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A Dwindling Idea that Keeps Hanging On

The above picture is from an anime that I really liked in my 20’s.  I haven’t watched it in a long time, but I remember it fondly.  That’s weird because it’s a really messed up anime by the end.  That … Continue reading

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When Your Story Is Stolen By Reality

I think many of us have seen the ‘Simpsons Predicted It’ articles and memes on the Internet.  Seems the show has been around so long that it’s bound to get a few odd things right from time to time.  We … Continue reading

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Now What? (Running Low on Teaser Tuesday Stuff Again)

I didn’t finish what I wanted to post today.  The last full week of school caused some time issues as I talked about yesterday.  This does give me an opportunity to figure out a problem I have coming up for … Continue reading

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From the Vault: Ruins of the Zodiac Gods

Figured that was the only blind warrior people would recognize these days.  You’ll find out what that has to do with this older story idea later on.  Anyway, this one is called ‘Ruins of the Zodiac Gods’, which is going … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Working with a Serpentine Idea

Look, many of us can’t say that our original plans go off without a hitch once the pen meets the paper.  Even outlines change as you move along, so there’s a very organic undercurrent to writing in general.  Maybe it … Continue reading

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When an Idea Twists in Real Time

War of Nytefall: Eradication had something fairly unique among all of my published stories.  There was a big plan, but a key component of the story was trapped in a bizarre state of uncertainty.  I knew there would be a secret … Continue reading

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Project Phoenix Take Too Many to Count Part 2

Here is part 2 for the post from LAST SUNDAY! I was explaining this umbrella thing and got through two of the big titles as well as one of the obscure ones.  Most of these fall under being smaller too, … Continue reading

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Project Phoenix Take Far Too Many to Count Part 1

I bring this thing up a lot because I keep wanting to figure out how it will work and always come close.  Then, I wander off because of more urgent projects.  At this point, it feels silly to give the … Continue reading

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Live Long and Prosper . . . With the Force Now that You’re a Wizard who Wields the One Ring of Aslan

Seriously though, I have to figure out where to start with the wild week.  My original plan was to finish writing the chapter I had started on Sunday, but only got a third of a section done.  In my defense, … Continue reading

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Check on the Idea Stockpile

(Okay.  I moved this from September 1st to the 15th because I forgot about all of the October post stuff I had set up.  Sorry about any confusion.) About a week and a half ago, I was talking to someone … Continue reading

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