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Poem for the Stars

Sparkles in ink Perhaps ever changing Though we will never see How many have ceased? And we still receive their glow Carving pictures To tell our tales Or using them to guide Helpful to our people Evoking dreams And calm … Continue reading

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Poem for the Moon

Trying to light our path In the midst of darkness A glowing orb That casts shadows And dreams Taking several forms As it circles our lives Even vanishing Though we know It shall return To play games with those Who … Continue reading

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Poem for the Sun

A blazing ball That would kill us If we dared approached Scorching worlds Or leaving them to freeze Yet we get its gift Heat to stop the chill Light to see our path It ebbs and flows Beating down on … Continue reading

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Poem of Fear

(This is a poem I wrote way back in high school.  We were supposed to give a human voice to something without form.  I think that was the assignment.  I chose ‘fear’ and it came out really good.  I’ve revived … Continue reading

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You Never Know Who Is Suffering

There is a constant scream It is in silence Though there are signs Awkward movements Eyes of others Hold daggers of poison Itches and coughs Heartbeat rushing Even when at rest Tears welling up But only flowing in solitude Cracks … Continue reading

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The Rainbow-Colored Desk Slinky

Sitting on the side Dust crushed Between the plastic coils Colorful and bent I have had you For untold years No memory of your origin A gift? A prize? There is no way to know I grab you when idle … Continue reading

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Writing it My Way

I stand at a crossroads Unsure of the true path Having thousands Laying at my feet Yet none of them Feel right * I see many in the distance Waving and calling Saying their path is best Created on their … Continue reading

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Rules of the Writer

A bubble of thought That drives pen to paper And finger to key Is the first step To a world of freedom And coiling restrictions * Voices ring out Do this Not that Follow this And follow that One negates … Continue reading

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I’m Tired

I’m tired Uttered repeatedly Yet never understood Energy is questioned Told to nap Or have a snack As if I’m simply sleepy Too many utterances Result in doctors Blood tests And eventual frustration My yawns are deep Of neither body … Continue reading

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Destruction of Potential

Born with a goal Yet not with a promise Every human Given a plan Shown by dreams and skills That society denies Crumbling their truth Until a husk remains Smiling with pride At basic survival Ignoring the scar Of what … Continue reading

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