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Tales of the Slumberlord: How Much Trouble Can He Get In?

(Kind of funny how I’ve been pushing this Sunday post back for about 2 months.  I keep having other things that I need or want to post.  Sorry if things are bit off here.) My mind is already inching towards … Continue reading

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Drawing with the Kiddo

I rearranged things for a fun post today.  This isn’t about me really.  My son has been doing art using a Youtube channel called ‘Art for Kids Hub’.  It was introduced to us during a school assignment and he did … Continue reading

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Fireworks? Eh, That’s Old News. Time for Goals

Seriously, there have been fireworks going off almost nightly for at least three weeks. If I didn’t have a son, I wouldn’t have noticed them any more.  Doesn’t look like any official shows are going on, so we’ll probably head … Continue reading

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Songs of Summer . . . I’m Still Being Lazy Here

I know nobody listens to the music videos I post.  Still, I’m in the mood to do it anyway.  Yeah, I typically take from Rock n Roll and Modern.

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First Non-School Week of the Summer . . . It Was Aight

Think I’m going to have to do a day-by-day here.  A lot happened since this was the first week that my son and I didn’t have school.  In fact, Monday was the first day since late February that we had … Continue reading

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The Thrill of Words

Words on the page Each one a step Into a vivid world That absorbs the senses To bestow knowledge And escape And lull one into slumber * It is a skill Finely crafted from youth Marked by stumbles Language nuances … Continue reading

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Hector’s Hotel Hoisting Hypermart: No Swinging On Display Chandeliers

Welcome!  Watch your step as you come out of the narrow pass since there’s a cliff right over here. We had a railing, but it was knocked down by a visiting buffalo imitator convention.  They felt like they had to … Continue reading

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Tim’s Tournament Preparation Shop: Buy 3 Pavilions and Get a Free Hot Dog Vendor

Welcome one and all!  I see you brought some of your fighters to help you shop around for supplies.  Please note that we do not provide the venue.  Too many regulations in selling arenas, open areas for explosions, and whatever … Continue reading

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Time for More Completed Puzzles!

This is going to work out since I don’t have my room for a few days. Comments here tend to be easy and it gives me another week to think of another topic. I can’t do puzzles for a while … Continue reading

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The Infamous Retelling of An Old Story (7 Tips!)

The meme is right, but I’m going to talk about retellings more than remakes.  Is there a difference?  At first glance, I thought there wasn’t.  Then I considered the nuances a bit more and realized it was subtle.  A remake/reboot … Continue reading

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