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Welcome to the most affordable editing shop around.  We have great packages for you to choose from.  All of our staff are experienced, respected professionals that will never steer you wrong.  We pride ourselves on being brutally honest and telling you what you need to hear with no sugarcoating.  After all, authors need to toughen their skin and be ready for worse barbs than what we throw out.  Do you smell something burning?





Crap.  Hey, Edith!  That mob of angry authors is back and it’s bigger this time!  How are the insurance policies looking?  I swear, every Wednesday this happens.  Think you can come back . . . Here’s a torch.  Have fun.  No respect for this part of the process.

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How to Stay Motivated When Working from Home

Very helpful these days.

Nicholas C. Rossis

With the exception of 6 dreadful months, I’ve been working from home for over 25 years now. So I was blessed in that the COVID-19 lockdown didn’t hit me as hard as most. Talking to friends who aren’t used to working from home reminded me of how hard it can be for some.

Mira Rakicevic | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksSo, how can you stay motivated when working from home? This guest post by Mira Rakicevic offers some helpful tips!

After obtaining a master’s degree in English Philology, a love for words and a passion for books inspired Mira to become a content writer. Since DIY projects and remodeling endeavors have always been her favorite pastime, she decided to combine the two and start a site dedicated to home improvement. In a way, decorating a room is the same as writing a compelling article. Finding a piece of furniture or decor that completes the look is just…

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Teaser Tuesday: Another Apology #fantasy #adventure

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Running out of ways to introduce these things.  Found that I didn’t show much of the The Spirit Well in the past.  Need to change that at some point.  It could be because I couldn’t find a spot that didn’t involve the big reveal or was dull.  Enjoy.

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The Dreaded ‘E’ Word = Editing

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Most people feel that this is an inevitable trial.  You finish the first draft and know that it isn’t where it should be.  Why would it?  You were still discovering the story as you went even with your detailed outline.  There may be typos and continuity errors and sections that don’t work at all and others that need to be added.  It’s a garden that needs to be trimmed back and nurtured before letting the Homeowners Association get a look at it for judging.  Needless to say, it tends to be stressful.

It’s also impossible to entirely agree on how it’s done.  Just look at these questions:

  1. Do you edit right away while the idea is fresh or wait months to come at it with clearer eyes?
  2. Do you go through it once, twice, or fifty times?
  3. How many editing runs before you go to beta readers if you use them at all?
  4. Do you junk 80% of what you wrote because that’s what you read a famous author does?
  5. Print out or computer screen?
  6. From back to front or front to back?
  7. Do I need to edit anyway because people might like this raw manuscript?
  8. What should I drink when editing?
  9. Does everybody have this much trouble with this stage?
  10. Should I hire a professional?

Nearly every author has their own methods of editing and a handful scream that they have the correct way.  The truth is that they don’t because, as I say a lot, what works for one author won’t necessarily work for another.  The stories are different.  The characters are different.  The human being behind those is different.  You can’t say that you have a surefire editing method and expect it to work for everyone.  Once it fails somebody, you’re left looking silly and need to sputter out excuses or apologies.  So, my note here is to never declare yourself to be the master of editing all books.  At least if you’re an author looking at his or her own stuff.  Professional editors are in another class because this is their specialty and they can adapt to an author’s style.

One of those questions that I really want to touch on is the 80% junking idea that seems to be matched up with ‘KILL YOUR DARLINGS’.  The saying involves removing scenes that are the most self-indulgent because I guess people believe these never work.  I’m really not a fan of this mentality since it’s become fairly warped over the years.  There are those who do need to change a lot and reduce/eliminate the self-indulgent stuff to make a much better story.  They do it correctly.  Many mistake the phrase as being that you have to destroy the first draft regardless of quality and what works.  It’s this weird idea that most of what you did first is terrible and only a sliver is worth keeping.  I’ve been told by other authors that I NEED to eviscerate my works even if I’m happy with it because that’s how editing works.  That’s not even remotely true.  So, don’t think this is the best or only way to improve your writing.  In fact, I think you’re more likely to junk characters and scenes that are really good, but need tweaking if you go nuclear on your manuscript.

My personal method of editing isn’t very consistent.  I make a detailed outline that I edit a few times before writing, so this is a big reason I don’t ‘kill my darlings’.  I’d even say that my first draft is the outline.  Anyway, a lot of what I do depends on time.  If I know time is going to be rare then I edit soon after I finish, but I try to do it within 3 months of finishing because continuity is important.  I go very slow to make sure I catch typos and I jump back to earlier pieces if I have even a flicker of doubt that I messed things up.  I had it off to an alpha reader or two after this because I really only want to catch typos and make sure things make sense.  Again, I’ve already vetted all the scenes to make sure I cover the story correctly.  I personally run through a story 2-3 times before I realize I’m making changes solely to do something.  That’s when I know I’m done and I’m running the risk of causing damage.

Well, those are my thoughts and method on editing.  What do you think of this necessary challenge?

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The Real Wild West

Nicholas C. Rossis

We all know of the Wild West. Or do we? There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding it, and so many of these are repeated in cowboy fiction and Western movies alike. So, here are some common misconceptions about the cowboys, Native Americans, and the Wild West courtesy of Jon Mixon on Quora and other sources.

Everyone wanted to be a cowboy

Cowboy was not a desirable job. The individuals that you see in films would be insulted in real life if they were called “cowboys”, as they were actually partial to the higher status sobriquet of “ranch hand”. Cowboy was essentially the convenience store worker of the Old West – an entry-level job that most people tried to move away from when they gained some money and experience.

Anybody working as a cowboy probably didn’t even own their own saddle or gun. You hired on and the Ranch…

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Midday Booster: Covid vs Allergies Memes

I have really bad allergies this time of year.  It’s usually a raspy cough and trouble breathing, which makes people think cold or pneumonia.  At least that’s how it used to go before 2020.  Now, I have strangers looking at me like I’m the Horseman of Pestilence even though I’m wearing a mask and staying away.  Hence, I don’t go out unless I truly have to.  So, here’s some funnies.  (Just to be clear, I know how serious this is and I’m freaked out.  This is also an attempt to regain my humor and try to stave off the crushing anxiety I feel about what’s in the future.)

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An Attempt at Bringing Smiles: Pandemic Memes

This is a tough one because my own sense of humor is pretty shot.  I feel like there is bad news every few days.  Probably not wrong there.  Keep in mind that I’m in New York, which has an enormous amount of cases and deaths.  Still, I’m going to try to share some funnies that I’ve found on Facebook or throughout the Internet.  Wasn’t easy finding those that didn’t feel negative, mean, or divisive.  Enjoy and stay safe!

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