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Zoo Funnies

Since this is where my son and I are going, I figure I’d make it the theme:  

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Vampirizing Animals: Is It Going Too Far?

This topic always come down to the system and if it’s even possible.  Most times, the vampire infection is human-only, so it makes no sense for animals to get turned.  Those that appear to be are really ghouled or under … Continue reading

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A Useful Tool for Monster Creation: Nature Videos

Being a fantasy author, one of the cornerstones of my world building is the unique fauna that I put within Windemere.  Not only the dragons and griffins that have been in the genre for years, but creatures that I’ve made … Continue reading

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Creatures of Fear: Hungry Little Bats

The more I look into bats, the less I understand the fear.  At first, I thought it was because they were associated with vampires.  That might not be the case as I look at people talk about it.  Also, bats … Continue reading

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Creatures of Fear: Spiders . . . I’ll Really Have to Muscle Through This One

I had to make it a funny meme because this is something that will lock me up, make me cry, and pray for unconsciousness.  Even that picture is a tough one since spiders freak me out.  I’ve gotten better with … Continue reading

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Zoo Day

A child’s wonder Etched into their face When seeing the beasts Outside the screen and page Larger as life Striking all the senses As alive as the child Who watches and waves Amazed at the sight Of beloved animals In … Continue reading

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Kero’s World by Victoria Zigler Now in Audiobook

Written by Victoria Zigler – and now with an audio edition read by Giles Miller – the “Kero’s World” stories are all about the adventures of my West Highland White Terrier, Kero, who made that journey across the rainbow bridge … Continue reading

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