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The Narcissist

It is all about me Not that I would say so I am subtle Regardless Of my booming actions The eye of the storm Forever upon me If it moves too far I transform And reclaim my throne Loyalty is … Continue reading

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Of Poetry

Rhymes and rhythm With on music Beyond the inner beats Of those who read * Flowing of words With no reason Other than beauty And revelations * Some are rigid Others are wild In both form And focus * Poems … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Didn’t Achieve a Single Thing

Where to even begin? Well, I didn’t really achieve any of my goals from last week.  Even the time with my son thing because there was so much to do.  I could count all the studying and homework, but that … Continue reading

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Bad Girl vs Bad Boy

(I feel like I’ve beaten a dead horse with this topic, but I’m seeing it through to the end.) Living on the outskirts Both rebels Attractive in their distance From society And norms Tempting in their danger Yet, different In … Continue reading

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At the Lake

Way back, I made a post that explains the origin of the ‘Windemere’ name.  Check it out and I hope you like the poem that has been rattling around in my head.  Guess a few old memories have been jogged … Continue reading

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Ode to the Single Father

Woman are naturally better Men can’t do it alone You don’t know what you’re doing Movies make us the butt of jokes Bungling at home Lacking of common sense And lucky to avoid destruction Desperately seeking a mate To take … Continue reading

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Touch of Dreams

We awaken With the faintest trace Of a thought That entertained our sleep The dream lingers But only in emotion And peripheral senses Never stepping into view A desperate push To strike life into the wisps Painting the full picture … Continue reading

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Partners in Crime and Fate

Hearts once cold Beat anew With hunger and passion For a world That once was a shadow * Meals regain taste Warmth of sun on the skin No longer cold The pair indulge in sensations That once were memories * … Continue reading

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A Web of Tales

Hints and clues Scattered about the pages To create a network That spans the void Connecting heroes Who may never cross paths Weaving a tapestry Of the finest mental silk The author can muster * Must one read all? To … Continue reading

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Coming to the End

Another year ends Yet the emotions carry over Joys and pains Ignore the calendar Only the callous and cruel Can make a fresh start By tossing all the past away Humanity exists With hearts that see an end While remembering … Continue reading

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