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Schools of Body Transformations: From Cyborgs to Werewolves

One of the most commonly used powers/augmentations in fiction is the physical transformation.  It can range from a cybernetic finger to changing into a towering monster that eats planets.  Some are natural while others are magical and still more are … Continue reading

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Is Reading Still Popular?

Anybody remember the phrase ‘Reading is Fundamental’?  First, I didn’t realize it was a nonprofit child literacy organization founded in 1966.  Thought it was saying used in Public Service Announcements.  In fact, I used to think it was connected to … Continue reading

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The Art of Subverting Expectations! Is There an Art to It?

I’ve been seeing this phrase thrown around a lot over the last year.  It’s gotten to the point where I’m not really sure what it means any more.  Some people seem to use it in place of the phrase ‘plot … Continue reading

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The Teeter Totter of Life

I have been trying really hard to develop a life balance.  Many have pointed out that my world has been turned upside down in every aspect.  There are only so many hours in the day too, so priorities have to … Continue reading

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Being a Single (And formerly a Stay At Home) Father

This topic is going to be a little funky because I’m bouncing between two similar, but different, topics.  I’ve been in both boats and felt like talking about them since they’ve been heavy on my mind.  This might be a … Continue reading

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The Joy of Creating Words: Becoming a Shakespeare

I was going to talk about making words and phrases, but I realized that I haven’t done anything like that.  In fact, most people don’t or won’t notice until they are long gone because you need time to see what … Continue reading

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Bigotry in Fantasy Worlds

Something that many consider a ‘staple’ of fantasy is conflict and tension between the various races.  There’s this weird dislike that seems to appear among them, which is hateful globally and more mild bickering for those in the same party.  … Continue reading

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