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Happy Thanksgiving Memes

The title says it all.  Enjoy these funnies while you either celebrate the holiday or wonder why Americans need a holiday to overeat.  To be fair, we also need this holiday to maintain our traditions of family tensions and mental … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July/Independence Day/Illegal Fireworks Day

As the title says, it’s July 4th, which is Independence Day in the USA.  So, here are some funnies.  For those who celebrate, please be safe and careful.  Think of those around you before you act too.  I know the … Continue reading

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My Summer Plans

It’s the first weekday since my Summer Vacation started.  I was thinking of getting a summer job, but I thought better.  This school year was tough and the chronic health issues I ended up battling at random intervals didn’t help.  … Continue reading

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Happy National Clean Your Room Day! (Celebrate by Skipping the Chore and Grabbing a Book.)

Make a nest in that pile of semi-clean laundry and escape into a fantasy adventure for $2.99!  Legends of Windemere: The Mercenary Prince!

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Happy Mothers Day!

It’s that time of year to celebrate one of the people who raised you.  There are all types of mothers out there, so I can’t really say ‘the one who brought you into this world’.  We all have mother figures … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Back from DC

I’m finally back from a spring break trip. I’m also trying to write and schedule this post using my phone. I’m exhausted this Friday night, so I’m living dangerously. God, I hate these blocks. No idea how to put a … Continue reading

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Goal Post: A Few Days into Spring Break

(Love this song.  Though, it’s messing with my head a bit.  Keeps giving me odd blips of nostalgia and old memories if I let my mind wander to it.) Where to start?  A lot has happened since my last goal … Continue reading

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Sins of the Parent Placed on the Child

Well, that’s not fair.  I mean, a parent screws up, so a child has to be punished?  It doesn’t make a lot of sense by most modern standards.  Though, I’m sure it probably happens in some places.  Odd how the … Continue reading

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We Meet Again, Weekend

Genuinely a weird week.  Feels like it rocketed ahead, but I barely remember what I was doing last weekend.  All I know is that I screwed up my stomach, so I wasn’t doing much activity.  Wait.  I binged the final … Continue reading

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On the Road

Seeing as I’m on the road today, I figure I’ll put up some funnies about traveling.  Let’s hope I have Internet access upon arrival.  As usual, I got everything with a Yahoo Image Search.  Enjoy.

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