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The Bloody Fang Boutique: Once You Go Dead . . . That’s Pretty Much It

Welcome to the first step of the last stage of your life.  Here is where I go over the rules to make sure you know what you’re getting into.  We do not allow people to have others turned unless all … Continue reading

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The Mushroom Mart: No Pigs Allowed

Welcome to the Mushroom Mart . . . Okay, so it’s more of a forest, but Fungus Forest was already taken by a podiatrist down the road.  We are very serious about the pigs though because they can ruin our … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Being an Author: Who Put Glass on This Road?

Full disclosure on this one:  I’m not sure what this was supposed to be about.  There are times I get an idea for a post, jot it down in shorthand, and assume I’ll remember what I meant later.  Less than … Continue reading

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The Art of Bantering: Not As Easy As You Think

What exactly is banter these days?  I know the official definition is a ‘playful or friendly exchange of teasing remarks’.  Not exactly like what you see in one of the above examples, but I keep seeing examples of banter that … Continue reading

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Right in the Gut

A flash of heat Creating of beads of sweat And a pallor of near death Every bump Combines with every turn Changing lanes Feels like a rollercoaster Memories of food Ripple through the brain The most current meals Driving fear … Continue reading

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David’s Demon Design Department Store

Welcome and try not to breathe in too much of the sulfur.  We’re in the middle of a clearance sale, so the summonings are coming fast and a little sloppy.  Oh, step around that puddle, which I assure you was … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Ruins: Vines, Sand, Snakes, & More Vines

You can’t have a fantasy world without some ruins, but there’s always the question of how to create them.  Okay, so many authors might come off as simply cobbling together a bunch of broken buildings and wastelands.  Yet, there’s much … Continue reading

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