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Relaxing with Writing

Full confession:  I get irritable and depressed if I go for 3 days without writing.  It doesn’t have to be much.  A few notes about a character or idea.  Maybe outlining a chapter or two when I have a few … Continue reading

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Whirlwind Week . . . Have I Used That Title Before?

As usual, I’m not sure where to start.  My anxiety has been really bad, so things were moving slow.  That means no writing or editing or even future blog post scheduling.  I had to use what energy I had for … Continue reading

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That Was Definitely a Week

I was going to do this later in the day after all of the appointments were down, but I’m already battling the invisible anaconda.  The week built up a lot of stress and something this morning decided to be the … Continue reading

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Editing Done and Now On To Editing: The Horrific Time Loop

This was a week . . . That’s really all I’m willing to say for sure.  The plus side is that didn’t need a second hand to count my anxiety attacks this week.  Not sure what happened, but I was … Continue reading

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He Kicks and . . . Off The Goal Post and Into the Mascot’s Groin

(Why do I keep stopping what I’m doing when I hear this song?  Something keeps drawing me to it.) I had such high hopes for this week.  Sure, my son’s marital arts schedule changed, but that simply meant I had … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Where Did The Week Go?

Honestly, I feel like this week was dedicated almost entirely to errands.  I remember driving a lot, weather being wacky, and a few really nasty anxiety attacks.  Good thing I didn’t try to edit or write during this period because … Continue reading

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Publishing Jitters

One toe left To count the times I’ve been at the edge Weeks of fretting Months of toiling Years of forging Wearing body to the bone * The twentieth click After hours of needling Hitting that infamous word Publish That … Continue reading

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