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Questions 3: The Heart of a Franchise

Seems like everything coming out is either a reboot, reimagining, rewrite, or something that involves a pre-existing franchise.  This isn’t about originality being dead and nobody wanting to take a risk on a new franchise.  Instead, I’m thinking about how … Continue reading

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An Interesting Story with Despicable Characters

A while back, I watched this anime called ‘Jobless Reincarnation’.  I’d seen people mention it online and it seemed to have a following.  Sounded like a standard Isekai (person transported to another dimension) and I didn’t dig deep enough to … Continue reading

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The Coming of Age Story

The above is probably one of the biggest examples from my generation.  ‘The Breakfast Club’ was always a big ‘coming of age’ story.  It had a group of high schoolers in detention where they got to know each other.  They … Continue reading

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Matilda’s Magical Millinery

Welcome to our magical millinery!  We have every type of hat you can imagine.  If it isn’t in stock, we’ll get it to you in a few business days.  Depends on how tired the crafting kobolds are in the back.  … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Using Summoned Characters

Summons can fall into two categories.  One is filled with beasts that follow orders and usually appear for a specific, temporary purpose.  They are summoned multiple times as they are needed.  The other category is where you would find characters … Continue reading

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The Tradition of Summoning Servants

In fantasy, it’s fairly common for servants to be summoned.  It could be for battle, healing, terrorizing, and the list keeps going.  You see it in books, cartoons, and video games with a countless number of systems.  The methods to … Continue reading

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Dynamic vs Static Characters

I was on the fence about writing about this because I thought it was a given.  Then, I ran into people who didn’t know the difference.  Others swore that a good story is one where the main character doesn’t change.  … Continue reading

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Third-Person POV: Omniscient vs Limited

The one issue I have with writing this post is that omniscient is a pain to write.  I get it wrong half the time.  So, I might cut this short to stop getting frustrated.  That and I think it’s fairly … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Invulnerable Characters

Now that we have an idea of what we mean by invulnerability, how do we use it?  The power can pose a problem for clear reasons.  Mostly, it can be abused and erase all sense of stakes in the story.  … Continue reading

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Author Month: The White Whale Project

So, what is a ‘White Whale Project’?  Named after Moby Dick, this is the story idea that you can’t get to work, but refuse to send into the abyss.  You have spent countless hours trying to figure it out.  Maybe … Continue reading

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