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Questions 3: Stressing About Stress

Let’s finish up our week about stress by opening the floor to everyone.  I’m sure we all have an opinion, strategy, or thoughts on the topic.  Some people shrug it off while others let it get to them.  So, I’m … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Characters with Depression

A few disclaimers here because we’re heading into delicate territory.  I am not an expert on mental health by any means.  I read up on it and have my own experiences to work off, which is what fuels these posts.  … Continue reading

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Coming In Late! (Depression and Anxiety Advise)

The picture might be crueler than I intend, but there are times when I feel that way.  So, I’ve been down a lot over the summer because of the stress.  Being exhausted means my thoughts get the best of me … Continue reading

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Just Cheer Up! (Depression and Anxiety Memes)

I’m going to try to put a little humor on a rough topic.  With this week being so stressful, I felt really anxious and down.  No panic attacks, but I had trouble finding the urge to do anything at night.  … Continue reading

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Dark Characters Create Dark Authors?

This is a quick post that just came to my head and forced me to push another spontaneous one to late June.  Basically, this connects to the paranormal thriller I’m working on and how I think it’s affecting me. The … Continue reading

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Another Dark Day

Did I rise too high Glowed too brightly Voicing the positive dreams While you focused on the horrors Preaching mediocrity Because my goals are beyond you Reminding me of failings As if they should shatter all I want As if … Continue reading

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Poem from the Vault: If This Was My Last Day

Long before I stepped onto WordPress, I did a personal challenge on Tumblr.  One poem a day for an entire year.  I’ve put some of them up throughout my time here, but I think I’m going to toss up more.  … Continue reading

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The Depressive Urge

I get depressed When stresses rise I don’t follow the creed Of hiding it Beneath my skin Creating a cycle of pain I struggle To clear my mind By spitting words Into the air and on the page Knowing the … Continue reading

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A single push Last of a series When the mind takes too much Unable to process Or leap beyond the gloom Ridiculous statements Misunderstanding the core Getting over it Sucking it up Easier to say than understand Mind spinning With … Continue reading

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The Mood

Original posted on The Community Storyboard.  Check it out and submit your writing. Is it the weather? That sinks me into gloom. Head aching Against the stormy sky Making me feel lone Is it those I meet? Too happy for … Continue reading

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