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Lost a Piece of Heart and Soul

They had a place Settled in your chest Adjusting your beats And nurturing the soul Existences entwined Allies in life And now you are alone * A mix of pain And numbness Denial may rear its head Along with anger … Continue reading

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Mourning in Fiction: Accessing the Shadows

I was wrestling with the idea of this topic since this year has been horrible.  Writing this on July 2nd too, so I don’t know what will happy leading up to today.  Many people have lost loved ones, so mourning … Continue reading

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A Wound that May Never Heal

(I’m in a poetic mood for this week.  Next week might start promoting War of Nytefall: Ravenous, so I’ll be rather whimsical for a bit.  Enjoy.  I think.  Shedding some heavy emotions here too.) Time has passed And the unseen wound … Continue reading

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A Few Author Myths Debunked (I Hope)

This is coming late because I missed this day on the scheduling.  I think.  Anyway, I had a post I was going to do Sunday that I’ll do now.  It’s kind of a rant, but I’m sure people can relate … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Emotions in Check When Writing

One of the things I had to learn way back in high school when I started writing was how to control my own emotions.  Not block them off completely, but temper them and access the ones I needed for certain … Continue reading

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Writing Empathy as a Power or Ability

Mary L. Schmidt asked a few months ago about writing a post about empathy or intuitiveness towards emotions.  Now, I’ve thought a lot about this and I think this is something we should look at for every character.  Sure, you … Continue reading

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Coming to the End

Another year ends Yet the emotions carry over Joys and pains Ignore the calendar Only the callous and cruel Can make a fresh start By tossing all the past away Humanity exists With hearts that see an end While remembering … Continue reading

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Tears of a Battered Hero

Symbol of courage Expected to bend Yet never break Ignoring the human side That all heroes should possess * A limit has been reached Tears flow Down cheeks marred with dirt And blood friend and foe A heroic spirit crumbles … Continue reading

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(This is an old poem that I posted back in 2014 and wrote even early than that.  Figure I’d put it back up considering the theme.) The darkest depths of the mind are my playgrounds I am omnipotent Spiders, heights, … Continue reading

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Creating Emotions in Fiction

For many authors, one of the most important goals of writing a story is creating an emotional response in the reader.  It covers the entire range from anger to relief to happiness.  I’m sure most avid readers have had a … Continue reading

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