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Ode to My Bunny

I love my bunny Enough to write a poem To honor him As he stares at me write Wiggly nose Matted hair His tummy full Of tomatoes Odds And ends He keeps me safe Flying faster than the wind Tougher … Continue reading

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Vampires of the Womb

Not born of fang Or blood of Clyde This breed is something else Forged by intimacy Long indulged by the near dead Without fear The primordial consequence Has returned with life Yet nobody saw the truth Abandoned Cast aside like … Continue reading

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Relics of Our Younger Days

We keep them Close or far away Some in the open Others packed and stored And a few that pass along Held by newer hands The remnants of our past Catalysts For old memories That get fainter by the year

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Root Canal

It starts with pain That gets worse Before it gets better * You go for help After praying to the insurance gods That pay a little of the fee * The hope of simplicity Is ruined by two words Root … Continue reading

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Tears of a Battered Hero

Symbol of courage Expected to bend Yet never break Ignoring the human side That all heroes should possess * A limit has been reached Tears flow Down cheeks marred with dirt And blood friend and foe A heroic spirit crumbles … Continue reading

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The Perfect Tool

It is time to write Yet what tool shall I use today So many options * A pencil maybe? Great if I make a mistake Yet there is smearing * Perhaps a new pen Because I feel confident I think … Continue reading

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The Lords of Monsters

Image of human Power of a monster Soul of a demon The vampires rule all Who live in the shadows And feed on the edges Of the society they once knew Sitting upon a throne Polished to a shine The … Continue reading

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