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Larry the Lunatic’s Amusement Park Supply Store

Welcome one and . . . Well, there’s only one of you.  First, I need to make sure you have the proper licenses and paperwork.  We can’t be selling our stock to people who don’t have the space.  It’s just … Continue reading

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Winks to Legends of Windemere

Since Legends of Windemere and War of Nytefall take place in the same world, I felt that I had to give a few nods to the previous series in the new one.  This isn’t very easy though because Clyde and the Dawn … Continue reading

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Paprika’s Poison Provider: No Residue Guaranteed

Welcome to our little hole in the wall and here is your complimentary antidote. What does it go to? Well, that’s something you have to figure out on your own. We don’t bother labeling the extras or returns, so enjoy … Continue reading

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Touching on Sensitive Subjects: How Do You Do It?

Way back in Legends of Windemere, I touched on a few sensitive topics such as torture and rape.  I didn’t go too deep on the second one, but it was there thanks to Stephen Kernaghan being a sick, evil bastard.  Not really … Continue reading

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Lost: The Princess General of Womb-Bornia (Note: There is no Womb-Bornia)

The only reason I used the character above is because Lost has silver hair.  Obviously, she’s essential to War of Nytefall: Lost since her name is in the title.  This is a character who I’ve been wanting to introduce for a … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Need a Silly Story

With all of the serious stories out there, one has to wonder if there’s still a place for some silliness.  I’m not talking about a story that throws in puns and sight gags, but one that sets out to be … Continue reading

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Roland Gauntlier and Hyde: Allies of Kira Grasdon

There might not be as much to say about these two as I’d hoped, which might be apparent since I put them together.  Both of them were added to Quest of the Brokenhearted once I decided to make it focus entirely … Continue reading

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