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Goal Post: Notes from the Comedy of Errors Weekend

Last weekend, I could have feasibly written 9 chapter sections since I had three days to work.  Minus one for helping a friend and another for a gathering, so I should have been able to get 6 down.  I only … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Meet the Teacher . . . Wait . . . I’m On the Wrong Side of the Desk

This was a busy week that felt like a month.  Don’t get me wrong.  Work was a lot of fun and I’m getting used to the new stuff.  Made successful strawberry bread with one of the students and we rocked … Continue reading

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Week of the Son of Pneumonia

(And I thought the song was bizarre!  Can’t say I don’t enjoy them though.) It was a week to remember . . . Not really in a good.  First full week of school, which was fun and I got into … Continue reading

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Shattered Goals and . . . What’s That Other Thing?

No writing.  Outings with kid all week.  Hot and busy.  No outlining.  Last weekend in August and a few days until school starts again.  Then Labor Day.  Then Rosh Hashana.  Then Yom Kippur.  No full weeks of school for a … Continue reading

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From the Vault: Last Time Through These Doors

Today I say good-bye As I cross the threshold Joined by others Who will return tomorrow While I remain at home I have bid my desk adieu Cleared it of my things My computer has shut down The screen a … Continue reading

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Worn to a Nub?

Pushed too hard Body acting odd Screaming of the cold Shivers and chatters Under layers Passing overnight Leaving me fatigued Worn to a tiny nub By late nights And unnecessary stress To get the big work done Impatience growing high … Continue reading

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Friday Brain Mush

My brain is shot.  I slept well, but this week has just left me in a daze.  I need to muster up the energy for an Easter adventure this afternoon with the toddler.  I also need to investigate making bookmarks.  … Continue reading

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