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Goal Post Coming in at the Final Hour!

Yes, this is pretty late in the day, but I refuse to skip this since I have a big promo post going up tomorrow.  The reason for the late hour is because it’s the second night of Passover, which was … Continue reading

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Teeter Totter Tumble?

Teeter totter Trying not to tumble Holding the plates of life On flimsy sticks That threaten to snap Wind pounding on the stacks And shaking my perch A tight rope gaining ice Suggestions are given To ease my burden Jettisoning … Continue reading

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Recap: A Week of Broken Goals and Battered Brains

Last week went south really fast and next week is looking like the same thing.  I didn’t even touch the Ichabod Brooks notebook and struggled to keep up with online stuff.  By Tuesday, I was already exhausted and stressed.  So, … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

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A Week to Forget: More Fraying at the Edges

Scream into the void Only I can hear the sound Who else would listen? The only thing I accomplished was doing the outline and characters for Raven’s Wrath.  No cover for Warlord of the Forgotten Age yet and I’m still not sure … Continue reading

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I Have No Witty Title: The Week That Nearly Won?

Noticing that these posts are becoming less about my goals and more about what I go through every week.  Well, there were people who wanted to know more about my life over here.  Anyway, I’m just going to barrel right … Continue reading

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Goal Post: The Week the Universe Kept Smacking People

First, I made a post on Thursday with a volunteer thing and a poll.  Feel free to go HERE and submit and vote.  I will mention that this is for 2 different October posts: The Friday Monster Maker and the … Continue reading

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