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When The Big One Hits

I was considering delaying this one until I thought more about it, but I wasn’t getting anywhere.  Also, it began to feel like this was something that had to be talked about sooner rather than later.  So, this might not … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Anxiety

First, I’m going to say that these journal entries are built entirely on my own thoughts and experiences.  For now, I’m trying to figure this out and haven’t been able to find a professional that takes my insurance.  I have … Continue reading

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Every Pebble on the Pile

A pebble falls Landing on your head Nearly weightless So you let it ride Soon forgetting it is there Another pebble falls Staying fast and being felt You carry on Because you can handle it Or that is what you … Continue reading

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Creatures of Fear: Hungry Little Bats

The more I look into bats, the less I understand the fear.  At first, I thought it was because they were associated with vampires.  That might not be the case as I look at people talk about it.  Also, bats … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Fear in Reality and Fiction

I’ve been told that talking about one’s fears is helpful.  Though the last post didn’t really do me any favors.  At least it’s winter and those eight-legged, big-eyed, fang-wielding . . . Moving on.  I’m sure this could get awkward, … Continue reading

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Creatures of Fear: Spiders . . . I’ll Really Have to Muscle Through This One

I had to make it a funny meme because this is something that will lock me up, make me cry, and pray for unconsciousness.  Even that picture is a tough one since spiders freak me out.  I’ve gotten better with … Continue reading

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(This is an old poem that I posted back in 2014 and wrote even early than that.  Figure I’d put it back up considering the theme.) The darkest depths of the mind are my playgrounds I am omnipotent Spiders, heights, … Continue reading

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