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Backlash Toward Invulnerable Characters

Many people hate Superman because of his powers.  The one that gets a lot of attention is his invulnerability because it means he can never be hurt.  People roll their eyes when kryptonite appears and call it a strained plot … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Invulnerable Characters

Now that we have an idea of what we mean by invulnerability, how do we use it?  The power can pose a problem for clear reasons.  Mostly, it can be abused and erase all sense of stakes in the story.  … Continue reading

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Invulnerable vs Invincible

I wanted to do a week on characters who are ‘Invulnerable’.  As you can guess, I ran into an interesting stumbling block.  It started with a google image search where the above showed up fairly quickly.  This made me realize … Continue reading

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