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Goal Post: At Least I’m Off the Antibiotics

Well, this week didn’t really go as planned.  Let’s get right to how last weekend had me asking God why I was being punished.  Sequence of events: I mentioned in comments that my car had issues, so I took it … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Homestretch with Pulled Muscles

This wasn’t as eventful a week as I had hoped.  I think.  Maybe I wanted it to be low key and it was a success.  Last weekend is a blur of schoolwork, video game time, and other events that I … Continue reading

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Goal Post: A Possible Return to Writing

The last time I wrote anything new was late August/early September.  I’m talking stories and not blog posts.  This school year has been really busy both as a TA and as a parent, so time and energy weren’t there.  Now, … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Oops. Forgot a Full Title

Feels like it was last Saturday yesterday.  It also feels like it was a lifetime ago, which probably isn’t a good sign.  This week was busy with work, parenting, and . . . I got nothing else. I don’t really … Continue reading

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Happy Wear Pajamas to Work Day! (Curl Up at Your Desk with a $2.99 eBook!)

What better way to celebrate this holiday than with a book titled Legends of Windemere: Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue?

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A Little Dizzy Here

This explains how my week went even more than you may realize.  I thought this meme would already exist.  If it does, I couldn’t find it, so I had to figure out how to make it myself.  Used it quite … Continue reading

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Ever Write a Blog Post with Your Head on the Desk?

This song hit after I made last Saturday’s post, so I couldn’t choose it.  Still, it acts as a theme for the week.  Just felt a little bit off once I went back to work.  Think the cold and stress … Continue reading

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Last Day of Winter Break!

I’m lazy.  Want to hold onto the lazy for as long as possible.  So, enjoy a bunch of Winter Break memes.  All found by a Yahoo Image Search.

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Why Do You Continue?

This may be a rough post, but we’ll see where things go.  It comes from a lot of stress and talking with people who are in similar situations.  Pretty sure I might regret this once comments start, but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Eh, Stuff Happened and I Made It to The Weekend

I survived! That’s all I can say with semi-certainty.  I mean, I’m here and functional to most extents, so I can say that’s a victory.  Barely have the urge to do anything more than exist and watch ‘The Witcher’ though.  … Continue reading

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