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Difference Between Personification and Anthropomorphism

Might not be more for me to do beyond showing that image, which shows the key differences.  I’ll just go into a bit more detail. Abstract vs Real Personification is used for abstract traits and even giving human traits to … Continue reading

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Using Personification in Fiction

I’m going to touch on two things this week: PERSONIFICATION and ANTHROPOMORPHISM.  These two literary tactics get mixed up a lot because they’re very similar.  Even the image above isn’t giving the full story.  So, let’s start with the first … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Avaritia

(Another personification of an emotion poem.  I remember being excited about finding the Latin word for ‘Greed’.) Humanity has evolved to suit my needs. I am primeval. * Cities have been built to my glory. I am monumental. * People … Continue reading

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Inanimate Objects with Personality

I was going to do a ‘Ye Olde Boat Shoppe’ until my son and I reached a specific episode of the anime called ‘One Piece’.  I’d already chosen the Going Merry picture, but this episode focused on her.  If anyone … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Amor

(Another one of my emotion personified poems.  Enjoy.) Artists throughout time called me their muse I am inspirational * My home is between the heart and the soul I am elusive * It is difficult to find me, but easy … Continue reading

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