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7 Tips to Maintaining a Happy Marriage in a World of Magic & Monsters

Marriages are rare in adventure stories, but only because it’s hard to swashbuckle and disarm traps while cleaning the oven.  That and authors seem to love killing off a spouse to get the survivor riled up.  Tradition, thy name is … Continue reading

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Relating to a Married Hero When You’re a Kid

FYI-  This may turn into a rant.  Somebody wanted me to talk about this and I said I would. In 1987, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson got married.  Spider-Man was no longer a bachelor and a new type of … Continue reading

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A Poetic Proposal by Julian Froment

‘A Poetic Proposal’ by debut author Julian Froment is a journey of love. Dedicated to that one special woman. This is a collection of poems that plumb the very depths of that deepest of emotions, LOVE. Running counter to this … Continue reading

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So You Want to Have Married Characters in Fiction?

Even though it isn’t very common, it isn’t that hard to make a believable married couple the central focus of a non-romance story.  I’m not talking about having their relationship be the focus.  That tends to run into the inevitable … Continue reading

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A Villain’s Happy Ending?

Now, Joker and Harley Quinn never got married, but this is something that gets overlooked a lot.  In fact, I’m having trouble remembering any husband/wife married couples.  There are probably very few that have a stable relationship because most people … Continue reading

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Wedding Palace: If You Have the Vows, We Have the Wows

Welcome young lovers to Wedding Palace, the store with all of your magical wedding needs. Is this for a party or quick vows before running away from an evil wizard?  I warn you that the fast lane is a little … Continue reading

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Marriage in Fiction

I’ve written about relationships in fiction, but I realized that I only touched on the dating and engagement stages.  The only time I mentioned marriage was as a story ending for characters.  So, this week I want to discuss and … Continue reading

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Spouse of an Author? Dos and Don’ts

First, I was going to put a funny marriage-based picture on here.  I found that the majority of what I found revolved around men always being wrong, women always shopping, and men always being idiots.  So, I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Happily Never After

Due to some confusion, we (Ionia & Charles) feel that something should be made clear. We aren’t married. We are very close friends that care a lot about each other and are comfortable enough to tease and banter without holding … Continue reading

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It Began With Dice

(This is the 8th Anniversary Poem) We met Among the dice You with your mage That forgot her role Me with my warrior Showing you the rules Our characters never wed Though Clyde and Mab came close All stopped as … Continue reading

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