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Goal Post: I Swear I Did One of These Yesterday

This week really got away from me.  Didn’t get as much writing or blog prep done as I had hoped.  I should really hunker down on that second thing because my scheduled posts only go through June.  Wonder why I … Continue reading

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Why Do I Use Humor?

Honestly, I thought this would be a more challenging question with a deeper answer, but I’ve been sitting here for a while.  The question of how to use humor has been asked several times, but I always wanted to touch … Continue reading

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Goal Post: At Least I Made It In One . . . That Shouldn’t Have Fallen Off

I did say last Saturday that I was going to have a rough week.  Didn’t expect it to be as stressful as it was, but I didn’t delude myself into thinking things would go well.  There was a disturbing theme … Continue reading

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Chest in a Vise Week

There’s no other way to describe it because my week ended with me feeling like my chest was stuck in a vise.  Drama in every direction.  This is coming off a break, so I might have had my defenses down.  … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Nailed the Goalie in the Nards!

Think I might be the goalie in this scenario.  At least this week went smoother than previous ones.  Work was busy, but not as stressful.  Still some kinks to iron out of a couple systems.  Noticed last week that nobody … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Stressing About Stress

Let’s finish up our week about stress by opening the floor to everyone.  I’m sure we all have an opinion, strategy, or thoughts on the topic.  Some people shrug it off while others let it get to them.  So, I’m … Continue reading

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7 Ways to NOT Make a Stressed Person More Stressed Out

Here’s the thing.  People who are stressed out already know it.  They may even have an idea on how to relax, but something is blocking them.  Many know at least some of the sources of their stress.  With all of … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Stress

Stress is brutal.  In small doses, it can drive us ahead, but how often do we get the proper amount?  The longer I live, the more I meet people who are either unstressed to the point of being unmotivated and … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Yeah . . . Everything is Blurry

This is a week that felt like every day lasted a month and all of the events have become fairly blurry.  I remember looking into Masters programs and realizing that I need to take the GRE first.  Signed up for … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Meet the Teacher . . . Wait . . . I’m On the Wrong Side of the Desk

This was a busy week that felt like a month.  Don’t get me wrong.  Work was a lot of fun and I’m getting used to the new stuff.  Made successful strawberry bread with one of the students and we rocked … Continue reading

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