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Goal Post: Things Didn’t Turn Out the Way I Expected

I’m not even going to look at last week’s goals.  A big reason for this is because I failed pretty badly.  At least with writing because I was barely able to write more than a chapter of Darwin & the Demon … Continue reading

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Monster Month: The Dybbuk

The Dybbuk comes out of Jewish folklore and it first showed up in the 16th century.  Prior to that, demons were used in place of ghosts.  So, it took a little time for this creature to gain some traction.  So, … Continue reading

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Why Do We Hide Pain?

This might not be a long one because it’s really just a question.  One that everyone may have a different answer for: Why do we hide our pain? I notice that we’re told most often to keep smiling even though … Continue reading

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Not Every Person is the Same: Variations of Disorders

Not a big fan of using the word ‘disorder’, but I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what to use.  This is in regards to mental illnesses, mental disabilities, emotional disabilities, disorders, and anything else that isn’t a … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Writing from Trauma

Originally, I was going to write at length about this concept.  Then, I thought it would be more beneficial to open up the floor after a small discussion.  Everyone handles trauma differently and writing directly about it isn’t always the … Continue reading

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Some Ways that Could Help with Anxiety

The last 2 years hasn’t done my anxiety any good.  Normally, I’d avoid doing a big post about it because I keep getting told to not make it public.  Yet, I think I should do something to help others in … Continue reading

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Why Do You Continue?

This may be a rough post, but we’ll see where things go.  It comes from a lot of stress and talking with people who are in similar situations.  Pretty sure I might regret this once comments start, but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Using Amnesia in Fiction

Here we are at the end of a really odd weekly topic.  Maybe I stretched this out for too, but I don’t remember what started it.  Funny how such a complicated medical issue can be used so casually and ‘simply’ … Continue reading

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The Narcissist

It is all about me Not that I would say so I am subtle Regardless Of my booming actions The eye of the storm Forever upon me If it moves too far I transform And reclaim my throne Loyalty is … Continue reading

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Can Narcissism be a Positive?

That’s a really rough list and I agree with it.  Let’s keep in mind that for personal reasons, I’m rather biased here.  I see narcissism as a negative and I’ve found that most people would agree.  Even narcissists who don’t … Continue reading

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