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The Flying Squir . . . Possums?

I know people are going to bring up Rocky the flying squirrel, so I beat you to the punch.  I thought the same thing, so I was surprised when I ended up on flying possums.  There are flying squirrels, but … Continue reading

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Transparent Animals

Instead of a single animal, I’m going to share some pictures of creatures that have see-through skin.  A lot of fish, invertebrates, and reptiles.  This is actually rather common in juvenile fish.  So, enjoy all these Google Image Search pictures.

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Happy Pink Flamingo Day! Let’s See the Inspiration

So, today is the National Pink Flamingo Day, which is about these guys: I thought it would be more interesting to do a post about the real thing.  After all, flamingos are one of the most identifiable and popular birds … Continue reading

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The Huggable Manatee

SAVE THE MANATEE! That’s the link part, so let’s get into this animal.  I’m sure anyone who has ever heard of a manatee now has an image in their mind.  Chubby, grayish blue, wide tail, floating around, maybe some scars, … Continue reading

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Take Your Time Because We’ve Got Sloths Here

I do find these animals fascinating.  They’re so slow that they have microbiomes living in their fur.  Their metabolism is so slow that they take days to digest food other animals can breakdown in hours.  They stay in the trees … Continue reading

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Giant Pandas: So Cute!

While in DC, I saw giant pandas. Of course, I took pictures and a video. Enjoy and check out the WWF page for information on pandas. You can also adopt one. (Doing this by phone again. Hope it works.)

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The World’s Happiest Animal: The Quokka

Hello again for another animal.  This one is the ‘World’s Happiest Animals’ because they always seem to be smiling.  They aren’t afraid of people either, so there’s a trend to get a selfie with them.  Of course, they live in … Continue reading

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Cuddly-Looking and Deadly: BEARS!

I remember growing up with a show called ‘Wild America’.  My favorite episode was one where Marty Stouffer raised an orphaned grizzly bear cub.  I didn’t realize it was a movie either because I was entranced by it as a … Continue reading

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The Fastest Land Animal Needs Help: The Cheetah

The cheetah can run from 50-80 MPH.  It’s synonymous with speed, which is where many people stop thinking about them.  Unfortunately, they’re also very endangered.  I remember being told that this was because they suffered from a lot of inbreeding, … Continue reading

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The Critically Endangered Organutan!

I’m enjoying these animals posts, so I figured I’d do another.  Today, I thought I’d make a post about the orangutan.  These are critically endangered for the following reasons: Deforestation, which is eliminating their habitat. Poaching, especially females with children.  … Continue reading

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