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Backlash Toward Invulnerable Characters

Many people hate Superman because of his powers.  The one that gets a lot of attention is his invulnerability because it means he can never be hurt.  People roll their eyes when kryptonite appears and call it a strained plot … Continue reading

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Back in the Fantasy Saddle & Struck by a Lightning Bolt

Explicit lyrics below: This week didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped.  I mean, they never do, but this one resulted in me being 2 chapters behind where I wanted to be.  Probably overreached here.  One day was lost to … Continue reading

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Two Trick Pony

I’m realizing that I don’t really do much.  I write and I take care of my son.  I read occasionally when there’s too much noise to focus on writing or I’m a little drained.  I watch a few tv shows … Continue reading

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