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From the Vault: Ruins of the Zodiac Gods

Figured that was the only blind warrior people would recognize these days.  You’ll find out what that has to do with this older story idea later on.  Anyway, this one is called ‘Ruins of the Zodiac Gods’, which is going … Continue reading

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Didn’t I Do a Goal Post Only 2 Days Ago?

This is really becoming the hardest post for me to write every week.  I can’t tell if it’s because I’m not doing much or time doesn’t feel the same.  Days come off as years, but weeks are like minutes.  When … Continue reading

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Welcome to Eddie’s Editing Extravagant . . . Shop

Welcome to the most affordable editing shop around.  We have great packages for you to choose from.  All of our staff are experienced, respected professionals that will never steer you wrong.  We pride ourselves on being brutally honest and telling … Continue reading

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The Dreaded ‘E’ Word = Editing

Most people feel that this is an inevitable trial.  You finish the first draft and know that it isn’t where it should be.  Why would it?  You were still discovering the story as you went even with your detailed outline.  … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Beyond the Fog #fantasy #adventure

I had lot of fun writing Charms of the Feykin.  I didn’t give the continent of Ralian a lot of jungle regions, so this was a chance to explore a new region.  Just being able to describe the southern jungles was … Continue reading

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To Follow a Trend

You want to join And taste sweet victory Even for a moment Regardless of yourself To dive into a sea of cheers And swim to your own dreams * The trend is a stepping stone A door left open That … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Making Book Titles that Might Possibly Work

I’m going to get into my own book title adventure on Friday, but I’m sure most authors can relate.  You come up with a title at the start, change it halfway through, and then cycle through more until you land … Continue reading

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