Allergies, Asthma, & Ailments in Fantasy

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While filling out all the school forms for my son, I began wondering about allergies and asthma.  You don’t really see these in fantasy settings.  I’ve yet to read about an orc that is terrified of bees because of an allergy.  Any character that is gasping for air is usually doing so because they are out of shape or been running for a very long time.  It never seems to be asthma.  Many people live with these problems, which makes it weird that they never show up in fantasy worlds.

Maybe I’m overthinking this and these are quirks that don’t really come into play or simply can’t exist.  I mean, you have magic that could cure it and when was the last time an elf chowed down on PB&J.  There may be a character who sneezes, says they have hay fever, and that’s all you hear about it.  I guess the allergies make it too easy for a villain to take out a hero or vice versa.  Imagine Smaug being taken out by Bilbo Baggins flinging a handful of almonds into his mouth.  On second thought, I would love to see that happen just for the comedy.

So, what if you want to include allergies, asthma, and similar ailments that we deal with in the real world?

  1. Make sure it has a role with the character.  Like phobias, an allergy should come into play over the course of an adventure.  Not so much getting sick, but at least being faced with it and having to avoid it.  For example, a warrior is allergic to cats and finds himself battling a monster that is part lion.  Have them sneeze or get itchy eyes as an added difficulty.
  2. Be clear as to why such a thing cannot be cured completely by magic.  People will question why diseases still exist when you have magical healers, so you can imagine a similar issue here.  My reasoning would be that these are genetic issues that a person is born with instead of an acquired sickness.  So the cure would have to go deeper and alter the target.
  3. Try to create a potion, device, or something that a character with asthma can use during an attack.  It’s been described to me as slowly suffocating while having a panic attack.  You should have this come across as well as giving a way for a character to end the event without searching for a priest.
  4. Consider if a character with these issues would go adventuring or set off on a quest in the first place.  This could push such things to secondary characters, which might be a cop out.  Still, a person with asthma or allergies would take them into account when they decide on their future.

That’s really all I have for this, but my mind is still toying with the subject.  Do you have any suggestions for including these in fantasy?

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#BookRelease Bad Bloods: November Snow!

Shannon A Thompson

Bad Bloods: November Snow released today!

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Bad Bloods: November Snow Bad Bloods: November Snow

Bad Bloods: November Snow Bad Bloods: November Snow

Bad Bloods: November Snow

When Daniel and Serena unite, their accidental relationship becomes the catalyst for a twelve-year war to continue. Exposing the twisted past of a corrupt city, Daniel, Serena, and everyone they know will come together to fight. But Serena has another battle. After a political rumor threatens their lives, Serena must leave her family and join the political front against her will. To survive apart, Daniel has to separate his love from his hatred and join forces with his worst memory to secure Vendona’s war. But very few of them will survive to see the last day. Bad blood or human, a city will burn, snow will fall, and all will be united by catastrophic secrets and irrevocable tragedy. 

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20 Questions with Bokerah Brumley

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Today we sit down with Texas author, Bokerah Brumley. Please enjoy this installment of 20 Questions as we learn about her work and her exciting releases planned for this year. Q1) When did…

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New release: ‘What Tim Knows, and other stories’ by Wendy Janes…

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A gallery-owner’s quest for beauty; a dancer in danger; a new mother struggling to cope with her baby; a sculptor’s search for inspiration; a teenager longing to live in the perfect family; a young boy lost and confused by the rules of life that everyone else seems to understand.

Six stand-alone short stories, spanning five decades. Each capturing a significant moment in the life of a different character.

Separate lives linked in subtle ways.

In What Tim Knows, and other stories, six supporting characters from my novel, What Jennifer Knows reveal more about themselves. Jennifer makes an appearance in each story, aging gracefully from student to grandmother.

The stories explore a variety of themes. One of my favourites is that of creativity. I find it fascinating to see how other people express their creativity.

For example, my husband is a photographer and my son is a musician. I…

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Why We Write Poetry

Share your thoughts on poetry.

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With the release of my poetry collection, ‘A Poetic Proposal’, I have been pondering, musing if you will, on why it is that we write poetry. Reflecting further upon what I consider a rather interesting question, I came up with a few reasons why it is that I like to write poetry.

We will get on to some of those thoughts shortly. I figured that there must be as many different reasons for writing poetry as there are poets out there. What is it that motivates us? Is every poet different or are there commonalities that…

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Rafflecopter Giveaway

Fiction by Rachael Ritchey

Okay, here’s another US residents only giveaway while I try to figure out how to use Rafflecopter. I’ve got a beautiful The Beauty Thief mug that needs a home. Just follow the steps and let me know if it is convenient or not!

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Independent Publishing News

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The rise of e-books: Ten years ago, e-books accounted for less than 1% of the trade book market. Today, e-books account for about 25% of dollar sales and 40%–50% of units. Although the rate of growth has slowed for e-books, the affordability and accessibility of digital will continue to erode print readership.

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