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Guest Post: Is Animal Heaven Broken by Tim Willow

(Say hello to Tim Willow and check out his blog.  Link after this fun post.) When things get bad for me, I pray to God. When things get really bad I drink vodka martinis. On this day I felt close … Continue reading

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Ten Things Not to Do on a Guest Post for Charles Yallowitz (By John Howell)

(A big welcome to John and a thank you for this funny post.  Everyone enjoy!) The inspiration for this post was an invitation to join Charles for a guest slot. In thinking on what I could write about it came … Continue reading

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Larry the Lunatic’s Amusement Park Supply Store

Welcome one and . . . Well, there’s only one of you.  First, I need to make sure you have the proper licenses and paperwork.  We can’t be selling our stock to people who don’t have the space.  It’s just … Continue reading

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Dos and Don’ts of Being a Warlord (Mortal and Vampire)

It isn’t easy ruling a kingdom, especially if your people are hard to control like vampires or professional sports fans.  There might be times when you have to rule with violence, but going too far can bring its own problems.  … Continue reading

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Ode to My Bunny

I love my bunny Enough to write a poem To honor him As he stares at me write Wiggly nose Matted hair His tummy full Of tomatoes Odds And ends He keeps me safe Flying faster than the wind Tougher … Continue reading

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Lost’s 7 Tips to Using Psychic Bunnies . . . Powers

Bunny and I get to write a post about having psychic powers.  There was a silver-haired lady that wanted to help me, but I didn’t want to share.  I think she had to take a nap anyway.  So, here is … Continue reading

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Paprika’s Poison Provider: No Residue Guaranteed

Welcome to our little hole in the wall and here is your complimentary antidote. What does it go to? Well, that’s something you have to figure out on your own. We don’t bother labeling the extras or returns, so enjoy … Continue reading

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