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Goal Post: Don’t Look at Last Week

Yeah.  Let’s not look at the goals I set for this past week.  Homework with son, puzzles, and tax stuff were the only accomplishments.  It took me all week to write one chapter section because of what I’m going to … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Things Didn’t Turn Out the Way I Expected

I’m not even going to look at last week’s goals.  A big reason for this is because I failed pretty badly.  At least with writing because I was barely able to write more than a chapter of Darwin & the Demon … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Back to Work in 2023

Well, it’s the first goal post of 2023 . . . It doesn’t feel any different than 2022. The truth is that I didn’t do much once the break was over.  Tuesday was back to work for me and back … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Creed of the Pessimist

(I tend to be a pessimist.  I keep trying to be an optimist, so I should get some credit for persistence then.  Yet, I always run into people who knock me back into old habits.  So, I wrote this poem … Continue reading

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Why Do We Hide Pain?

This might not be a long one because it’s really just a question.  One that everyone may have a different answer for: Why do we hide our pain? I notice that we’re told most often to keep smiling even though … Continue reading

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Some Ways that Could Help with Anxiety

The last 2 years hasn’t done my anxiety any good.  Normally, I’d avoid doing a big post about it because I keep getting told to not make it public.  Yet, I think I should do something to help others in … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Thoughts on Negativity

First, that’s not good advice.  If the negativity is inside you then ignoring it means you’re letting it fester.  If the negativity is from someone else then you’re doing one of two things.  The first is letting a friend continue … Continue reading

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Random Mental Health Quotes and Stuff

Yeah. I forgot to set up an Immortal Wars post. So I rushed and scheduled this over breakfast. Oops. Also making block-based posts on the WordPress app is an utter nightmare. (Looks like it didn’t work. I’ll fix it when … Continue reading

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Goal Post: At Least I Made It In One . . . That Shouldn’t Have Fallen Off

I did say last Saturday that I was going to have a rough week.  Didn’t expect it to be as stressful as it was, but I didn’t delude myself into thinking things would go well.  There was a disturbing theme … Continue reading

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This May Be Shorter than Usual

Warning:  The video above has a lot of cursing and a few strobes effects.  Still, I find it funny and the radio keeps playing the safe version.  Besides . . . This week was bad. You know, I keep saying … Continue reading

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