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Monster Month: Bunyip

Is that what a Bunyip looks like?  No idea because the descriptions were incredibly varied and I couldn’t find many common factors beyond ‘aquatic’.  Not surprising since this is folklore that was spread across Australia.  Even the name has regional … Continue reading

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Monster Month: Wendigo

We’re going to be touching on some monsters throughout the month.  I was trying for obscure ones, but the first one is probably known by others.  If you’ve been a fan of Wolverine comics or ‘Supernatural’, you’ve heard of: THE … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Boozing with Fiction

(This was a fun one I put together long ago.  Wanted to see how many types of alcohol I could use before I ran out of steam.) Drink tequila with a pixie To say no would be quite risky Chug … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Bedroom Shadows

(As a kid, I always though the shadows in my room were other things.  This probably lasted until I was around 13.  Mostly because I eventually hit a point where it was just fun to let my mind wander and … Continue reading

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Fun with Magical Parasites

You know, I wrote this down as a topic with no idea what I was thinking.  I’ve never used magical parasites.  Not in my books either.  Still, someone said the idea sounded really interesting and that’s all my needy ass … Continue reading

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A Multi-Monster Army: Does It Work?

The simple answer is: Yes. The more complicated answer is: Yes if certain requirements are met. Keep in mind that monsters are typically seen as primal and destructive.  If they’re marching as a massive group then the reason is usually … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Using a Monster Army in Fiction

Monster armies marching on a village or being intercepted in the wild is a fairly common set piece for fantasy and science fiction.  From the outside, it seems like it’s a simply obstacle to create and use.  Monsters rush forward, … Continue reading

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Elite of the Monster Races

Ever play a video game or read a story with monsters when a ‘special’ type of a common species turns up?  If not then there really isn’t much more to explain.  Heroes run into an elite version of a common … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Amalgam

(Was I trying to do horror?  Was I trying to be symbolic?  Think it was both.  Took me a few read throughs to figure it out.  The key was ‘thirty’, which was how many story ideas I had at the … Continue reading

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Does Windemere Have Angels?

Long ago, I began to wonder something about Windemere.  I know that’s strange since I created the place, so I should have an answer.  Still, this was a headscratcher due to other fantasy series where demons, dragons, deities, and a … Continue reading

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