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Goal Post: My First Holiday Break from the Other Side

So, I have next week off, which is both cool and weird.  I don’t enter it with the student mentality of ‘no more school!’.  I’m a T.A. and I’ve only been one since November, so I kind of have a … Continue reading

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School’s Out and the Summer Begins

The last week of school was a little more chaotic than I expected.  There were a lot of errands and chores along with stress in getting things ready.  Not the least of which was helping to get some dead branches … Continue reading

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Toby’s Tales by Vicotira Zigler: Now in Audio Book

Written by Victoria Zigler – and now with an audio version read by Joseph A. Batzel – the “Toby’s Tales” series is a five book series designed to show children – and adults too – the struggles and challenges faced … Continue reading

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Straight As an Arrow Archery School & Pincushion Pavilion

Welcome to the place where you too can become a magical archer.  Just like all of those other archers that you’ve seen on television, movies, or read about.  What do you mean not all of them are magical?  Do they … Continue reading

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Goal Post: The Returning-est Week

I’m still trying to get back on schedule here since things happened.  My son went back to school, so early wake ups combined with breakfast issues and fine-tuning the bus pick up schedule.  The wife started a new temp job … Continue reading

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Eve of Absence: School is Almost Out

First, I feel like I should mention something even vaguely.  This might sound like a rerun, but things kind of fell apart a little over 2 weeks ago.  The wife is back to being unemployed for reasons I can’t go … Continue reading

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Coming to the End of Another Project & School Year

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, so I’ve no idea what’s going on.  Happy Fathers’ Day to everyone.  For me it’s the beginning of a ‘busy’ week. I’m 2.3 chapters away from putting Book 11 to bed as far as first drafts … Continue reading

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