Book Spotlight – A Different Kind of Cosplay – Lucy Felthouse -Erotic Romance

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Out Now—A Different Kind of Cosplay by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #marvel #geek #cosplay



Zachary has a dilemma. His girlfriend, Reese, has a special birthday coming up soon and he has absolutely no clue what to get for her. It doesn’t help that Zach does not share or really understand Reese’s biggest hobby—comic books, superheroes and everything that goes with them. Zach raids Reese’s DVD collection for inspiration, and what he finds there gives him an idea…possibly the best one he’s ever had.

Sure, Reese has fantasized about her favorite superheroes. All those muscles and rakish smiles are to die for. She didn’t think Zach would ever really understand, though. But he proves her wrong in the best way possible.

Note: This book was previously published elsewhere. The title and content remain the same.

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The Hero’s Journey, but Without The Heroes

Boromir Meme

Boromir Meme

The Bedlam books are all about traveling from one spot to another and surviving whatever is in the middle.  This might change down the road, but I see no reason to mess with the system right now.  So, one could compare these to the classic Hero’s Journey like Jason and the Golden Fleece or the Camelot Knights looking for the Holy Grail.  Although, Lloyd and Cassidy are nothing like noble heroes.  The basic idea is the same, but what are some things to consider when doing a story like this?

  1. Every stage and challenge is important.  The heroes grow through physical and mental obstacles that appear in every chapter.  This isn’t to say that dialogue and downtime sections are omitted.  You can have those, but the conversation does have to pertain to their growth.  Most times the Hero’s Journey involves a character becoming a hero over the course of working toward their main goal.
  2. The goal should be established near the beginning.  This is the driving force and many times it’s physical.  A person, an item to save a place, or just a thingy that everyone wants can be the goal.  The character will evolve and learn in order to defeat every obstacle between them and their goal.  This is something that should work off what they already are.  For example, a character who uses stealth and speed getting a bunch of skills that involve brute force might not mesh too well.
  3. A non-physical goal is another possibility and can go with a physical one.  A character can set off to restore his family’s honor, but needs to retrieve a specific sword or some lost item.  Still, you don’t really need the physical component.  A perfect example of a Hero’s Journey without that is ‘Mulan’.  She wanted to save her father without damaging his armor.  Maybe saving China is a physical one though.
  4. Temporary failure can be an option.  Heroes don’t always succeed, but they never give up either.  An obstacle can result in a detour and this keeps the protagonist humble.  It isn’t like the ancient days or even the olden days where heroes had to either claim victory or death.  Going back to ‘Mulan’ in a way, Disney tends to do this in most of their movies.  The hero is chugging along and will hit a wall that results in a moment of doubt, which they overcome in time.  We can call this cliche or a trope, but many of us have probably had this happen when pushing for a lofty goal.
  5. Supporting cast can be critical.  They aren’t only there for fodder or comic relief.  In a Hero’s Journey, the secondary characters each have a hand in the protagonist’s evolution.  Either they are there to teach a lesson or they fill in a gap in the hero’s skills that they can’t cover.  Maybe the warrior has a healer and a sage.  A caster can have a knight to protect him or her while casting.  If all of the secondaries are there for laughs or deaths then it makes the protagonist appear as perfect from the start.  Not much chance for evolving with that.
  6. The main villains don’t have to make many appearances.  I’ve found that they can act more as puppet masters and final challenges.  Having them appear too often can remove their power, especially since a reader might wonder why they don’t just kill the heroes.  Only so long you can play with your food.  Off the top of my head, I’m thinking of ‘Inuyasha’.  My biggest issue with this anime was that the heroes would work to gain the power to kill the main villain, but he’d be immune to it by the time they reach them.  Once or twice is fine.  Going beyond that drives readers up the wall and makes it feel like the story is dragging.
  7. Plan the path.  This is more of a planner than pantser tip, but I find this helps to some extent.  You don’t have to figure everything out.  The beginning and ending are important, but it isn’t a journey without the middle.  Even listing a few possible obstacles can help make things smoother.  A jerky journey can make the characters and readers nauseous.
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Saying “I Love You” Means Loving All the Parts, Not Just the Pretty Ones #MondayBlogs

POTL: All Things Books, Reading and Publishing

romatic love

Love, in its purest form, is loving the monster inside just as much as loving the angel.

Mr. N is reading a book right now and has come to a touchy subject: trust and love. The character (we’ll call him Jim) is a conflicted man. He’s had his share of betrayal and loss. He’s in a relationship with a loving, caring woman yet he doesn’t trust her. He goes so far as to hire a private detective to follow her around. He just knows she’s cheating on him. He feels guilty about it and when the report comes in the mail, he refuses to open it. Overcome with guilt, he tells her what he did. His defense: but I didn’t open it.

She’s angry, hurt and leaves him. As she’s walking out the door, she says in so many words:

“Love without trust isn’t love at all; you can’t have…

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A Perfect 10 with Mae Clair

Don Massenzio's Blog

Today we sit down for our author interview series with Mae Clair. We’re going to learn about her and about her book, A Cold Tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy this interview and, if your an author, I still have some spots open on the interview schedule. You can email me at and I will get you scheduled.


Does writing energize or exhaust you?

For the most part it energizes me. When I’m on a roll and the creativity is flowing, it’s a natural high. There have been occasions, however, when I’m working against a tight deadline, that the hours involved can be exhausting. Fortunately, I experience far more of the former than the latter.

Do you ever write under a pseudonym?

The name I write under is the only I have ever used. I know a lot of authors use different pseudonyms for different genres, but I haven’t encountered…

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – 50 Ways to Alleviate Boredom by Mary C. Blowers

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

New on the shelves

Welcome to the first book promotion of the week and if you would like to showcase your work here you will find a link at the bottom of the post.

Today the latest book by Mary C. Blowers who is a multi-genre author with over a dozen books to her name. There is literally something for everyone. Spirituality, health, self-publishing, serial killers… as you will see if you head over to her Amazon author page.

Today however, Mary’s latest release in December 2016. We often hear the expression ‘I’m bored’ from children and teens.. but we adults do find ourselves in the doldrums too on occasion. Distraction and a rebook required.  Mary has put together 50 ways to get you back on track.

51gkikxwxhl-_uy250_About the book

Someone once told me that some people think they are depressed or tired, when in reality they are only bored. Try this list…

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In Search of a Series Title: Knew I Forgot Something

The video has nothing to do with topic, but it’s funny.  Although, I really should write a scene where Lloyd does something along the ‘cake or death’ idea.  It’ll be death no matter what, but he’ll have fun.

So, I was looking at the Amazon set up and realized that I have no series name for the Bedlam books.  It’s listed as optional, but I probably need one to connect the books on Amazon.  At least I think I do.  Puts me in a tough spot since people might grab Chasing Bedlam and think they missed something.  It should be easy to transition into this if you didn’t read the first, but you never know.

So, I’ve thought up a few that might work:

  • The Bedlam Books
  • The Books of Bedlam
  • Shattered States
  • Bedlam Series
  • Letters from the Apocalypse
  • Survivors of the Shattered States
  • I No Need No Series Title!
  • Some of these aren’t serious
  • I really should stop using the bullets here
  • Maybe one more

The tough part is that there isn’t any overarching story beyond Cassidy and Lloyd’s survival.  So a series title would probably have to be vague.  It won’t be on the cover either because this is purely for organization.  This is why I’m leaning toward the first two options because it’s straight to the point.  I know there’s a lot of humor in the book, but I don’t want to go full goofy with the series title.  If people were telling me that the cover made them think it was a children’s book then a goofy title would get the same.  What kind of children’s book has crashed cars and fire?

While I’m on this subject, I’m going with Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks for that collection.  Unless something else catches my attention.  So many Chronicles, Collections, Sagas, Epics, and Adventures out there.

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Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Music, books, blogs and Humour

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

round-upWelcome to another weekly round up of the posts you might have missed.  I am settling into my new routine of writing and reading and trying not to be distracted by all the great stuff being posted… It is not so easy to do but I am making progress … I am just handing off my next short story collection and hope that it will be ready by March… and I am working on two others that have been idling in a corner giving me baleful looks.

My thanks to all of you who have been in and out during the week and are so consistent with your support.. It keeps me motivated and brightens my day..

Of course thanks to William Price King who is now in his third year of his invaluable contribution to the blog with his music series.  The last part of Kiri Te Kanawa is…

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