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The Challenge of Putting Mental Illness in Fiction

Not sure this will be a long post because this is a delicate topic that everyone seems to have a different opinion on.  Using various mental illnesses is common in fiction.  Many of us can name at least one story … Continue reading

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Is There More to the Crazy Characters?

People who have been following my blog or read my books may have noticed that there’s one type of character that I really enjoy writing.  This is the ‘crazy’ character who can be either a hero or a villain.  The … Continue reading

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Types of Silly Stories: I’m Shirley Not an Expert Here

So, I’ve been sitting here trying to think of different types of ‘silly’ stories and I keep coming up with movies.  That being the only thing I can think of, I don’t know if I’m going to have a really … Continue reading

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Marketing: The Agony that Can Lead to Victory

What do you do after publishing a book?  You promote until you get sick of the following terms: Social Media Retweet Blog Tour Banner Ad Word of Mouth That’s only a short list and I’m sure everyone will have their … Continue reading

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Author’s Monkey Mind

A long exhausting day Where the mind wanders Distractions yanking it  away So progress takes a hit Just like the friggin’ phone Mourning lost time The author crawls into the cot Pillow stealing muscles’ strength Blanket tickling at his nose … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Magic in the Air

Welcome to the first official installment of this new thingy.  The rules are that there are no rules.  Sort of.  I think of a topic on the fly and make a post that has 3 questions.  You can answer in … Continue reading

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Been There, Done That, Wrote the Post

Here we are at another month and I’m setting up posts in advance.  I have my list of topics and . . . they’re kind of lame.  I’d like to say this just dawned on me, but we can probably … Continue reading

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