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Vampire Factions: The Nobility

With every society, you have different factions and levels that come into play when changes occur. One of the most common groups in vampire stories is the noble class, which stems from how the vampires were originally immortal princes, kings, … Continue reading

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How Far Can an Anti-Hero Go?

In War of Nytefall, I had to change mental gears because the Dawn Fangs aren’t exactly heroes.  They could be considered that by their own species, but they’re still fairly monstrous in that they kill and destroy a lot.  I considered … Continue reading

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The Bloody Fang Boutique: Once You Go Dead . . . That’s Pretty Much It

Welcome to the first step of the last stage of your life.  Here is where I go over the rules to make sure you know what you’re getting into.  We do not allow people to have others turned unless all … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing about Vampires

There are plenty of types of vampires, so how do you make a list of tips to writing about them?  You pray really hard and do your best. That and you start off with the disclaimer that you’re working off … Continue reading

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About Vampires: Opening Pandora’s Box

By entering the realm of Vampire stories, I’ve been looking into the history of these creatures to see where the Dawn Fangs fit.  At least that was the starting idea that lasted about an hour.  It’s amazing how widespread the … Continue reading

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The Mushroom Mart: No Pigs Allowed

Welcome to the Mushroom Mart . . . Okay, so it’s more of a forest, but Fungus Forest was already taken by a podiatrist down the road.  We are very serious about the pigs though because they can ruin our … Continue reading

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A Useful Tool for Monster Creation: Nature Videos

Being a fantasy author, one of the cornerstones of my world building is the unique fauna that I put within Windemere.  Not only the dragons and griffins that have been in the genre for years, but creatures that I’ve made … Continue reading

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