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7 Tips to Writing a Bad Boy: As If I Know What I’m Doing

As I said on Monday, I’m not really sure of what I’m doing.  I’m seeing that I do watch a bunch of shows that have ‘Bad Boy’ protagonists.  There are a few themes that I’ve seen that enhance their rebellious … Continue reading

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The Stigma of Mental Illness

So, I might be short and to the point here.  Mostly because I know I’m going to get a pretty big workout in the comments.  My opinion has also been stated here a few times, but I felt like bringing … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Being Odd?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how people and society tend to declare what is normal.  Part of this has probably stemmed from my son being special needs and seeing how the world responds to him.  We seem to … Continue reading

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Vampire Factions: The Vengeance Hounds

Within Clyde’s gang is a smaller group that calls themselves the ‘Vengeance Hounds’.  I can’t go into too many details because the members will be getting their profiles posted throughout April.  No sense in spoiling their moments.  Yet, I can … Continue reading

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Was There a Misstep Along the Way?

I know I promised the Ichabod Brooks blurbs on a post that most people don’t read over the weekend.  Figure I have over a month to get that done, so I can get this brain worm out of my head. … Continue reading

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NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE FOR $1.25! Book Blurb: Humanity has been driven into the wilderness by the ‘Invaders’. They have been forced to live as colonies in the wilderness where survival is a daily struggle. Hope becomes harder and … Continue reading

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Breasts and Blood (A Serious Poem?)

We cheer at gore and pain Splattered on our screens Staring at the chunks of flesh And corpses full of holes Our eyes feed upon the action And accept the violent views Yet we cringe at human forms Bare breasts … Continue reading

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