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Vampire Factions: The Vengeance Hounds

Within Clyde’s gang is a smaller group that calls themselves the ‘Vengeance Hounds’.  I can’t go into too many details because the members will be getting their profiles posted throughout April.  No sense in spoiling their moments.  Yet, I can … Continue reading

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Stephanie Talon: The Playful Ritualist

Stephanie Talon falls into the same category as Gregorio Roman because she was never a game character.  While I was planning the series, I realized that there were only 3 female characters.  All of those were impressive and powerful and … Continue reading

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Vampire Factions: The Gangs

Sitting between the nobility and common vampires are the gangs like the one that Clyde runs.  While his is more infamous, there are plenty around that exist for various reasons that typically boil down to survival.  Some go with crime … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Who Dares Enter . . . Oh, It’s You

Almost forgot to use this teaser.  People seemed to like the concept of a certain character and I’m happy to share his debut.  It’s actually getting rather difficult to get this guy involved because he’s trying to stay neutral, so … Continue reading

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Vampire Factions: The Nobility

With every society, you have different factions and levels that come into play when changes occur. One of the most common groups in vampire stories is the noble class, which stems from how the vampires were originally immortal princes, kings, … Continue reading

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War of Nytefall: Loyalty Blog Tour Volunteers Request

In early April, I’m aiming to release War of Nytefall: Loyalty.  This is my newest series that focuses on the vampires of Windemere.  It’s strange starting from scratch again and I have no idea if established readers will follow me here.  … Continue reading

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Home Stretch, But I Think I Pulled Something

First, the above video is of a song the turned up on Pandora at an odd time.  My friend and I were talking about English versions of anime themes being mediocre or lackluster.  This is really good and I was … Continue reading

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