A Week Alone in the House: The Universe Hates Me

My goals from last week that were for the year have taken a hit.  Progress being slow would have been a step up from this.  Let’s just get into the day-by-day disasters:


Living near Hofstra, the debate had a small impact on my time.  There was a morning appointment that I factored in and my wife was home for the day due to Heckle & Jeckle throwing down that night.  After that, things were a blur with me doing online stuff and a few chores.  I was going to grab lunch and then do some writing.  Didn’t happen because I got a letter from insurance that said they weren’t covering the dental stuff.  All because the dentist only x-rayed the problem area and not my entire mouth.  Yeah because that makes perfect fucking sense.  This took up the time between lunch and an eye exam where I had to get my eyes dilated.  Writing never happened because I couldn’t see anything that involved a white background.


The dentist appointment to get the crown put on.  Easy . . . insurance gave a thumbs up to the wisdom tooth extraction?  Let’s do this.  We can even do the x-rays for the root canal authorization.  Don’t clap because things went downhill.  The easy method left a glare directly over the problem spot, so it was 18 x-rays down on a numb mouth that was bleeding.  Not bad, but then there’s the new predicament.  The root canal tooth was damaged by a cavity that stemmed from the wisdom tooth.  Now, the tooth that is still in my head has a gaping hole in it because I think part of it was stuck to the wisdom tooth when it was removed.  I had to get through traffic for my pain meds and grab lunch on the way home.  Didn’t make it.  My mouth was in agony and I tore that bag open like it was hiding a delicious hamburger.  Somewhere in here, my wife was texting me for paperwork and I tried my best with a brain that was so addled and annoyed that writing wasn’t even close to happening.  I have maybe a week before I find out if insurance will ‘permit’ me to get my tooth fixed.  Fucking bastards.


I got a little writing done here, but I was so drained.  In fact, I have a very vague memory of it.  Oh yeah.  Kid wet the bed, so I had to do laundry in the morning.  He was nice enough to repeat this at night, so I had to stay up late.


The day I put aside for writing.  I woke up groggy and with a cold, but I could muscle through that.  What I couldn’t muscle through is my son having a bad cold with post-nasal drip.  He puked, so he’s home because school pictures are Friday and I’d rather let him rest for a day than risk it.  I say rest, but it’s all movies for the day and we’re going to try for a McDonald’s lunch.  ‘Angry Birds’, ‘Lego Movie’, ‘Peanuts Movie’, and whatever else I can get him to agree too.  I’ll try to write while this goes on behind me.  This day is putting the final nail in my schedule’s coffin, which I might have said before.  19 sections to go and I can’t catch a break.

(Addition: Got one section done, but my own cold has become too strong. Trying to work with a sick child that refuses to calm down did me in. Hopefully a Nyquil coma will make me feel human.  Also, I pray I don’t have his bronchitis.)


As you may have noticed, I’m writing this post on Thursday.  I have very little hope for tomorrow working well.  I’ll add on if that changes or something worth announcing happens.

I was right!  Wife has to stay home because sick, but the last laugh is on her.  I’m even sicker.  Feel like I got run over by a truck, force fed sewage, and the world is on permanent spin cycle.  Things got even better when we tried to set an appointment with our doctor only to find that our insurance dropped them back in April.  Nice to not know until now, especially since it was 2 months ago that I was told by the insurance company that things were fine.  We went to a clinic that would take us, but I admit to being worried.  My wife is used to having doctors that know her and give her stuff to beat bronchitis immediately, so she downplayed here symptoms.  I came out with more meds and am feeling better, but she doesn’t seem to be.  I can’t give her my stuff because it has iodine in it, which she’s allergic too.  Not liking where this is going.


Recovering and avoiding the bad weather.  Laundry too.  Just realized the kid has Monday and Tuesday off, which sucks up the last two days of me having the house to myself.  He has Monday and Wednesday off the week after that.  Why did I ever think I could pull off the grand finish I had planned?


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Fizzle’s 10 Favorite Apples of Windemere



Fizzle want make post, but told to be happy and not sad.  Many things make Fizzle happy like friends, forest, and belly rubs.  Fizzle talk about most favorite food.  These are most delicious apples:

  1. Red Yummies–  These most common apples that Fizzle no know name of.  They red and taste yummy, so that what they named.  No break in color too.
  2. Visindor Crunchers–  First apples Fizzle taste. Grow in home and keep Fizzle strong when young.  Very loud.  Have many seeds.  Fizzle think Visindor Crunchers taste like home. Fizzle hide many in friends’ bags.
  3. Pie Apples–  Fizzle no know what look like before pie.  Think red or green.  Fizzle love crunch, but also love mushy.  So warm and gooey and tasty.  Betty make yummy pies.  Delvin say he learn soon.
  4. Sun Drops–  Yellow apples!  New to Fizzle.  Soft instead firm with small crunch.  Extra juice messy.  Fizzle use tongue for drips.  Friend say no taste good at night.  Fizzle not take risk.
  5. Moon Drops–  White apples!  Same as Sun Drops, but no day eat.  Fizzle smart and know that without told.  Only find one.  Nyx say fre . . . freak . . . rare.  Fizzle ask about more.  No luck.
  6. Melted Apples–  Fizzle always find in barrels.  Make Fizzle feel funny. Only know apples by taste.  Melted apples strange.  Give Fizzle hiccups and headaches. Timoran help Fizzle in morning.
  7. Purple Poppers–  Small apples like grapes.  Fizzle fit seven in mouth.  Squish more than crunch.  Know apples from taste.  Fizzle eat fast.  Sari eat funny once.  Use tongue like Fizzle, but not watch food.
  8. Green Yummies–  Like Red Yummies, but green.  Fizzle need eat more to make new name.
  9. Tasty Bobber–  Apple blue and in water.  Fizzle find near fae water.  Give Fizzle shivers like ice.  Have air layer under skin, so hard to hold.  One bite and it move with rude noise.
  10. Ogre Apples–  Fizzle see in dream.  Know real.  Apple big as watermelon.  Not taste like watermelon.  Taste sweet, crunchy, and delicious.  Fizzle learn last word from dream.  Fizzle know Ogre Apple waiting for him.

Get more Fizzle in the pages of Charms of the Feykin!

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The Return of Dawn Addison: One Day Left

Tomorrow night starts the month long posting of Raven’s Game, which is the sequel to last year’s Raven’s Hold.  There won’t be much else throughout October aside from a Monday fun post and the goal posts.  Fingers are crossed that people enjoy it.

Honestly, I had this idea to make a fun blurb and kick it off with a bang.  Well, I’m really sick and it’s hard to focus.  Guess this author has been disconnected for a day or two.  Sorry about that.  Everything I came up with had spoilers or heavy hints toward a few of the twists.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend.

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Questions 3: Your Thoughts on the Indie Scene of Today

Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

Here we go from last Thursday.  I may have asked this a while back, but it doesn’t hurt to open the floor again.  Feels like the publishing world is always changing, which means our opinions are changing as well.  Some people think reading is a dying art while others think it’s only a temporary lull due to global stress.  Some people swear Amazon is trying to destroy all indie authors while others think Amazon is a benevolent deity that has come to carry us into up to literary Olympus.  Most of us are in the middle though.  So, here are the questions:

  1. What do you think of the current state of indie publishing?
  2. What would you like to see happen to the industry?
  3. Any advice for other authors when it comes to publishing and promoting?
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The Book of Lost Door, on Lisa Burton Radio

Entertaining Stories

Don’t touch that dial, you’ve landed at Lisa Burton Radio, the show where we bring you the fictional characters you love. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and my guest to day is Dr. Samuel West from the Book of Lost Doors Series, by Misha Burnett.

“Welcome to the show, Samuel.”

“Thank you for having me, Lisa.”

“My sheet says you are a pale surgeon. Tell us what that involves.”

“I am a devotee of the Vital Art. Throughout human history art has always been other-directed, which is to say that human race modifies its environment to produce a given aesthetic effect. The Vital Art—still, to be admitted, in its comparative infancy—internalizes the artistic drive.”

“You lost me.”

“My canvas, my clay, as it were, is the human form itself. Utilizing modern surgical techniques and a few specialized refinements—the… cutting edge, as it were—I transform my patients into…

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The Curse Hut: Putting a Hex on Your Ex

The Shadow Man from 'Princess and the Frog'

The Shadow Man from ‘Princess and the Frog’

So, what do you want?  We work with curses, so being friendly isn’t something we’re used to.  You’re not a Paladin, are you?  Okay, guess finding this place helps too.  Yes, I know this is a kiosk in the middle of a mall.  Normally, we look like a place that sells expensive sunglasses.  What if somebody wants to buy a pair?  You know, that’s never come up and we’ve been here for a decade.  So, what are you looking for?

One curse is easy to cook up in a few minutes.  We do have a buy six, get a Seven Sin Jamboree for free.  Fine, but that’s the only deal we have.  By the way, once this starts, you can’t back out unless you take a cookie.  Trust me when I tell you that your blood sugar level will be the least of your worries if it comes to that.  What if you run?  That’s when I send Nell after you and she hasn’t eaten in days.

Since we’re ready to start, I’ll give you the delivery options.  We have verbal castings that you simply have to read in the vicinity of your victim.  There are potions you can slip them either by drink or having them put it on their exposed skin.  My personal favorite are the mouthwash versions because you know there’s a 30 count exposure time.  There’s always using food, which includes liquids and powders.  Besides all of that, we have patches, pills, darts, and dust.

Next up is what the curse will do.  Don’t worry about telling me who the target is because that’s not my business.  Best not to know the details beyond gender and age.  We have physical alteration curses such as losing hair, skin deformities, growing a tail, or whatever else you can dream up.  All of those have the same base, so it’s only a matter of including the proper trace amounts.  Mental curses typically involve hallucinations that affect at least one sense.  Very simple and literally been done to death.  Elemental curses force transformations or give uncontrollable powers that will get them killed by the populace, but those aren’t popular these days.  More than likely, the target will be seen as a superhero and become a hero.  Yes, I know I said uncontrollable, but the thing still has an on and off switch.

Bestial curses?  Haven’t done one of those in a while, so I hope I have the supplies.  You need fresh parts of the proper animals, so the more exotic transformations will require a few days.  Nothing too complicated, but you can’t find skin flakes and urine of every animal in this mall.  Unless you want to do a dog, cat, pigeon, or rat.  Yeah, a hyena will be tough and not really a good idea.  Turning an enemy into a predator can backfire horribly unless you take the proper precautions.  I don’t care if this person has an annoying laugh and it would fit.  No, I’ll still do this, but I simply don’t care and the warning means you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

That settles everything and I should have things ready by . . . you already have the hyena ingredients.  Rather suspicious.  Are you a Paladin?  Disgruntled zookeeper? Didn’t see that coming.

Charms of the Feykin on sale now! No curses included!

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20 Questions with Eden Baylee

Don Massenzio's Blog

Today we sit down with author and blogger Eden Baylee. She is going to share a bit about her work, inspiration and a little about herself.

I hope you enjoy this installment of 20 Questions.

screen-shot-2013-02-21-at-11-15-23-pm Q1) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was a teenager. I have always loved to read and found words fascinating, so writing was a natural progression. When an English teacher in high school encouraged my writing by giving me good feedback, it boosted my ego and made me think I could write for a living.

I ended up in finance instead. A combination of a life-threatening illness and dissatisfaction with my job made me leave banking after twenty years.

I now write full-time.

It’s taken me sometime to get here, but I’m finally here.

Q2) How long does it typically take you to write a book?

It depends. I’ve…

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