Planning Far Ahead: October Blog Posts


Surprisingly, I might look like someone with a plan.  Mostly because I see that things aren’t going as planned.  With the way my son’s summer school goes, I don’t have enough time and privacy to get any book writing done.  I can do 2-3 blog posts during this time, but Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips) is going to be an issue since I have to be ‘on call’.  The stuff I post here are fine for me taking breaks in the middle to help him out.  Heck, I stopped this one an hour ago.  So, what can I do and why I am already talking about October?

Well, the only thing I can do during these school days is schedule blog post.  It’ll be very useful with grad school coming in September alongside work and possible remote-learning for my son.  It’s always a possibility.  Now, I have August and September ideas listed because I’m going to do promos for War of Nytefall: Ravenous.  That means the next month on my list is October and that’s always infamous.  Why?  Well, I like to make this a special time with the following:

  • Monster Maker Fun
  • Windemere Monsters
  • Raven Series (Long over)
  • Nytefall stuff

My plan this year is to do Monster Maker on Fridays, which gives me 5 of those.  How does this work?

  • People comment below with three made up words that I turn into monsters.  I write up a paragraph describing their looks, habitats, and behavior.  It’s a fun flex of my imagination.  The rules are rather simple too.  Only 3 Fake Words.  I used to do more, but I had people dropping 9-10 on me.  With 3, people feel less pressure and I can fix more in without making humongous posts.
  • GO FOR IT!

Monday and Wednesday are tougher.  With Tuesday being Teasers and Thursday being ‘Immortal Wars’, I can’t go with excerpts.  Not really.  I did ‘War of Nytefall’ interviews last year and those didn’t go very well.  Thinking of making Mondays promo days for each of the volumes, which carry into November to cover the newest release.  Unless I can think of something other than a standard ‘LOOK AT ME’ post and decide on something more interactive.  Not that sales go through the blog.  I was thinking of a ‘Questions 3’ for each book if that sounds interesting.

This brings us to Wednesday.  I’m going to put a poll below of the Windemere Monsters that never got a post.  Hoping a lot of people vote and the top 4 will get a flushed out explanation:

Actually . . . I need four things and I’m considering this:

  1. The ‘babies’ of the main villain of War of Nytefall: Ravenous
  2. Bob’s Horses
  3. Lost’s Bunny
  4. Clyde’s Eusu

It’s basically the pets of War of Nytefall.  Should be a fun highlight.  So, let me know what you think and feel free to join in Monster Maker.  I know it’s a long ways off, but I don’t know how my free time will look in the future.  The more I can prepare now, the better.

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Well . . . I Guess I Made It

I have no idea why I’m so tired.  Think I tried to wear more hats than my head was able to handle.  Too exhausted to list them, but I juggled a lo.  There was stuff with grad school, work, writing, parenting, blogging, and kind of health things.  Had a few low points emotionally due to the stress as well.  Nothing horrific or anything to worry about, but I felt sad for a bit.  At least I know the source of it.

Over the week, I saw many reports and articles about new books coming out.  Talking traditional publishers really.  It hit me the wrong way because I saw that the authors all fell into one of four categories:  Celebrity, Big name trad, Politician, or Somebody connected to a politician/celebrity.  I get it that these are popular areas, but it feels like these are the only types of books getting put out there with any attention.  Makes the whole gatekeeping and iron wall of the publishing world feel thicker than ever.  I lack the thousands of dollars to hurl at marketing, so I’m getting the ‘I failed’ thoughts again.  Struggling simply to write a book these days and my generation doesn’t do the ‘when I retire’ thing because few of us believe retirement is in our future.  With everything else coming my way, I worry that what little spark I have is about to be squashed.  How can an author be one if they don’t have the time to even think about ideas?

I think the steadily approaching graduate school thing is factoring into this.  As much as I want to be a teacher and need the degree for that, I always have that part wanting to be a full-time author.  Knowing I will have to put so much aside for 2 years kind of stings, especially since there may be complications.  From what I can tell, graduate school is designed more for people right out of undergraduate.  I’m 40 with a job in a school, a son, and life experience, so I feel out of place in a way.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m going to be doing it, but it’s going to be really hard to balance the blog, writing, parenting, working, and being a student.  The first two things will take a hit.  Even the mention of a semi-retirement made a massive dent in my blog traffic, so an actual semi-retirement might kill it completely.  I know blogging doesn’t bring sales, but I can’t see publishing a book without having this medium to do an announcement.  Could an author get anywhere simply by silently publishing one book after another?  Again, this feels like the universe doesn’t want me to tell my stories.

Yeah, I’m in a mood this week.  I had a lot of fun with my son when he wasn’t in school, but it was mostly playing in the inflatable pool and LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 on the Switch.  My back and shoulders got badly burned too even though I used sunscreen, but the pool isn’t in the shade.  Had to use a wooden ruler with a metal edge as a back scratcher at one point because I couldn’t take it any more.  That probably added to my surliness, which only comes out at night.  I want to write and work and play with my son and stop having things turn to crap in my hands.  As I’ve told a few people, I really just want to catch some kind of break somewhere.  Hard work can only get you so far because you inevitably hit a door that somebody needs to open for you.  Either through luck or they believe in you and have the ability to give you that break.  Eh, I’m back to ranting again, which is the theme of this post.

Look . . . I didn’t really do much aside from going through the motions.  I got one chapter of War of Nytefall: Anarchy written by using nights, but that was a freak accident and won’t happen again.  I’ll be back to needing weekends, so I probably won’t finish this until August.  That means Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips) is going to be delayed for a while.  Here I thought I could write two books at once, but everything fell apart fairly quickly.  I don’t even get full weekends for a while because things keep coming up.  Being social even though I really just want to curl up with my laptop in my room.  Not having my shit together in life isn’t an excuse for avoiding those who are far ahead and able to relax.

Next week is back to a normal schedule, but I have a work day at the end.  Happy to go back even if it’s for a day because I miss that place.  Feeling useful is something that everyone wants.  Covid-19 has made it really difficult for many people to find this sense of purpose.  It’s disheartening and brutal because you can start to lose a sense of your humanity.  Many define themselves by what they can do and are depended on for because it means we’re part of a society.  Losing that brings about a feeling of being lost and that just opens the door for anxiety.  Of course, we can’t go rushing into the world as if nothing is wrong.  Everything is just so fucked up.  I made a Facebook post about the pandemic and it being a test of empathy.  Was happy that many people agreed with it and I didn’t attract any trolls.  Guess that’s the week’s victory.

Goals for the week?

  1. Fun with son.
  2. Finish setting up the September blog posts.
  3. Start on October blog posts if possible.  (Info on that tomorrow.)
  4. Write more War of Nytefall: Anarchy.
  5. Day of work.
  6. Get pizza before weekend.
  7. Try to improve my mood, but we’ll see.
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Questions 3: How Do You Describe the Physical?

It’s been a week with a topic that was more difficult than I expected.  You would think doing a physical description is basic and easy.  It’s part of a foundation for a character and a story when your goal is to create an image in the reader’s head.  Everyone has their own opinion and strategy.  So, let’s not beat around the bush and end the week by opening the floor:

  1. How important is physical description to you as an author?
  2. What tip would you have for a new author struggling with this?
  3. What is the funniest thing you’ve done with a physical description?  (This can be accidental or on purpose. For me, it would be the switching eye color on Luke Callindor.)
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Immortal Wars: The Summoning Part 26 #fiction #throwback

(Previously on Immortal Wars.)

(Again, we shall revel in my teenage originality.  Everyone groan in unison.)

Disclaimer: Immortal Wars was the book I came up with and wrote in high school.  I hadn’t even hit college by the time I wrote the first two books.  That means I hadn’t developed my style yet, wasn’t good at self-editing, and the story was fairly basic. So, you’ve been warned that this is the ultimate author throwback segment for my blog and will show my author origins.  FYI-  I put the first book (The Summoning) through a Print-on-Demand publisher and the second one (Light, Blood, & Tears) never saw the light of day.  Enjoy!

Mindtrigger and Draveon had landed on Pluto’s desolate surface about twenty hours ago.  All they had to do was build some kind of base on the desolate planet, which was much easier done than said.  Mindtrigger had quickly designed a giant, black tower that he admitted wasn’t as powerful as their warship.  Yet, it was still powerful enough to destroy a small moon or a young planet.  The two immortals had taken one hundred members of the Clan of Fire to help with the construction work.  The Clan of Fire is the evil immortals’ immense, brainwashed army.  These obedient, mindless soldiers are a collection of aliens from different galaxies and planets.  Most of their weapons are sun forged like the guardians’ nonmagical weapons, although the Clan of Fire’s weapons was not forged in this particular galaxy’s sun.  They are all wearing oxygen helmets because none of them are immortal like Draveon and Mindtrigger and the atmosphere stabilizer has not been installed.

“Hey!  You with the drill bit!  Put that drilling equipment down and go help them finish the infrastructure!” yells Mindtrigger to a multi-armed alien.  Draveon and the other soldiers are already close to finishing the tower’s immense infrastructure of alien metal.  Flying aliens are whizzing around firing bolts into the metal while the land-based aliens are climbing around to put the girders in place.

“A couple more minutes before we can start on the floors and walls, father,” announces Draveon while walking over to his creator.

“Great.  Have there been any unseen complications?  You know how much Adriana hates having those.  Unless she is the one who causes them.”

“Nothing big.  Two workers have fallen off the top of the infrastructure and one of the Maviks went berserk.”  A terrified scream is heard from the top of the metal structure and is shortly followed by a sickening splat.

“Now, it’s three workers.  What did you do to the Mavik?  I really hope you didn’t kill the monster.  Those things are impossible to find these days since we are the ones who stole them and domesticated them.”

“No way.  I’m not an idiot like Hellax.  That giant lizard does a lot more work than the soldiers.  It was scared by a clumsy worker.  The person who was responsible for the accident has been . . . taken care of.”

“Good to see you can keep them in line, son.  Just don’t put too many of them in line because we’re on a schedule that’s as tight as Adriana’s wardrobe.  If such a thing is possible in this dimension.”

“She’s going to love that remark.  What weapons do you have planned for the Black Tower?  You do have some weapons in mind, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.  First, I plan to put a special shield generator under the basement of the tower.  The shield will only allow immortals and the Clan of Fire to pass through.  Anyone else who tries to sneak in, and is not immortal, will be painfully disintegrated.  This does mean that the planet guardians can sneak in, but it is much more enjoyable to fight them face to face instead of having a machine do it for us.  For most of the offensive weapons, I can simply use some of the warship’s guns and missile launchers.  We have hundreds of them on that outdated, floating piece of scrap metal.  Most of those weapons haven’t even been used.”

“Nothing else new and impressive?  That’s very disappointing.  I thought you could do a lot better than that, father.  You’re slipping in your old age.”

“Don’t complain.  It makes you sound like Kilanus before we fixed her damaged psyche.  If you must know, I do have a long-range laser cannon in mind that can dissolve all forms of organic materials that the weapon’s wide beam comes in contact with.  The only problem with the weapon is that I don’t have, and probably never will have, the needed materials for it.  Well, that and we couldn’t possibly use the weapon without destroying ourselves with the laser cannon’s target.  That is not a good, or clean, way for any of us to die.  And the beam would kill us because all of our atoms would be disintegrated.  At least I think it would.  None of us have ever tested that theory and I don’t plan on being the first.”

“Oh!  Should we tell Adriana about our progress?”

“There is no need to report.  She already knows about our progress.  Did you hear all of that, voluptuous one?” asks Mindtrigger.  A holographic image of Hellax and Adriana is projected from Mindtrigger’s buzzing wristwatch.  Instead of a clock, the watch has a small, crystalline face with two buttons on the side.

“We heard everything.  Do you want me to send down the heavy stuff with the blinking lights?” answers Hellax in his usual dumb tone.  Adriana just holds her head in her hands as the hologram of Mindtrigger grows a painful frown.

“Stuff with the blinking lights?  What the hell are you talking about, you idiot?  Make some sense for once in your useless life!  And for your information, I was talking to Adriana!  Not you, Neanderthal!” yells the evil scientist.

“Calm down, Mindtrigger.  For once don’t let Hellax’s stupidity get you angry.  Although I have to agree that his moronic comments get very irritating.  He does have one use that I can take advantage of, but I don’t think I should get into that.  Anyway, he means the equipment needed to set up your intergalactic sensor grid and the final components of the atmosphere stabilizer.  Go bring the equipment down to them, Hellax.  Oh, and I like the nice explanation of how tight your schedule is, old man.  If it wasn’t true, I would have had you launched into the nearest dwarf star.  Now, I’ll only slightly beat you up for the joke.  The hell are you waiting for, Neanderthal!  Bring down the equipment or I’ll feed you to Psylon,” orders Adriana.  Hellax just gives an idiotic smile and marches off to deliver the sensor grid and atmosphere stabilizer.  A departing crash tells her that he walked into a door before asking it to open.  Adriana breaks contact with Mindtrigger and Draveon as soon as the resident moron leaves the room.  She was in her bedroom enjoying Hellax’s company, but now that she is alone, Adriana lies down on her enormous bed with her emerald eyes shut.

“You really need to get some sleep.  Those short catnaps do not help you,” mentions Startrix.  She had walked in only a few seconds ago, but she still knows everything that  has occurred.  Adriana has been like a daughter to the enigmatic Startrix since the orange-eyed woman was hired as the midwife and teacher for a young, and surprisingly innocent, Adriana.  In fact, Adriana is the only one in the galaxy who has seen Startrix’s face before it was hidden under the ebony helmet.

“I know what I need, but there are still some things that I have to do,” mumbles Adriana into her soft, blue pillow.  Startrix walks to the bed and sits in the comfortable recliner that is next to the blonde’s bed.

“Kilanus has gone through some changes that I did not predict.  Her attitude is much more like that of a teenager than her previous state of mind.  She has also changed her outfit and daily clothing to something that resembles your. . . . revealing fashion sense.  Only the girl prefers pure black instead of pink and she does not wear that silly tiara.”

“Good point.  Tiaras went out so long ago and they probably won’t be mainstream again unless I do something.  I’m never wearing that stupid thing again.  But is there any problem with my daughter wanting to be like me?”

“Yes, but that is not the point I wanted to discuss with you.  What happened to her?  How did you fix her shattered psyche?  We all thought that it was irreparable.”

“Simple.  I had asked Mindtrigger to build a machine that could turn Kilanus into the type of immortal that I always planned for her to be.  What is the point of having a genius like Mindtrigger on your team if you don’t use him to your advantage?  Of course, his invention ended up working much better than I had ever hoped.  Look, I promise that I will talk to Kilanus about the planet guardians and her recent changes.  I swear on my life and the life of my daughter that I will take care of everything.  Now, is there anything else you have to say?”

“Yes.  I had another vision of the new guardians.  This one was very clear and went straight to the point.  They will be arriving on Pluto in a couple of days.  I suggest that we land the warship and prepare a trap for their arrival,” says Startrix.  She stands up and silently walks toward the open door.  Adriana, while grumbling to herself, takes her glowing staff from its stand in the corner and wearily follows her friend to the star room.

On the way there, Adriana childishly asks, “Why couldn’t you have your visions when I’ve had a good night’s sleep?”  Inside the dark helmet with horns, the seductive leader can almost make out a smirk on Startrix’s face.

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7 Tips to Writing a Physical Description that Works

Jessica Rabbit (She’s Not Wrong)

Don’t go jumping to the comments just yet.  Jessica makes a good point.  Our characters are what we make them, so we shouldn’t blame them for it.  We do have to be careful on how we go about doing a physical description.  Know what you’re aiming for and make sure it’s what you want.  Of course, none of these tips will matter if you want to keep it as vague as possible.  Now, let’s get to it.

  1. If you’re describing a woman as sexy, don’t fixate the chest, hips, legs, and butt.  Yes, those are factors that should be taken into account if you’re goal is to make a highly attractive character.  Yet, it can also be done with a simple word and then moving on to paint the rest of the picture.  A lot of people will get angry at overly sexual descriptions, so only use them if they are required for the character.  For example, in War of Nytefall I never described Mab in such terms beyond slender because that isn’t a key point of the character.  I use ‘voluptuous’ and ‘curvy’ for Chastity Sullivan because she uses her physical appearance to her advantage and is a sexual character.
  2. Let’s keep things even here.  While men have fewer sexy parts to describe without going NC-17 or making readers think you’re obsessed with tubular meats, you should consider how far to go depending on their personality.  If they’re eye-candy or sexual characters then go for the muscles, butt, (I’m sorry) bulge, and whatever else you think would work to get the point across.  Now, this can also be done simply by saying they’re attractive much like the female characters that aren’t using sexuality.  Nothing wrong with taking that route with either sex then going for the same physical descriptors (hair, eyes, skin, etc.) you use for everyone else.
  3. Now that we got two elephants out of the room, we can move on.  Do not be afraid to add flaws to your character’s physical appearance.  Moles, scars, pimples, freckles, near-sighted, and the list keeps going.  We tend to only mention these things with ‘ugly’ or ‘plain’ characters.  This creates a world where you have the physically perfect and the physically flawed with a clear sign to who readers should enjoy more.  That’s not realistic and can cause readers to have trouble connecting to your cast.
  4. Tattoos should be carefully considered instead of slapped on a character.  They don’t always mean edgy in real life.  Many have a story behind them.  Think about that if you’re going to give them a tattoo and make it a highlight.  Other characters might be interested too.  (This might turn into a bigger post in a few months now that I think about it.)
  5. In fantasy, you don’t have to stick to standard eye and hair colors.  In general, you should try to have a favorite of colors and, in regards to hair, styles.  Imagine being in public and watching others walk around.  You see a big variety, which is how your world should be.  This goes for your supporting cast too.  It’s weird if every woman is sporting long black hair and every man has short brown hair, but the male lead is a spiky blonde and the female is a curly redhead.  Again, you need some variety to make your world believable.
  6. Try to keep track of how you describe your characters.  I’ve run into a few pure pantsers who make the following mistake and even miss it with edits.  A character begins the story with green eyes, they’re brown in the middle, and blue in the last scene.  You need to keep the physical details consistent because readers will notice.  Not to point solely at pantsers either because plotters can do it as well.  I remember Luke Callindor began with green eyes and I ended up making them brown by accident a book later because I had so many other green-eyed characters.  It kept jumping, so I eventually had an even happen to make the change permanent.  Not a solution that works for everyone and I made sure to always catch the mistake in edits before I made the permanent fix.
  7. Trying to think of a good way to put this, but I can’t.  DO NOT be afraid to describe characters in unflattering terms.  Chubby, balding, beer belly, unshaven, short, and other words that typically have a negative connotation can be used if that is what the character is.  With this, it comes down to the character’s personality as well.  I’ve read far too many books where the ‘unattractive’ character is made worse by being depressed about their appearance.  Some short people are proud of it.  Some chubby people are proud of it.  Some balding people are proud of it.  Typically, the thing that makes a person hate such things is how others and society respond to such physical traits.  Hard to take pride in yourself when you’re constantly being told that you’re flawed and ugly . . . Geez, I’m hurting myself here.  My point on this one is that you need to have the character consider their own appearance and take either pride in their flaws or hate it.  Personally, I think we’ve seen more than often characters who feel they’re ugly and not enough reveling in the fact that they’re not supermodels.
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Teaser Tuesday: A Favorite Scene #vampires #fantasy

Cover Art by Alison Hunt

I’ve decided to start promoting the War of Nytefall stories since my goal is to release the newest volume around Labor Day.  This is one of my favorite scenes from the start of it all, War of Nytefall: Loyalty.  Really showcases the humor I was going for.  Enjoy.

Continue reading

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The Physical Description: A Necessary & Surprisingly Difficult Piece

I think we can take this for granted.  Physical descriptions come off a little like a ‘duh’ concept.  We need to know what our characters look like to some extent.  Otherwise, every reader gets their own visual with no similarities.  Not necessarily a bad thing until people begin fighting over it.  You also lose a dimension if you avoid it entirely.  Yes, we have a personality, actions, and words, but there can be a sense of lacking if we don’t have even a basic appearance.  This goes for places too, but we’re going to focus on characters for this week.  So, why is this?

Readers have these things called the five senses . . . Oh, that’s going too far back into the details.  We all know this.  We also know that an author should try very hard to hit as many of them as possible.  This is much easier to do with places, animals, and objects if you’re going be instinct.  One can imagine themselves examining such things in reality without any problems.  We wander cities, smell flowers, eat food, hear birds, and touch water.  We register our environment through a 5-piece sensory system that is always operating.  Everything is taken in as much as possible with no restraint except for one piece of our surroundings: Other Humans.

For good reason, we pump the breaks and stop primarily at sight when it comes to examining other people.  Hearing can get into the action if we’re close enough to catch their voice, but it’s not polite to eavesdrop.  Smell requires being really close and you can’t go out of your way for it.  People give you looks if you’re sniffing them.  Touching is a big no-no without permission and taste is probably worse.  Now, this differs depending on how close you are a person, but you need to work your way up the chain as such:

  1. I see a person from a far.
  2. I get close enough to hear and talk with them.
  3. Getting closer, I may be able to smell them without trying.
  4. Relationship becomes close enough for physical contact such as handshake, high five, or kissing.
  5. Taste . . . either a good thing with kissing/sex or a bad thing with life in prison.  Yes, we’re doing cannibalism jokes here.

Because of how we operate in reality, we can unintentionally carry this over to fiction.  An author may stay at the first two levels since that’s a habit.  It may require focus and thinking to delve deeper into this character because it isn’t like reality.  Readers aren’t meeting these people from afar and easing into their lives.  They are being dropped next to them if not shoved into their perspective.  In some styles, the characters are vehicles or skins for the reader to ride, so you need a level of intimacy that comes from a deeper physical description.  Mention how they smell, the softness of their skin, and anything other trait that can give them some creative flesh.

Now, there are many schools of thinking on how much to reveal.  My preference is to give a full description with the initial introduction and then pepper more or repeated information throughout the story.  I have a think about using hair color to identify characters.  That and I try to have at least one physical trait that is unique to the character such as Sari’s blue hair, Nyx’s violet eyes, or Clyde’s corn-shaped necklace.  Yes, items of clothing can fall into this too.  Of course, this is a very detailed method.  Some authors are detailed once and leave it at that while others do the same with a basic framework.  Others gradually describe the character as the story progresses.  Another way is to say very little beyond gender and let the reader come up with their own thing.  You have a lot of stuff in-between too.

So, with all of that being said, there is one way to write a character’s physical description that is correct.  The others are wrong.  I’ve thought long and hard about this.  Pretty sure some people will be upset as well.  Can’t please everyone.  The answer is:

Whichever method you’re most comfortable with for your story.

Seriously, this is a big area where it depends entirely on the author’s style, the story, and the combination of the two’s goal.  Never let anybody step up and say that they have the only way to do it.  Never let them tell you that your way is wrong if that is what works for your story.  If people do ask too many questions or imagine your characters in a way that doesn’t match your own image then you can change it.  That’s a big danger here that we never consider.  If you don’t do a thorough description then you can’t get angry that people assign incorrect appearances to your characters.  Sorry, but if you want the image to be the way it is in your head then you need to make sure that’s on the page.  Not sure if I undermined my previous point or not here.

So, what do you think of physical descriptions?

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Check out Guns of Perdition

Entertaining Stories

Let’s welcome Jessica Bakkers this morning. She’s released a new novel, and it sounds like a fun one. I have this one on my list, and might even be reading it by the time this goes live. Here is that all important PURCHASE LINK


Jessie expects he’ll be forever cleaning up after the cowpokes of the Bad Hoss Saloon. That’s until the day a drifter strides through the doors, and blows away a blood-sucking demon, along with Jessie’s belief in an everyday world. Jessie is captivated by the enigmatic Grace with her pearl-handled revolvers and wolf companion. He throws in his normal life and follows her across the Wild West, as she hunts down and slays the evil creatures that roam the frontier.

Along the way, they seek the aid of a Native American warrior, cross paths with a Cajun Queen…

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Five Cover Reveals

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! Yep, you read the title right. I’ve got FIVE cover reveals to share today, all penned under my alter ego’s name, D.L. Cross. And I’ve got definitive release dates, too. Ready?

Here we go!

Astral Conspiracy Series, The Complete Set

The Gate, Astral Conspiracy Book 1

The Gate, Astral Conspiracy Series Book 1

He lost his job. Lost his girl. Now it’s all he can do not to lose his life.

Landon Thorne is a disgraced archaeologist, a laughing stock in his field because of his unconventional beliefs — he’s an ancient astronaut theorist. No one takes him seriously.

Until an alien armada targets Earth.

Now he’s in high demand by the U.S. government. And someone far more sinister.

Mysterious mercenaries, government agents, and Landon vie for the lead in a race across two continents to the Gate of the Gods, the one place on the planet that might give humans an advantage over the Astrals. But no one is prepared…

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Drawing with the Kiddo

I rearranged things for a fun post today.  This isn’t about me really.  My son has been doing art using a Youtube channel called ‘Art for Kids Hub’.  It was introduced to us during a school assignment and he did great with it.  Then, we found a Captain Underpants video and he was hooked.  Highly recommended if you have kids and are looking for something for them to do.  I’m going to do these posts whenever he makes a lot because he’s very proud of them and I want to show them off.  Enjoy!

Captain Underpants





Beast Boy


Sonic the Hedgehog




Light Fury

Mega Man

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