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Growing Old and Growing Up

Playing as a child Toiling as an adult One looks at the other With a hint of jealousy * The child wants to grow While the adult wants to play Youth admires the freedom of old Old wishes for the … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I was going to post a new collection of completed puzzles, but I didn’t finish in time.  Then, I thought about what to do and realized it was Mother’s Day.  Don’t worry.  I got a card and gift already.  So, … Continue reading

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The Fall of ‘Footsteps’

As I was looking through my future ideas, I kept running into a set of notes that came at the end of all the big series.  These were called ‘Footsteps’ and stemmed from a point when I was going to … Continue reading

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Hope for 2020 . . . Do I Dare to Be Optimistic?

You know what?  I’m going with the meme up there.  I have hopes that I will do the following: Enjoy as much time with my son as possible. Continue working and having fun. Publish 2-3 books. Write 3-4 books. Make … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Et Tu, Automobile?

This was a week that felt like a month for some reason.  Everything is an odd blur except for a few events.  One reason might be because I did a bunch of overages, so I worked all the way through.  … Continue reading

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Cherish Their Childhoods

Gone in half a blink From needing nurturing To always out Rarely giving time Sequestered in their lair Like a cocooned larva * We rarely think ahead The humorous mourning Of our little ones advancement Weeping at milestones That grow … Continue reading

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Is Reading Still Popular?

Anybody remember the phrase ‘Reading is Fundamental’?  First, I didn’t realize it was a nonprofit child literacy organization founded in 1966.  Thought it was saying used in Public Service Announcements.  In fact, I used to think it was connected to … Continue reading

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Ode to the Single Father

Woman are naturally better Men can’t do it alone You don’t know what you’re doing Movies make us the butt of jokes Bungling at home Lacking of common sense And lucky to avoid destruction Desperately seeking a mate To take … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Single Father Characters

This list might quickly turn from fiction to reality.  In fact, I might switch between them to cover more ground.  Honestly, this subject feels a little awkward, but I’ve already entered the rabbit hole.  No turning back now. Fiction: Don’t … Continue reading

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Being a Single (And formerly a Stay At Home) Father

This topic is going to be a little funky because I’m bouncing between two similar, but different, topics.  I’ve been in both boats and felt like talking about them since they’ve been heavy on my mind.  This might be a … Continue reading

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