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7 Tips to Maintaining a Happy Marriage in a World of Magic & Monsters

Marriages are rare in adventure stories, but only because it’s hard to swashbuckle and disarm traps while cleaning the oven.  That and authors seem to love killing off a spouse to get the survivor riled up.  Tradition, thy name is … Continue reading

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Relating to a Married Hero When You’re a Kid

FYI-  This may turn into a rant.  Somebody wanted me to talk about this and I said I would. In 1987, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson got married.  Spider-Man was no longer a bachelor and a new type of … Continue reading

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A Poetic Proposal by Julian Froment

‘A Poetic Proposal’ by debut author Julian Froment is a journey of love. Dedicated to that one special woman. This is a collection of poems that plumb the very depths of that deepest of emotions, LOVE. Running counter to this … Continue reading

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So You Want to Have Married Characters in Fiction?

Even though it isn’t very common, it isn’t that hard to make a believable married couple the central focus of a non-romance story.  I’m not talking about having their relationship be the focus.  That tends to run into the inevitable … Continue reading

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A Villain’s Happy Ending?

Now, Joker and Harley Quinn never got married, but this is something that gets overlooked a lot.  In fact, I’m having trouble remembering any husband/wife married couples.  There are probably very few that have a stable relationship because most people … Continue reading

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Wedding Palace: If You Have the Vows, We Have the Wows

Welcome young lovers to Wedding Palace, the store with all of your magical wedding needs. Is this for a party or quick vows before running away from an evil wizard?  I warn you that the fast lane is a little … Continue reading

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Marriage in Fiction

I’ve written about relationships in fiction, but I realized that I only touched on the dating and engagement stages.  The only time I mentioned marriage was as a story ending for characters.  So, this week I want to discuss and … Continue reading

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