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Tears were Shed and Pain was Sustained

This was a really long and tough week.  Without going into any details, a friend passed away early on and that messed with my head a lot.  It was only a few days earlier that I stumbled onto a letter … Continue reading

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Bursts of Nostalgia

First, I’m not talking about the manipulation of nostalgia, which seems to be getting used all over the places.  This is more about you walking along or sitting at your desk.  Just going through the day or relaxing.  All of … Continue reading

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Cherish Their Childhoods

Gone in half a blink From needing nurturing To always out Rarely giving time Sequestered in their lair Like a cocooned larva * We rarely think ahead The humorous mourning Of our little ones advancement Weeping at milestones That grow … Continue reading

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Relics of Our Younger Days

We keep them Close or far away Some in the open Others packed and stored And a few that pass along Held by newer hands The remnants of our past Catalysts For old memories That get fainter by the year

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Questions 3: Right in the Childhood

We’re going to make this simple today.  Maybe I’ve been pulling too many late nights with the writing, which is not a bright idea.  You eventually cause yourself to reduce your daytime writing periods and throw your body off.  Then … Continue reading

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The Peanuts Movie . . . A Sort of Review Here?

First, I’m going to say I’ve always loved ‘Peanuts’.  Though I had a hard time openly admitting it at some points in my youth.  Not because of shame, but I was a kid named Charles in the 80’s.  So people … Continue reading

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A Question Asked On Facebook By Me

Now I’m attempting to get this connected to a question I asked on my Facebook Author page.  I would repeat it here, but I’d much rather get it on that medium where more people can interact with each other.  It’s … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Songs

The touch of a wordless tune Bringing me back to the games That I played from years ago Joyous memories of fun Rygar and Blaster Master Amazing at the time Making me feel old When I stumble upon them now … Continue reading

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100 Haiku for the Gamer’s Thumbs: 5-8

Body of the Game Remember cartridge Who evolved into a disk Homes of hidden worlds * Red, White, and Yellow The three-pronged lifeline A snake that brings sound and sight Curled behind the tube * You Tell Us How to … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Moments

Turning on Pandora Expecting Freddie or Ozzy Maybe Tyler, Bowie, or Rose Instead I hear my new additions To my private station Voiceless, yet beautiful Reminding me of times long past Mario and Metroid with a little Link Symphony from … Continue reading

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