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The Pros and Cons of Power Levels

Sticking to the theme here, which is really turning into a pseudo-analysis of the Dragon Ball system.  We did energy attacks and powering up, but another thing that comes about are the power levels.  Once Dragon Ball Z showed up, … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Having Characters Power Up

There are plenty of jokes about the powering up sequences in Dragon Ball Z.  Some took a few episodes because they opened the door for flashbacks.  Others occurred and it didn’t make a difference.  Still, there’s some use in having … Continue reading

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What Exactly is an Energy Attack?

My son and I started watching Dragon Ball a few months back.  This got me thinking about energy attacks and the overall power structure that was introduced in this series.  Also, how it differs from what I use: I work … Continue reading

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Pieces of an Adventuring Party

Fantasy adventures commonly have groups of heroes even if only one of them is the primary antagonist.  A challenge for any author is to piece one together that is effective and interesting.  You can go with all warriors or all … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Designing Fictional Inventions

Not sure how else to explain this one because it doesn’t always come up in a story.  You might not have to design anything new for your world.  Then again, you might have to come up with something since a … Continue reading

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Autism in Fiction

I kind of tackled this in 2015 with a Questions 3 post.  I didn’t really go into my own thoughts and details though.  Also, I’ve learned a lot and my beliefs back then might have changed.  As my son gets … Continue reading

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Betrayal by Accident: That Make It Any Better?

We all hate it when characters turn out to be traitors.  Betrayal is rarely applauded beyond it being a surprise twist.  At least, it should be, but it can be tough.  Many times, a character who turns out to be … Continue reading

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Dreams in the Morning

Images while I snore That take me on adventures Crafting fear Or joy Before my body stirs * They linger in the morn’ Dew drops Sitting in my senses Gone Before my mind captures * On the rarest days A … Continue reading

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The Crying Hero: Saving Your Life While Getting Dehydrated

I couldn’t really look into the Bully Hero without making a post about the opposite side of the coin.  The Crying Hero can be picked on by the Bully Hero, but they can also operate alone.  The key point is … Continue reading

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How Do Dawn Fangs Have Babies?

First, never look up ‘vampire babies’ on an image search.  The results are terrifying and still haunt my dreams.  I assume since I’m writing this at the end of February.  Still, they were freaky and not helping me with the … Continue reading

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