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Did You Know There Are Swords in Fantasy?

So, did you know swords are common in fantasy?  I know, totally surprising.  You’d think it has something to do with most fantasy stories taking place in a pre-firearm age.  So, swords would be the most logic weapon to have … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Using a Monster Army in Fiction

Monster armies marching on a village or being intercepted in the wild is a fairly common set piece for fantasy and science fiction.  From the outside, it seems like it’s a simply obstacle to create and use.  Monsters rush forward, … Continue reading

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#3 Post of 2021: 7 Tips to Having a Reunion Plot in Your Story

(Post originally published on January 29, 2021.  These are all coming from early in the year.  Weird.) This storyline might be fairly niche, but it’s caught my attention.  In fact, I think it’s turned up more often than I realize.  … Continue reading

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First Goal Post of 2022: Think I Already Covered This

I’m tired. Yup, that’s how 2022 is starting for me, but I think most people do that.  Stay up late and then get woken up early.  Either an alarm we forgot to turn off, a child who is still on … Continue reading

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Thoughts on 2021

This might be quick.  It isn’t really a promo for War of Nytefall: Eulogy and I’m busy enjoying Holiday Break.  Probably playing video games with my son or going out if the weather is nice.  I’m writing this at the start … Continue reading

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What To Do About Thursdays?

Not really sure what else to talk about here.  Mostly because this is really stuck in my mind as I get close to the end of the year.  I like having a post go up every day because I don’t … Continue reading

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Using Giant Monsters in Books

There have been times when I’ve used a huge monster in my stories.  Legends of Windemere had dragons and various giant species.  War of Nytefall had vampirized giants and other massive beasts.  They were fun to write, but I always wondered if … Continue reading

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Writing a Zany Series and Making it Work

Throughout my life, I’ve watched a lot of series.  Most of them have long-winding stories or episodes that connect in some fashion.  It all makes sense by the time the story is done even if only a small portion of … Continue reading

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Beep . . . Ding . . . Ring . . . Beep . . . Oh, Come on!

Strange for me to put a serious one like this on a Sunday, but I really needed to get this off my chest.  All year, there has been a strange habit of people messaging, calling, or flat out invading my … Continue reading

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Amnesia . . . I Forgot Why I Chose This Topic

I forgot what prompted me to choose this topic back in June.  I believe I watched a TV show where a character had amnesia at some point.  It brought up an odd question in my mind in regards to second … Continue reading

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