An Unfortunate Change in Plans

So, this is a sticky because I want to make sure people see this.  Everything else is still below and I’m writing this with a heavy heart.

Due to financial issues and personal developments, this looks like it’s my last year of publishing.  I have to put my time and energy into something that brings in money with the hope that I can return.  Maybe I can release a book or two throughout the year, but I can’t guarantee it.  At best, I can do War of Nytefall: Lost in September and pray that I can get War of Nytefall: Rivalry out in December.  After that, I can’t make any promises.

My blogging is scheduled until end of October and I might not add much onto it.  I’ll do a Saturday update, try to keep up with a few friends, and make a post or two throughout the week once November hits.  Other social media sites will be even more difficult to keep up with in the future.  That’s really only Twitter, so we’ll see what happens there.

I’m not happy about this and I’m crying.  I wish I could have gone the distance and find that lucky break, but my time ran out.  Thanks to everyone who supported me.  The published will always be available, so I hope to not be forgotten.  Maybe things will turn around and I can return.  To everyone else who is still in the fray, good luck and feel free to send me a guest post that I can share.  I’ll try to lend a hand to others when I can.

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Teaser Tuesday: Raid on the Port

Art by Alison Hunt

Here it is!  The first teaser for War of Nytefall: Lost and we’re going to see how it opens.  Went for a big chunk too.  It’s been 17 years since War of Nytefall: Loyalty, so a lot has changed and stayed the same.  As usual, there’s a cut in case people didn’t want to catch a few potential spoilers.

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Sometimes You Just Need a Silly Story

Police Squad

With all of the serious stories out there, one has to wonder if there’s still a place for some silliness.  I’m not talking about a story that throws in puns and sight gags, but one that sets out to be off-the-wall.  Thinks like ‘Naked Gun’ or ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.  You still have great and coherent stories, but there is a zaniness to events.  I guess we still have comedy movies out there, which seem to be predominantly about crudeness or determined to have a message.  They still typically take place in reality and don’t try anything that makes an audience laugh in a WTF moment.

I tried this with Crossing Bedlam and its sequel, but I don’t think I was as successful as I thought.  It was still very much an action adventure with some bizarre elements thrown in for laughs.  Maybe that’s the best we can do too since comedy might require a secondary genre to help it along.  ‘Naked Gun’ had crime adventure, ‘Hitchhikers’ had science-fiction, and most sitcoms tend to be a slice of life or coming of adventure thing.  So, you probably do need some stable elements to make the humor hit harder.  If all you have is craziness then you can lose people who would like some kind of plot.  Even an anime I watched called ‘Amagi Brilliant Park’ had a story, which was trying to save a magical amusement park by getting 250,000 guests in 3 months.  It was off-the-wall crazy and I can’t even find a gif to do it justice.  I mean, it started with the female lead asking the male lead out on a date at gunpoint.  Even with the insanity, it was a pretty good story that made the comedy work in its favor.

Maybe we tend to sacrifice silliness for the seriousness of adulthood because we take our jobs as authors so seriously.  We want to be seen as a mature professional, so we might instinctively shy away from things that go too far.  Kind of like we establish ourselves and then we can let our guard down.  I didn’t even consider making a character like Lloyd Tenay until I had a lot of Legends of Windemere under my belt.  Makes some sense since we don’t always release our full zaniness with friends until we’re comfortable enough to feel that they won’t turn us into the men in white coats.  Still, it does feel like we’re seeing less and less in terms of silly stories.  At least in books, which could mean that people are becoming more accustomed to comedy been seen or heard instead of reading about it.

I’m genuinely trying to think of the last book I read that had a lot of comedy, but I’m coming up blank.  I don’t want to say it was ‘Hitchhikers’ because that was a very long time ago.  So, I’m going to open up the floor and see if anybody knows of some good comedic books.  At the very least, maybe we’ll come up with a few thoughts on silly stories in general.  Do people even like them?  Is it because people have become very critical of comedy?

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A Heaven For Toasters is Live

Nicholas C. Rossis

A Heaven for Toasters post banner | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

My latest book is now officially live! For anyone who has missed the news, it’s called A Heaven For Toasters, and kicks off what will hopefully turn into a fun new series.

I also have the first reader review, by the amazing Linda McDougal:

I just finished A Heaven For Toasters. What a fantastic story. Please tell me you’ll be continuing Mika & Leo’s story. I finished this book in one sitting (minus a bathroom break and making dinner for my family). I found myself immersed in the adventure and hoping it would turn out right. Thank you for allowing me to escape for a few hours and share your futuristic world.

Linda McDougal

A science fiction crime adventure with plenty of humor and romance, set in the near future

A Heaven for Toasters cover | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksA souvlaki and some sun. That is all Detective Mika Pensive wanted from her fun weekend away on the…

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‘War of Nytefall: Lost’ Cover Teaser and Call for Volunteers

This is going to be brief and to the point.  Check out the teaser cover:

Art by Alison Hunt

War of Nytefall: Lost will be released on September 7th, so I’m hoping to get some bloggers to help promote it.  I’m on the fence about if this will be the standard ‘Book is Live’ or personalized ones.  If you have an idea for a blog post that you want me to write then feel free to make a request.  If not then we can do the standard post.  I will point out that I can’t do a back-and-forth character interaction or interview because it’s summer and I have a 9-year-old to chase around until September.  Thank you in advance for anyone who is willing to help promote the new book.

Add on: People may have seen yesterday’s post, which means this release will end up being my last hurrah for the year.  I’m hoping to release books in the future, but I can’t guarantee.  So, this might just be it for me.

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Goal Post: Chugging Seltzer and Whimpering at the Page

So, I have a friend over for the weekend as long as nothing went wrong between me scheduling this and him showing up.  There are 4 hours to go, but this has been a visit that we’ve attempted and failed at for 2 years.  Fingers crossed that things go smoothly, especially since I have a bag of birthday presents to hand over.  I’m going to categorize the week since it was bustling:

The Heat

I’m just going to point out that the heat and humidity was a factor.  That’s really it for this category.

Mystic, Connecticut

Last weekend, we did a family trip to Mystic where they have an old-fashioned seaport and a big aquarium.  This was my parents’ birthday present to my son and he had a blast.  The heat was rough on the first day, which was the seaport, but he enjoyed riding on a steamboat and got an iron wall hook from the blacksmith.  We had a little trouble when we went into the building about whaling because he thought it was about whales.  Once he figured out it was about killing them, he got a little upset and then lost interest.  Honestly, he is his father’s son because I don’t have patience for museum stuff either.  So, we had our hearts set on the other trip.

The thing with the aquarium day is that it was raining . . . a lot.  We had to take cover under a canopy at one point alongside another family.  One person wasn’t able to get entirely under and was partially drenched.  It was the poor sap who is currently typing this blog post.  The comedy continued when we got inside and I bent down to pick up an umbrella that I dropped.  Felt something tear and had to get to the bathroom to see the damage.  This angered my wife because my ‘I need to step away’ whisper came just as my son was petting a bamboo shark.  She missed the shot, but I had a crisis.  Thankfully, it was only my underwear that split and not my pants.  I will take that victory over the alternative.

The two big events at the zoo for my son was feeding a ray, which he’s done before, but this time he had instruction.  Now, we know what to do when we go to the local aquarium.  He was a little scared, but they don’t have teeth and they’ve rather soft to the touch, which calmed him.  The other ‘event’ was him seeing beluga whales and we even caught a feeding before we left.  There’s a spot where you can go low enough to see them swimming underwater and he waved every time the female passed.  He walked away from the trip with a beluga plushie named ‘Iceberg’ too.


This is going to come first because it’s what I’m focusing more on than writing.  I’ll touch on that topic later.  This week, my son finished the library summer reading program and got to pick a new book.  He keeps trying to stick to picture books, but I found one in the chapter books that I knew he’d love.  ‘Bunnicula’ was one of my favorites as a kid and the idea of a vampire bunny was enough to get his attention.  We also have been working hard on multiplication and division to avoid him regressing.  This is really tough and I’m getting him to understand how to do them to some extent.  He hasn’t memorized all of his multiplication tables even with me saying them when I give him a shower.  It’s slow progress, but it’s progress.  The heat had us resting inside with the Legos and video games too.  I had a bunch of doctor appointments that made it hard to do anything else with him as well, but next week will have more activities like a cow eye dissection at the Children’s Museum.


As stated, I had a bunch of doctor appointments.  Needed to adjust my sleep apnea device thanks to the new crown.  It isn’t perfect, but I got 6 hours of unbroken sleep for the first time in a month instead of the 2-3.  The biopsy stitches on my legs are out, but we aren’t sure what the marks are.  They don’t like chlorine or humidity and the tests said ‘new drug reaction’ or bug bite.  I’m not on any medication and these don’t look like anything left by a bug, so more tests are needed.  I’m supposed to find out next week.  The last appointment was the anxiety therapy, which is rough.  Without going into details, it feels like I have to upend my life to start the healing and I keep thinking that such an act isn’t fair to my son.  Seems the suggestion of me giving up writing is coming from all corners too.


First, I’m posting a teaser for the War of Nytefall: Lost cover tomorrow along with a call for volunteers.  I’m aiming for September 7th unless I’m wrong that releasing a book on a Friday is a bad idea.  Seems there isn’t a sweet spot time these days.

I tried to start editing Derailing Bedlam and got through the first chapter.  That was 2 weeks ago. Doesn’t make any sense to continue, so I gave up.  September is going to be my editing and October post prep month.  People liked the idea of a Dawn Fang interview on Mondays, Guest Post on Wednesdays, and Monster Maker on Fridays.  I’ll probably use Sundays to announce each one.

Before I get to the goals of the week, I will admit that I tried to work on another project and it left me crying.  I began working out short stories for the first Windemere superhero book, but my wires were crossed.  I couldn’t decide if Windemere or Super Earth would be best even though I was confident a few months ago.  Characters were thrown out, retrieved, and put on the shelf like I was a tornado of self-doubt.  In the end, I erased nearly everything I did.  All I have is the first story premise where the heroes are awakened after centuries of being reincarnated with no powers or memories.  I can’t figure out what’s wrong with all of this and half of my notes are gibberish.

So, goals of the week?

  1. Cow eye dissection.
  2. Multiplication and division practice.
  3. Lego Star Wars game.
  4. Keep reading Buso Renkin.
  5. Possibly test War of Nytefall: Lost blurbs, but might be best to wait a week.
  6. Schedule Sunday posts for the October stuff.
  7. Cook, eat, laundry, sleep, etc.
  8. Start watching Digimon with my son.
  9. Keep watching Battlebots with my son.  Anybody know where to find more than the current season?
  10. Occasionally glance at the notebooks.
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A Day in the Life Of Laurie Boris – writer and editor #Meetanauthor

Library of Erana

Welcome to Laurie Boris

Please give us a brief outline of who you are. (no more than 250 words).

I’m an enigma wrapped in a pair of yoga pants and a T-shirt, with a secret yearning to go back in time and become either a stand-up comic or a chef. Otherwise, I’m just trying to enjoy my life as a copyeditor and fiction writer.

You’re a writer/editor – how is this reflected in your typical day?

Wearing a few hats means I have to be mindful of my time and energy. That includes keeping myself as healthy as possible, with regular exercise, stretching, and a good diet. If I’m working on my own writing, I’ll do that first thing in the morning, since that’s my best window of creativity. When I’m doing client work, I make sure I’m giving it my best focus. Everything else gets fit in around that.

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