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Why Do We Hide Pain?

This might not be a long one because it’s really just a question.  One that everyone may have a different answer for: Why do we hide our pain? I notice that we’re told most often to keep smiling even though … Continue reading

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Difference Between Personification and Anthropomorphism

Might not be more for me to do beyond showing that image, which shows the key differences.  I’ll just go into a bit more detail. Abstract vs Real Personification is used for abstract traits and even giving human traits to … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Avaritia

(Another personification of an emotion poem.  I remember being excited about finding the Latin word for ‘Greed’.) Humanity has evolved to suit my needs. I am primeval. * Cities have been built to my glory. I am monumental. * People … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Amor

(Another one of my emotion personified poems.  Enjoy.) Artists throughout time called me their muse I am inspirational * My home is between the heart and the soul I am elusive * It is difficult to find me, but easy … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Love and Pain on Valentine’s Day

Yeah.  This isn’t romantic at all, but Valentine’s Day isn’t really my holiday.  It does get me thinking about how closely linked love and pain are.  To be in love, you open yourself to another and expose yourself to the … Continue reading

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Autism and Parenting: Here We Go

I was asked by Bia Bella Baker to talk about my knowledge of autism.  This was back in March, so it’s taken me a while to get to it.  I actually wrote it the same day, but kept it pushed … Continue reading

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The Crying Hero: Saving Your Life While Getting Dehydrated

I couldn’t really look into the Bully Hero without making a post about the opposite side of the coin.  The Crying Hero can be picked on by the Bully Hero, but they can also operate alone.  The key point is … Continue reading

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Lost a Piece of Heart and Soul

They had a place Settled in your chest Adjusting your beats And nurturing the soul Existences entwined Allies in life And now you are alone * A mix of pain And numbness Denial may rear its head Along with anger … Continue reading

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Mourning in Fiction: Accessing the Shadows

I was wrestling with the idea of this topic since this year has been horrible.  Writing this on July 2nd too, so I don’t know what will happy leading up to today.  Many people have lost loved ones, so mourning … Continue reading

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A Wound that May Never Heal

(I’m in a poetic mood for this week.  Next week might start promoting War of Nytefall: Ravenous, so I’ll be rather whimsical for a bit.  Enjoy.  I think.  Shedding some heavy emotions here too.) Time has passed And the unseen wound … Continue reading

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