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Questions 3: Talk about Talking

The original plan was for this to be a post about the different styles of dialogue.  I ran into a problem, which is that I really only know about how I do it.  Feels wrong to talk about the methods … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Semi-Coherent Dialogue

You would be surprised how often people get confused on writing dialogue.  To be fair, it isn’t easy.  Not everyone uses the same amount or the same structure.  You have a variation of tags and tactics when it comes to … Continue reading

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From the Mouth of the Toddler (Also 2,000th Post!)

This is supposed to be the 2,000th post and I’ll do it with another list of comedy from the toddler.  He’s been on a roll lately.  So, let’s jump into it: “I am a dog!”  (Spent weekend playing with a … Continue reading

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