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Returning the Favor in Fiction and Reality

I was watching anime with my son when I noticed that there was a theme that popped up a bunch.  Not in one episode, but in various series.  It isn’t one that I’ve ever considered or seen much about, so … Continue reading

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Fading into the Background: Characters and Spotlights

This is a big challenge when it comes to ensemble cast stories.  Yes, there are those that take the reins of the story and others that float into supporting cast.  Yet, each player is important to the overall story.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing a Physical Description that Works

Don’t go jumping to the comments just yet.  Jessica makes a good point.  Our characters are what we make them, so we shouldn’t blame them for it.  We do have to be careful on how we go about doing a … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Concept of True Villains

I wanted to talk about true villains again.  Yet, I noticed I did it once . . . twice . . . kind of a third . . .  and I’m sure those aren’t the only ones.  I seem to … Continue reading

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Grabbing from the Notebooks: Phi Beta . . . Files?

Figure I can use Sundays to present future ideas that I haven’t fully fleshed out.  Helps to write stuff out, especially those that I carried from other worlds to Windemere.  This one is like that, which you can tell from … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Villain Team-Ups: Is It a Limited Tactic?

Villains teaming up is a classic twist to a series.  You have two established characters who don’t necessarily share a common enemy.  Yet, they work together for the same goal, which causes the heroes to do the same.  It happens … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Characters with Anxiety

A few disclaimers here because we’re heading into delicate territory again. Eh, I’m just copying and pasting here.  I am not an expert on mental health by any means.  I read up on it and have my own experiences to … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Working with a Serpentine Idea

Look, many of us can’t say that our original plans go off without a hitch once the pen meets the paper.  Even outlines change as you move along, so there’s a very organic undercurrent to writing in general.  Maybe it … Continue reading

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Fate of the Self-Righteous

Much of the self-righteous character depends on the landing.  You can have them be a jerk for the entire story and then redeem them with a good ending.  I don’t mean good as in happy, but a well-written one.  There … Continue reading

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The Self-Righteous Character: Earning All the Eye-Rolling!

This is going to be another post that depends heavily on personal limits, standards, and perceptions.  A person may be self-righteous to one group while totally acceptable by another.  So, I’m going to try to avoid specifics here.  It’ll be … Continue reading

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