Aaron Crocco

This is the site of a fellow e-book author who writes phenomenal science fiction stories.  He debut series ‘As Darkness Ends’ is a great adventure in a post-disaster NYC.

Lawrence Kelter

This is the site of Lawrence Kelter who is a crime/mystery author.  If you’re looking for a mesmerizing mystery, look no further.

Home to the superhero comic ‘The Sire’ and various other projects.  If you love superhero comics, you’ll love this guy.

Jason Pedersen

Highly talented artist whose artwork speaks for itself.  Seriously, I cannot put this guy’s talent to worthy words.

Projekt Jaydyn

This site is a marketing and event coordinating site that a friend of mine has been successfully running for a few years.  You never know what she’s got going on, so be sure to check out her site.

Eerie P.D.

A funny and entertaining webcomic about paranormal investigators and the comic artists who write about them.  There’s more, but it’s better for you to investigate it on your own.

5 Responses to Links

  1. Echo says:

    I’ve nominated you for the reality blog award


  2. I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now, so when I got nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award, I thought of you. Rules are to thank the nominator, disclose seven facts about yourself, and then nominate others in return. Hope you have to time to take it on! I’ll send the picture if you’re interested.


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