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‘War of Nytefall: Lost’ Now Available on Amazon! #vampires #fantasy

Glory to the Princess General! As the Vampire Civil War of Windemere rages on in the shadows, a mysterious girl appears to deliver mayhem to both sides. Rumors of old-world vampires disappearing and mortals being attacked by an army of … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Surviving the Summer as a Parent/Author

Replace Daddy with Mommy on that picture.  So, things tend to get screwy when you have kids and summer hits.  Camps are so expensive that you might as well mortgage the house or sell a kidney.  Not your own kidney … Continue reading

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Anybody Notice I’m Doing Mostly Health Updates Here?

First of all: Last full week to get QUEST OF THE BROKENHEARTED for 99cents! There we go, so now let’s get on to the update.  I really do think my physical and mental deterioration is getting more attention here than … Continue reading

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That Was Definitely a Week

I was going to do this later in the day after all of the appointments were down, but I’m already battling the invisible anaconda.  The week built up a lot of stress and something this morning decided to be the … Continue reading

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Check Out My Interview at Jacky Dahlhaus’s Blog! #fantasy

A big thank you to Jacky Dahlhaus for asking me to be a guest on her blog.  The questions were a lot of fun. Click here for the fun interview!

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Goal Post: Out of Office. Please Send Pizza.

(Addition: So, I gained a review on ‘War of Nytefall‘, but lost one on ‘Beginning of a Hero‘.  I’m really coming to the end of my rope with this shit.  What the hell is going on with Amazon when I … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Welcome to Lacarsis

Almost forgot to put one of these up.  I wanted to give people a good look at Lacarsis, which I guess can be seen as a spoiler.  This was also my best chance to introduce Princess Cyrena.  Meant to pick … Continue reading

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