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7 Tips to Using Summoned Characters

Summons can fall into two categories.  One is filled with beasts that follow orders and usually appear for a specific, temporary purpose.  They are summoned multiple times as they are needed.  The other category is where you would find characters … Continue reading

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Author Month: The Funniest Oops

This one will be pretty easy.  We all make mistakes.  Some typos are memorable and haunt us for the rest of our lives.  Others are easily forgotten.  Clearly, it’s more fun to talk about the first category. So, what are … Continue reading

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Goal Post: A Short Week is Coming Up

I was 50/50 on the goals I made for myself last week.  I did help my son with schoolwork, used my bike twice, went to work, and finished ‘Lupin’.  I DID NOT finish January posts, sleep better, do any paperback … Continue reading

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Dynamic vs Static Characters

I was on the fence about writing about this because I thought it was a given.  Then, I ran into people who didn’t know the difference.  Others swore that a good story is one where the main character doesn’t change.  … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Curse of the Bloodlines

(This is heavily inspired by Luke Callindor’s storyline throughout Legends of Windemere.  First book is still free.) ***** Is it a blessing? To be born to fame? Descended From heroes And legends Of many bardic tales Holding the respect Of thousands … Continue reading

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Third-Person POV: Omniscient vs Limited

The one issue I have with writing this post is that omniscient is a pain to write.  I get it wrong half the time.  So, I might cut this short to stop getting frustrated.  That and I think it’s fairly … Continue reading

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Author Month: The Hardest Habit to Break

We were all new authors at some point.  Not that we weren’t writing before for school or other reasons.  It’s just that there was a point where we decided to take the trade seriously and refine our abilities.  Of course, … Continue reading

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Been thinking about how people tend to give advice.  It’s usually unsolicited stuff, but you get it when you ask too.  Don’t worry because I’ll bring this writing rather quickly.  Just from the title, I’m sure people know where I’m … Continue reading

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Backlash Toward Invulnerable Characters

Many people hate Superman because of his powers.  The one that gets a lot of attention is his invulnerability because it means he can never be hurt.  People roll their eyes when kryptonite appears and call it a strained plot … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Invulnerable Characters

Now that we have an idea of what we mean by invulnerability, how do we use it?  The power can pose a problem for clear reasons.  Mostly, it can be abused and erase all sense of stakes in the story.  … Continue reading

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