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I Can’t Even Think of a Title Here

I’m just stunned and confused now.  Leave out the stuff with taxes and the ex-wife as well as the application to graduate school.  All of those have been kind of dwarfed by the big thing going on.  Been trying to … Continue reading

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If It Weren’t For Bad Luck, I’d Have No Luck At All

Ever have one of those weeks that you can label a comedy of errors?  That happened starting around Monday.  I’m going to try and change the way I do these posts though too, so hold on.  Mostly, I’m doing section … Continue reading

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Birthday To Me: Note the Missing Word

Today has sucked.  Last night I started having a raspy cough and decided to see a doctor today.  The wife was in the same boat, but with her usual bronchitis.  First, that insurance issue wasn’t as fixed as I thought. … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Nobody Likes Being Sick

So, I’m tending to a kid with strep right now.  Lots of kid movies and pampering, which has me thinking about being sick in a story.  It doesn’t come up too often unless it’s a central part of the story. … Continue reading

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Progress! *hack cough wheeze*

So we’re getting close to completion, but still not 100% certain it will be ready to go by the weekend or Christmas.  Fingers are crossed though.  At least when I’m not sneezing or coughing.  I caught a really bad cold, … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Delay in . . . Here

First, an apology that I won’t have a teaser going up today.  Getting very hard to pick out of everything and not sure how to change that.  Also check out below. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I got … Continue reading

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From the Vault: The Pandora’s Box Prescription

As I sit here coughing I contemplate this pill A harsh Pandora’s Box Holding hope And an army of horrors I am forced to swallow With a bathtub’s worth of water My shredded throat Whimpering against the pill Until it … Continue reading

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The Pain of Quarantine

Trapped Cut off from others To prevent the spread Yet not full blocked I hear voices Of those having fun Laughs of my child Who I must avoid Smells of food Forbidden until I heal Feel of wind and sun … Continue reading

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What Do You Think About Physical Disease in a Story?

First to explain the video.  Excel Saga is a spoof anime and Hyatt (the repeatedly dying girl) is a spoof on the cliche ‘weak constitution’ or ‘anemic’ character.  These are typically girls in anime.  She keels over and hacks up … Continue reading

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Songs About Being Sick

I still feel like overcooked crap that’s been run over by a bus.  Sleeping most of the day and the fever comes and goes.  Thankfully, it’s not going over 100 degrees this time.  Anyway, I thought I’d have some fun … Continue reading

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