War of Nytefall Factions: Nyte

Cover Art by Alison Hunt

Welcome to another War of Nytefall: Anarchy poem.  Today, we’re going to have one about the other side of the vampire civil war.  Only fitting that Nyte comes after Nytefall since they’ve been around since the start.

A standing museum
Of the old ways
Nestled within shadows
And thriving
Beneath the surface
Once a jewel
In a crown of cities
Forged by fangs
Bathed in blood
Nyte now stands alone
Refusing to die
And accept changes
Peace is not their goal
Wets their desires
If Nytefall
Is the kingdom of light
Nyte is its shadow
Always lurking
And ready to devour

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Yom Kippur Funnies to Laugh the Hunger Away

It’s Yom Kippur again, which means no eating until sundown.  By now, I’m hopefully well into my video game distraction or still asleep.  The challenge is always how to do this when my son is home, but I’m sure I’ll make like previous years.  Enjoy.

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Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Anarchy (War of Nytefall Book 7) by Charles E. Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz has a new book available – Book 7 of the War of Nytefall series: Anarchy About the book The paladins of Windemere have had …

Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Anarchy (War of Nytefall Book 7) by Charles E. Yallowitz
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How Do Dawn Fangs Handle Holy Relics and Magic?

Dracula vs a lower case t

Throughout vampire lore, holy symbols and energy have been one of their greatest weaknesses.  Whether it’s because Dracula got booted from the church or vampires are undead, there’s a reason given to this issue.  Most people don’t even think about it too much because it’s a given.  This can pose problems for newer versions.

In War of Nytefall: Anarchythe Dawn Fangs are facing the greatest of holy warriors known as the paladins.  These guys smite things that piss them off, which usually involves leaving a burning pile where the target once stood.  Due to this utter destruction method, you can believe that anything hit by them will meet the same fate.  So, vampires don’t seem very unique in this threat, but their nature means there should be a little extra.  It’s the reason why the paladins are feared more than any other mortal warriors, including casters who have a penchant for hurling fireballs.  After all, these are undead creatures with no . . . heartbeat.  Uh-oh.

This has been an aspect of the Dawn Fangs that I’ve had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around.  On one hand, they feed off blood and are corpses brought back to life.  This means they’re undead and should take on the full effect of holy magic.  On the other hand, the Dawn Fangs entire story is that they have heartbeats, can eat food, and possess many other traits of mortals.  Unlike their predecessors, it could be argued that they are alive just like a person brought back by a resurrection spell.  So, holy magic shouldn’t have any affect on them beyond what would be done to a regular mortal.  Yet, this removes one of the biggest counters to such powerful creatures.

At most points, I think I’ve gone with a partial effect on the Dawn Fangs.  Holy magic hurts a lot more than it would a mortal, but it doesn’t destroy on contact like an old-world vampire.  Wounds caused by this type of attack are harder to heal even with focusing your energy on regeneration.  There can be residual magic, which can dampen or block certain Dawn Fang abilities.  None of this stops them from fighting entirely, but it makes it a hindrance one would hope to avoid.  It also means running into a group of holy warriors is a nightmare, but you can’t easily run away and every blow reduces your strength.  Retreat to a better position or just get away are their best options.

Of course, there are other questions that I’ve pondered.  For one thing, can a Dawn Fang go into a temple, which is holy ground?  I was thinking ‘no’ for a while until I realized this would cause a problem for Clyde’s dream.  Eventually, a Dawn Fang would be invited to a wedding of a mortal friend and that would reveal the truth.  So, I changed it to them being able to enter a temple, but they’d be uncomfortable.  Not enough to reveal themselves, but their powers are certainly going to be reduced a bit thanks to the residual energy.  That’s if they don’t have abilities or relics to protect them, but that’s still a risk.

Can a Dawn Fang become a priest?  That’s the question that I thought of first before writing this post.  It’s why I put this off for a week because I can’t give a thorough answer to it.  Those born of the fang or by blood probably wouldn’t work out as a priest since they’d be closer to old-world vampires.  Womb-born are something else since they’re natural vampires, but there should still be some kind of sacrifice.  They’re using the type of energy designed to eliminate their kind, which can’t have a positive effect on the body after long-term use.  If anything, I’d say they would have a limited lifespan instead of immortality or never be able to use their Dawn Fang power unless they go through a lengthy detox.  I don’t know if I’ll ever tackle this question in a book because War of Nytefall never gave me the chance for it specifically.

So, Dawn Fangs and holy magic may still be a work in progress.  That or a mystery until I can figure it out myself.  Really don’t want to pigeonhole myself and then get a great idea later.  Maybe it depends on the vampire.  That might be the better route.

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How to Write Point of View, Part 4, Third Person Limited

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Hi SErs! Harmony here 🙂 Today, I’d like to talk about how to write Point of View (POV) in the Third Person …

How to Write Point of View, Part 4, Third Person Limited
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Teaser Tuesday: New Faces #fantasy #vampires

War of Nytefall

It was difficult to pick a teaser for Luna and Joran, so I decided to go with their introduction.  What are their role in the upcoming events?  Check out War of Nytefall: Anarchy to find out.

Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Short Stories – Authors in the Sun – #Blackmail- The Millennial by John W. Howell

When I worked on radio in the south of Spain I presented and recorded four series of Authors in the Sun showcasing local writers and their short …

Smorgasbord Short Stories – Authors in the Sun – #Blackmail- The Millennial by John W. Howell
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The Paladins of Windemere are Marching


I’m hard-pressed to remember if I’ve had a paladin appear before War of Nytefall: Anarchy.  Actually, I believe there was one or two in Loyalty when Clyde was freed from the underground.  Still, they’ve been a fairly absent group in a story revolving around vampires.  Why?

I’m always very cautious about using paladins.  In my mind, they’re probably one of the rarest kinds of warriors.  You need to be skilled in fighting, strong enough to use the heavy gear, and possess an incredible amount of divine power.  Frankly, it’s easier to become a battle or high priest(ess), which I assume most followers of a deity aim for.  Paladins require that level of devotion that makes them borderline or over the top zealous when it comes to their faith.  I mean, they’re smiting things they believe are evil, which doesn’t always allow for areas of gray.  It would also explain why there’s a short life expectancy on these guys.  All of this combined means I can’t keep tossing them into stories like they’re being cranked out of a factory.

Paladins end up having a bad wrap with me, which comes from Dungeons & Dragons.  I would always see them being used as pompous, to the letter characters that caused party conflict.  If you had a thief in the group then the paladin would continuously try to make them honest and spoil their fun.  Everyone who wasn’t a devotee would get constantly criticized or preached too.  This probably came from players who knew ‘religion’ was a key component and didn’t personally like the concept, so you get a zealot who is fairly intolerable.  That all carried over with me, which means paladins are a group I struggle to use effectively.

Anarchy isn’t going to improve on that since the heroes are the vampires and this paladin army is out to destroy them.  There’s definitely more to it than that, but they are the lingering threat on the horizon.  It’s different from Lou Kandrel’s army in Eradication, which was mostly priests and non-holy fighters.  This group is made up entirely of heavy hitters in a variety of temples.  Normally, a few paladins would be sent out to deal with a threat.  We’re talking around one hundred men and woman with the power to set a vampire on fire with a single blow.  At least a normal one, but Dawn Fangs are still in trouble.  If for no other reason than paladins are always confident and loud, which can make them fairly intimidating.

Now, what exactly is going on here and why are the paladins marching now?  Previously, the temples, specifically Durag, were waging battles against the vampires.  It was an official war, so all the paladins whose orders were not involved stayed out of it.  Now, someone is attacking members of every temple.  It’s a clear declaration of war against all of the gods and goddesses, which is why the most dedicated of their orders are joining forces.  This has never happened before or at least to this scale since most threats target one or a handful of temples.  You’d have to be suicidal to anger all of them, but here we are with a paladin army making history.

I did have to be careful in how I used them.  There couldn’t be too many encounters or the fights would swiftly lose their appeal.  Holy magic versus Dawn Fang abilities were fun to write, but I could tell right away that it had a limited lifespan.  The variety came from who was attacked since that would change the methods.  Running into Chastity Sullivan who uses telekinesis and charm mist will have a different feel than if the paladins were facing off with Mab and her claws.  So, I used them sparingly and treated them as a looming threat instead of a more active one.  This made their appearances feel special and have more impact.

So, there are the paladins.  Hope everyone enjoys them.

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Expansion Pack: Secondary Stressors

Hi, Gang. Craig with you today. I want to try something a little different this time. I’m a work in progress just like everyone else. I’ve spent most…

Expansion Pack: Secondary Stressors
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Beep . . . Ding . . . Ring . . . Beep . . . Oh, Come on!

Boromir telling the truth

Strange for me to put a serious one like this on a Sunday, but I really needed to get this off my chest.  All year, there has been a strange habit of people messaging, calling, or flat out invading my space while I write.  Not just when I’m writing, but they always seem to get me at delicate plot points.  It can really derail me.  This happens with biking and when I try to watch TV too.  So frustrating!

The thing is that the people contacting me have no idea what I’m doing.  So, I can’t get angry and think they’re doing this on purpose.  They simply have free time to talk while I’m doing something.  It’s the price of socializing, but the timing can always run me up the wall.  I’m still mastering putting off responding, especially if it’s only one message or a request to watch a video.  Things get rough when I get bombarded from all sides.

For example:  There was one day in August where I was trying to write the final battle of Slumberlord Chronicles: Darwin & the Fate Bracelet.  I had been chatting with one friend, who understands delayed responses and never seems to hit me with anything that derails my creativity.  All of a sudden, I got a series of messages from another person about my books.  Not too hard to handle.  Then, a friend began telling me about their day from another app.  Another started asking odd questions out of boredom.  Finally, another person responded to a previous text and it started an argument.  All of this hit me at once while I was trying to have two characters fight.  Individually or with only two, I could handle it.  Like this, I began sending quick messages that may have been a little more frustrated than I intended.

Still, you get cornered with the way these events happen.  We no longer have true privacy any more because our phones create instant contact.  Many people are used to immediate responses, so delaying results in more messages and maybe a phone call.  Not everyone is texting on the toilet where they’re a captive audience.  It’s amazing how we can be so alone and so crowded at the same time because of this technology.

Now, I know somebody is going to say ‘turn your phone off’.  A good idea, but not as practical as you think.  There are people I need to interact with for a variety of reasons and I can’t miss their messages.  Some are friends who are going through rough patches and occasionally need someone to talk to.  They’re there for me and I’m there for them.  Others are people who may contact me about things regarding my son, which are messages I cannot ignore.  The benefits of being easily accessible are great, but they also become the disadvantages.  I can always mention I’m writing and they’ll understand that I need a few minutes to respond, but I still need to let these people know that I heard them and they’re not being ignored.  Phone off means I’m not aware of the situation.  To be fair, I have done that before and returned to a mess of messages with a few being very important and time sensitive.  So, don’t think I never tried.

Do these interruptions wreck me entirely?  Most times they don’t.  There are the occasional interruptions that are highly negative and require that I take a mental health break.  It’s usually just frustration and threats to the flow.  I can usually get that back within minutes, but it can be exhausting if it keeps happening.  Honestly, I think it does more damage to my biking than my writing.  Hard to stay zoned out when my music keeps getting interrupting by the text dinging.

So, what interruptions drive you up the wall?  How do you handle them?

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