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The Unlucky Lucky Character

A few months back, I watched an action, dark comedy called ‘Bullet Train’.  This post isn’t about the plot, but about the main character played by Brad Pitt.  They call him Ladybug, which is considered lucky.  Yet, he talks about … Continue reading

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The Smartest Hero in the Room

One of the hardest characters to write may be the genius hero.  This is the one who knows about everything and supplies answers to all questions.  He might not even be in the main cast, but he’s there to make … Continue reading

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#3 of 2022: Writing Nobility Tips

(This post originally went live on March 4th, 2022.) As a fantasy author, I have to consider the layers of society.  Nobles are the clearest division because they are composed of the kings, queens, princes, princesses, and other titled folks.  … Continue reading

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What Some Jobs Bring to an Adventure

After talking about how pre-adventuring jobs can add useful skills to an adventurer, I should probably give some examples.  The challenge is that I haven’t held these jobs, so I can easily miss a few things.  In fact, I’m working … Continue reading

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Adventurers with Mundane Jobs

There is a trend in fantasy and adventure stories that I didn’t really notice until recently.  I don’t even know what triggered this thought.  Many adventurers start out in a simple, mundane job.  This is mundane when compared to battling … Continue reading

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The Benefit of Teenage Protagonists

The Young Adult market is pretty bad.  One of its staples is having a teenage protagonist, which gets some interesting responses.  Most people seem to relate to these characters on some levels, but you have the occasional audience member judging … Continue reading

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Legends of Windemere Paperbacks and eBooks Available!

For this month, I’m going to use Tuesdays to do a promo for the paperbacks.  There are still eBooks though.  Fingers crossed that I get a few sales of both during the start of this year. First up, we have Legends … Continue reading

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Writing Reactions to Disabled Characters

On the surface, this looks rather easy.  How hard could it be to have one character react to the disability of another?  We all know what we would do, right?  The list isn’t even that long: Ask questions Show sympathy … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Disabled Characters

Writing characters with handicaps isn’t easy.  Some people may think it is, but those fall into two categories.  They either have the disability themselves or they’re about to make several mistakes.  Ideally, an author would want to know what they’re … Continue reading

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Having a Handicapped/Disabled Hero

First, I’m going to focus on physical disabilities for this week’s topic.  I’ve touched on a few mental disabilities, but never really dug hard into physical.  This can include blindness, deafness, missing a limb, or anything that can make functioning … Continue reading

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