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Questions 3: Writing an Encyclopedia/Compendium

My parents used to have this set and it got me through so many school projects.  People don’t use physical encyclopedias these days thanks to Wikipedia.  Then again, I’m thinking of another type of encyclopedia.  We’ll get to the questions … Continue reading

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The Spymaster a.k.a. Why Intel is Important Even to Fictional Armies

In the War of Nytefall series, Kai Stavros is the acting spymaster working under Xavier Tempest.  His job is to gather information on enemies, handle assassinations, and report on potential dangers to his master.  Kai isn’t much of an infiltrator in … Continue reading

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Questions about Windemere

So, I’m trying to set up some things for August posts and I came up with the idea of opening the floor to questions about Windemere.  Not my style, but the overall world since I can’t always explain things without … Continue reading

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