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War of Nytefall: Loyalty Blog Tour Volunteers Request

In early April, I’m aiming to release War of Nytefall: Loyalty.  This is my newest series that focuses on the vampires of Windemere.  It’s strange starting from scratch again and I have no idea if established readers will follow me here.  … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Monstrous Heroes

I’ve talked about how difficult it is to have a monstrous hero without going too far to one side.  With any luck, I’ve struck the right balance in War of Nytefall, but only time will tell there.  So, what are some … Continue reading

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Kai Stavros: The Loyal Spymaster

Kai Stavros was my second Live-Action Vampire character who made it one game session before I tossed him.  There was drama involved, which I won’t go into.  Some days, I’m not even sure why I put in the series, but … Continue reading

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The Monstrous Hero

This might be a rehash of Monday, but I’m still wondering about having a monster as a protagonist.  I’m going to be more positive about this though because there are unique approaches to such an antihero.  In fact, there are … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Do You Mind?

This is another excerpt from War of Nytefall: Loyalty.  It’s one that I’m rather amused by even now because it sets an interesting tone.  A rough slapstick comedy that shows up from time to time since the characters take advantage of … Continue reading

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How Far Can an Anti-Hero Go?

In War of Nytefall, I had to change mental gears because the Dawn Fangs aren’t exactly heroes.  They could be considered that by their own species, but they’re still fairly monstrous in that they kill and destroy a lot.  I considered … Continue reading

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The Bloody Fang Boutique: Once You Go Dead . . . That’s Pretty Much It

Welcome to the first step of the last stage of your life.  Here is where I go over the rules to make sure you know what you’re getting into.  We do not allow people to have others turned unless all … Continue reading

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