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An Anxious Friend in Need: What To Do?

I’m pushing this one ahead and hoping it doesn’t stir any trouble.  I’m not trying to call anyone out or make anyone feel bad.  Kind of hard to do when the topic will result in me pointing out mistakes that … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Character Backstories: Prepare the Cutting Room

John W. Howell asked: You have the most fabulous backstories and histories for your characters. what compels you to develop these backstories? Do you use all of the history and backstories or are some waiting to be employed? Now, I have … Continue reading

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So You Want to Be a Dawn Fang: Tips By Mab

Is that supposed to be me?  I’m not nearly that pale and that clunky necklace would get in the way when I’m stealing stuff.  That woman ever hear of a comb or brush?  Whatever, I’m in a mood because this … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Monstrous Heroes

I’ve talked about how difficult it is to have a monstrous hero without going too far to one side.  With any luck, I’ve struck the right balance in War of Nytefall, but only time will tell there.  So, what are some … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing about Vampires

There are plenty of types of vampires, so how do you make a list of tips to writing about them?  You pray really hard and do your best. That and you start off with the disclaimer that you’re working off … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Being Dramatic . . . In Fiction

Adding drama into your writing can be tough and many are leery about adding this due it skewing toward the negative.  Yet, it’s fairly unavoidable if you sit down and consider what can be born from it.  We may even … Continue reading

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2017 Top 5: #4- Why Not Write About the Writing Craft?

This post originally went live on August 21. A lot of author blogs focus on the writing craft and make posts about tenses, grammar, plot creation, genre, and other topics.  Others go into the nuances of Amazon, marketing, and whatever … Continue reading

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