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Mission Accomplished: Now Begins the Summer of Recovery

Wait!  Don’t go anywhere because I will still be blogging and on social media.  There’s also Quest of the Brokenhearted coming out in a little over 2 weeks.  By the way, should I make that one start at 99 cents for … Continue reading

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Tools of the Telling Trade: Tarot Cards

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about Tarot because I feel like I’ve heard and said it all throughout the years.  As I mentioned before, I hung out with a lot of Wiccans and this was a common tool.  … Continue reading

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There Is a Sliver of Light in the Future

(Just introduced the kid to this song when it was on the radio. He doesn’t get it.) There’s a term I want to us for how this week, but it could be seen as crude.  All I can say is … Continue reading

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The Perfect Tool

It is time to write Yet what tool shall I use today So many options * A pencil maybe? Great if I make a mistake Yet there is smearing * Perhaps a new pen Because I feel confident I think … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Choosing and Maintaining Your Writing Tools

You would think picking a writing tool would be easy, but there are so many out there to choose from.  Some feel good on the fingers while others are agony to the palms.  The ideas can flow from a pen … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Character Backstories: Prepare the Cutting Room

John W. Howell asked: You have the most fabulous backstories and histories for your characters. what compels you to develop these backstories? Do you use all of the history and backstories or are some waiting to be employed? Now, I have … Continue reading

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Tools of the Writing Trade: Personal Preferences

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that authors like to talk about their work areas almost as much as their stories.  I can’t say this is me, but only because I don’t have a designated writing area.  I’d … Continue reading

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