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Questions 3: The Author Vessel/Surrogate/Avatar

Many authors insert either themselves or a version of themselves into a story.  It could be a realistic version or even an idealistic.  Maybe you’re a side character or a cameo, but other times the author may be the protagonist.  … Continue reading

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What is Plot Armor?

I was surprised when I ran into people who had never heard of ‘Plot Armor’.  It’s been around for a while and gets tossed about the Internet fairly often.  It shows up a lot when it comes to action adventure, … Continue reading

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Summer Teaser Tuesdays

So, I was thinking of what to do for Tuesdays during the summer.  I’m hoping to be either writing the first Slumberlord book or spending time with my son.   Almost chose ‘Character Interviews’, but those take attention and don’t usually work out.  … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Power Levels

Sticking to the theme here, which is really turning into a pseudo-analysis of the Dragon Ball system.  We did energy attacks and powering up, but another thing that comes about are the power levels.  Once Dragon Ball Z showed up, … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Deciding on Adventuring Party Size

First, I realize this is the 2nd of 3 Wednesday ‘7 tip’ posts.  Didn’t realize that was going on until I looked at my dwindling topic schedule.  Anyway, this stems from the challenge of deciding on how big a fantasy … Continue reading

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Pieces of an Adventuring Party

Fantasy adventures commonly have groups of heroes even if only one of them is the primary antagonist.  A challenge for any author is to piece one together that is effective and interesting.  You can go with all warriors or all … Continue reading

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Autism in Fiction

I kind of tackled this in 2015 with a Questions 3 post.  I didn’t really go into my own thoughts and details though.  Also, I’ve learned a lot and my beliefs back then might have changed.  As my son gets … Continue reading

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Betrayal by Accident: That Make It Any Better?

We all hate it when characters turn out to be traitors.  Betrayal is rarely applauded beyond it being a surprise twist.  At least, it should be, but it can be tough.  Many times, a character who turns out to be … Continue reading

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Outline Time . . . Trouble Already?

First, I don’t really know if that’s an Irish proverb.  Just liked the sound of it when looking for sleep quotes.  Why do I think this is what’s going to get a lot of comments? The reason I went for … Continue reading

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Biographies and Character Evolution: A Head Start?

A goal of writing is to evolve our characters.  If they are the same at the end of their adventure as they were at the beginning then we missed something.  Even if they go back home, there needs to be … Continue reading

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