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Growing Old and Growing Up

Playing as a child Toiling as an adult One looks at the other With a hint of jealousy * The child wants to grow While the adult wants to play Youth admires the freedom of old Old wishes for the … Continue reading

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The Thrill of Words

Words on the page Each one a step Into a vivid world That absorbs the senses To bestow knowledge And escape And lull one into slumber * It is a skill Finely crafted from youth Marked by stumbles Language nuances … Continue reading

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To Follow a Trend

You want to join And taste sweet victory Even for a moment Regardless of yourself To dive into a sea of cheers And swim to your own dreams * The trend is a stepping stone A door left open That … Continue reading

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The Pain of Titling

The characters have been crafted Plots have been planned Beginning birthed And ending etched in your mind Twists are tempered Turns are touched upon Blurbs are blurted out Every piece plucked from the ether Save for one That will make … Continue reading

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Order of the Winged Sun

Little is known Of the demon winged sun Scion of Durag That was shed And formed a bitter tree Decimated once Reborn for revenge Against the sun-kissed monsters Whose fangs Tore their throats Long have they waited Huddled in shadows … Continue reading

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The Duragians

Children of the sun Brightest of the holy ones They stand tall To heal those hurt And help the strays With rays of power They erase the rot Facing undead That emerge from shadows And feast upon the flock As … Continue reading

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To Scare a Monster

(Okay.  Not the best picture for a postthat involves War of Nytefall: Eradication.  A part of the story is Clyde showing fear or at least getting nervous because of a new weapon that is being used.  So, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Life of Noise

A life of peace Only in my dreams Constant talking Regardless of my mind Yelling from afar Barging into rooms mid-chat There is no escape Never a time For me to hear my thoughts And ease my levels down Drums … Continue reading

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Infinite Dreams and Limited Time

A thousand voices Maybe more Call out within my mind Praying for life And tempting me with dreams A multitude of rabbit holes That merge Into a maze of adventures * I wish to follow Grant every dream some flesh … Continue reading

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Revenge is Sweet and A Little Overdone

Pride and body Have been maimed and marred Only one path remains To make life worth living Revenge * Plotting every hour Barely breaking for sleep Notes written on shower curtains In the finest of soaps Used only for vengeance … Continue reading

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