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Touch of Dreams

We awaken With the faintest trace Of a thought That entertained our sleep The dream lingers But only in emotion And peripheral senses Never stepping into view A desperate push To strike life into the wisps Painting the full picture … Continue reading

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The Stumbling Art of Naming Places

(The map above was made years ago before some areas had names like the Crysvale Tundra, Pynofira Forest, and the Frost Barrens.  That’s the northeast region. Also, the Stone Asp Mountains.) This week I’m going to talk about naming places, … Continue reading

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What About the Voices that Come from Others?

To example the picture, Captain America wasn’t created by Stan Lee.  He was added to the Avengers, which was a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby creation.  I’ve noticed that many people think every Marvel superhero was made by Stan Lee, but that … Continue reading

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Legends of Windemere: The Game and the Series

So, Victoria Zigler asked two questions: Is that bit in your bio about the fear of alligators true? I’m twitchy around alligators, sharks, and crocodiles.  Something about aquatic predators in general make me nervous, which might stem from stumbling onto … Continue reading

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Monster Make 2017: Foundations Needed (Also, a Windemere Monster Poll)

Well, people wanted it, so Monster Maker is going to be returning in October.  I’m thinking having it every Wednesday and using Monday to come up with something that promotes Path of the Traitors.  Friday will connect to the poll below. … Continue reading

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Rebirth of the Internal Phoenix

 It starts with an ember That one does not snuff out A glimmer in a dream A whimsy when bored A thought beyond the tedium Signs that something A spark is stirring once again Nurturing the spark Raising it into … Continue reading

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The Death of Magic

 Its death is silent Gone before we can say good-bye Replaced without a thought For magic has no place In the hearts of men The time for play is done Work until the pills arrive Pop until the work is … Continue reading

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