saw something in the computer that said there was a fifth guardian somewhere.  The Jupiter stone of your necklace is active.  That could only happen if that guardian was alive in this universe.  Where are you hiding that one?” asks Fate before they walk out the door.  The question causes Solix to stop in his tracks and go pale.

“I do not know about a fifth guardian.  We saw the Jupiter energy appear briefly, but it disappeared quickly.  We assumed that he or she was killed by one of the evil immortals.  With the exception of you four, there should not be any other planet guardians in existence.  I will have SEAS take a look into this and hopefully we can get another ally.  Of course, this will happen after your first battle.  So don’t get your hopes up.  I will talk to you tomorrow about tonight’s practice session.  Goodnight, Fate.”  Solix quickly disappears in the usual flash of teleportation light and leaves Fate to wander around by himself.

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Growing Old and Growing Up

Playing as a child
Toiling as an adult
One looks at the other
With a hint of jealousy
The child wants to grow
While the adult wants to play
Youth admires the freedom of old
Old wishes for the freedom of youth
Is there a way to have both?
To work all day
And play at night
Without crashing to the ground
It requires balance
Built over years
To retain the dreams of a child
And act the part of an adult

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