Teaser Tuesday: Luke’s Luck

Yeah.  I kind of forgot to set up a teaser for today.  In my defense, I thought I did and the title of tomorrow’s post looked like one.  Though it didn’t have ‘Teaser Tuesday’ in it, so I really just made an oops.  Hopefully this one entertains and makes you hungry for the eventual release.

Teaser Art by Jason Pedersen

Teaser Art by Jason Pedersen

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5 Ways to Maintain an Interactive Blog and Create a Fan Base!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

head shot your humble host

A fantastic blog I’ve been reading and enjoying is Rashmi Menon’s Mind And Life Matters and her Beyond Coffee And Words , (coffee is written with Piyusha Vir). Both sites are brilliant and uplifting places to go and spend time.

I recently asked Rashmi to pen a guest blog post (do we “pen” things anymore? “Clicked and clacked the keyboard” has much less of an artistic ring to it) and she graciously obliged. Since her blog is so engaging and personal, I asked her to train her keen eyes on that aspect of her work, and here it is. 

All authors are told to have a platform, and a blog can be an important part of that. If you’re gonna do it, do it right. Rashmi shows you how.



Rashmi_Blog_Picture (1) Rashmi Menon

You have read the manuals and by now you already know that as a serious…

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3 Ways Indie Authors Can Promote Their Work for Free – Guest Post…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

WF5Bh2 copy

One of the major problems indie authors encounter is knowing how to promote their work. Unfortunately, book promotion is often prohibitively expensive, especially without the help of a big publishing house with deep pockets and the right connections. Nonetheless, it can be done. In fact, there are some clever ways to promote your book for free. One caveat though: these methods may not cost anything in monetary terms, but they do cost a lot in terms of time and effort. However, if you want to see your book out there on people’s shelves (or in their e-readers) all the hard work is definitely worth it.

Many indie authors make the mistake of spamming anyone and everyone they can reach. That’s a terrible strategy. In fact, it’s not even a strategy. It’s a waste of time. It will probably hinder rather than aid your efforts because spam really irritates people…

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What is a Feykin?

D&D Pixie

D&D Pixie

As you can tell from the book title, Charms of the Feykin, there is a new creature being introduced in the series.  Sort of.  The truth is that readers have already met a Feykin, but the character didn’t know the term.  In fact, the word is rarely used outside of the jungle because they aren’t really found anywhere else.

So, a Feykin is what one would call a fairy hybrid.  These aren’t always 50/50 or with a human, as you will see in the book.  Some Feykin come from generations stemming single pairing.  In families like this, powers might not appear in every generation and some may be stronger than others.  Since a fairy’s powers are magical in nature, the potency is determined by a descendant’s aura.  For example, a great-great-grandchild with weak aura may have no Feykin traits while one with a powerful aura may be as strong as their ancestor.  These abilities work like caster magic, but can circumvent a few anti-magic spells that are designed for learned casting.  As for types of powers, it depends on the parents and lineage with the fairy’s aura being the basis for what could be a one-of-a-kind ability.  So, a child of a fire sprite would have fire powers, but they may only be able to cover their hands in flames or resist extreme heat.

Feykin are elemental in nature, which can cause some issues.  This can lead to difficulty in certain environments and an instinctive distrust of anything that works with an opposing element.  They can also be hurt more easily by spells and weapons that utilize an opposing energy.  For example, a Feykin with water powers will have trouble surviving in a desert and become combative with any fire-based beings.  This issue is why the jungles have become a haven for them.  It is an environment teeming with natural energies that can feed all types of fairies and Feykin.  Cities can be beneficial for many Feykin as well, but those that come from the wilder species, like dryads, will become more open to diseases if they are away from nature for too long.

You might be wondering if there is anything special about the conceiving of a Feykin.  Not really since it comes down to sex just like any other species.  Even the types that reproduce by taking aura from non-fairies can have a hybrid through physical sex.  It’s rare that this happens, but it’s possible if certain conditions are met.  There are also cases where magic is used to fix the size difference, but relationships between small fey and bigger creatures is rare.  In both cases, the baby is carried to term under the biological rules of the non-fairy.  For example, a river nymph typically gives birth within 4 months.  If she is carrying a Feykin that is part human then it’s 9 months.  This is very dangerous if the non-fairy is no longer around because fairies don’t know much about the breeding habits of other species.

Now, I said at the beginning that Feykin aren’t found outside of the jungles.  This is really a half-truth because there are hybrids around Windemere.  The uniqueness of the southern jungle variety is that they have congregated to form their own culture.  While those in other lands will define themselves as their non-fairy ancestor or a hybrid, the jungle ones say Feykin.  This denotes that they are related to fairies and accept both sides of their origin.  It’s a choice to avoid assimilation into the surrounding cities and cultures where they don’t feel they 100% belong and make one from the ground up.  In a way, this is the opposite of the elves who refuse to create a central government or city, but lives among the other species.

One question is definitely going to come up in Charms of the Feykin.  How will they handle being exposed to outsiders, especially ones that tend to bring trouble wherever they go?  This could force them to reveal themselves to the rest of the world or pull even further away.  Due to recent events in the jungle, there is a lot of fear and anger within the Feykin and their fate can go either way.

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7 Tactics To Grip A Reader At The End Of A Chapter

Sacha Black

end of a chapterWhen you write the end of a chapter, you want readers to be desperate to turn the page and read on irrespective of the fact its 3:41AM and they have work the next day.

You want your book to be the cause of their bleary eyed appearance as they clutch the work coffee machine and growl at any one who comes near.

But what is it about a chapter ending that makes someone read on, rather than put it down and go to snoozeyland?

Here are nine tactics you can use to grip a reader and tickle their temptation soft spot to read on.

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20 Questions with N.A. Granger

Don Massenzio's Blog

Today, I’m excited to sit down with mystery writer N.A. Granger. She has a very interesting background in writing that eventually led her to writing mysteries. She is going to share some of her work, her inspiration and a bit about herself in this edition of 20 Questions.

Q1) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I wish I could describe a light bulb moment or swear I came out of the womb wanting to write! The real truth is, because I spent my career as a bench scientist (and teacher), I actually was a writer as an academic – manuscripts, reviews, book chapters and books. Obviously creative, but formulaic and not the let-your-mind-wander-where-it-will sort of writing. I vowed when I had time (not until I retired, as it turned out) to just write what I wanted to write, and I put a writing mystery book…

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Is Location Switching the Key to Fantastic eBook Prices?

This is a guest post by Ameer Abbas; a blogger and most viewed writer on Quora. Ameer specializes in Internet Privacy, Cyber Security, VPN, and Torrents. He is also working as a privacy advocate wi…

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