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The Four Horsemen of Writing: Negativity

Not even sure I have to go into details with this one.  It’s a destroyer of egos and causes people to quit.  Not only with writing, but with most adventures.  This can birth doubt and keep it fed for as … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Cycle of Egos

(Not the biggest fan of the title now, but that’s what I picked.  It’s really about abuse.  A person who batters at another’s sense of self-worth and will stop long enough for them to recover.  I’ve dealt with too many … Continue reading

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The Shadow of Imposter Syndrome

(Sorry.  The November 28th post went live by accident right after this one.  So, most people commented on the Hat Shop instead of the real November 2nd post.  Didn’t realize it until someone actually commented on this one, so I’m … Continue reading

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Narcissists and How They Operate

This is a tough one because people don’t always know what these types of characters or real people are like.  We see them as egotistical manipulators or arrogant figures that are prone to gloating.  Sadly, I’ve had to interact with … Continue reading

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Followers of Identity

Why do some just follow? Altering their outer shell To become another being A muted copy Of another that they praise   Do they hate their soul? Disgusted by what they are Wasting strength To transform into a butterfly When … Continue reading

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