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Goal Post: Chugging Seltzer and Whimpering at the Page

So, I have a friend over for the weekend as long as nothing went wrong between me scheduling this and him showing up.  There are 4 hours to go, but this has been a visit that we’ve attempted and failed … Continue reading

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The Author Hideaway Dealership: WiFi Not Always Included

Welcome to . . . Oh, I see you’re in a rush, so I’ll get right to the pitch.  We provide authors with private locations that they can escape to after periods of stress.  These can be for work or … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Surviving the Summer as a Parent/Author

Replace Daddy with Mommy on that picture.  So, things tend to get screwy when you have kids and summer hits.  Camps are so expensive that you might as well mortgage the house or sell a kidney.  Not your own kidney … Continue reading

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Writing During the Summer . . . With Kids

The previous summers weren’t like this one.  My son would have school to make sure he didn’t have any regression.  He was eligible for it this summer too, but we had already signed him up for a half-day program that … Continue reading

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A Week of Lego and Not Much Else

So, I’m away for the weekend and will only be on the blog in the mornings and evenings.  Maybe since it depends on how well I’m sleeping.  I’ve found that it’s easier to handle Twitter, Facebook, and email by phone … Continue reading

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Princess Cyrena: The Altered Harpy

Princess Cyrena is the wife of the Shadow Earl and the caretaker of Rayne.  In fact, it’s stated that she was transformed from a regular harpy to one that is more humanoid and civil.  Even stranger, she has a facial … Continue reading

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Roland Gauntlier and Hyde: Allies of Kira Grasdon

There might not be as much to say about these two as I’d hoped, which might be apparent since I put them together.  Both of them were added to Quest of the Brokenhearted once I decided to make it focus entirely … Continue reading

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