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Do I Need to Use a Dragon? . . . Guess the First Draft is Done

Haven’t used this picture for a while, but I guess it works.  So, I mentioned yesterday that I completed the first draft of Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips).  I don’t know if I should keep that … Continue reading

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Last Sunday of 2020: Time for More Artwork from My Progeny

The title says it all really.  These are the drawings that my son has made over the last few months.  It was difficult to find time since school was crazy for both of us.  Schedules were a mess and we … Continue reading

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Another Collection of Art from the Son: All Pokemon

So, I asked my son if he minded me posting more of his pictures here.  I went through a round of questions before he said it was okay.  We’re doing Pokemon right now, so that’s what you’re going to see … Continue reading

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Drawing with the Kiddo

I rearranged things for a fun post today.  This isn’t about me really.  My son has been doing art using a Youtube channel called ‘Art for Kids Hub’.  It was introduced to us during a school assignment and he did … Continue reading

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What is an Homage?

The picture above really does answer the question, but you would be surprised how often people don’t consider the possibility of an homage.  It might not be a common phrase, especially in these days of reboots where it’s more likely … Continue reading

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Is Natural Talent Enough?

I’m not 100% certain where I plan on going with this.  The topic came to mind after a day of hearing people tell me how talented I am when it comes to writing.  For a while, I’ve been struggling with … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal: Quest of the Brokenhearted

Here’s the cover for Quest of the Brokenhearted, which will debut on July 2nd.  It was made by Sean Harrington and I think it really captures what I was thinking of.  There’s a clear homage in here too.  No sense beating … Continue reading

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Characters of Windemere Art by Kayla Matt

Here’s another set of characters from Legends of Windemere drawn by Kayla Matt.  I put them in a slideshow for space and hope everyone enjoys.

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Ritual of the Lost Lamb & Champions of Windemere Cards

First: Have you picked up your copy yet? LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE: RITUAL OF THE LOST LAMB on Amazon! Another fun arrival comes from Kayla Matt.  Below is the main poster and then a slideshow of the individual cards.  Enjoy!

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Do We Even Want to be Entertained?

So, I’ve been wondering this for a while now.  I wasn’t sure how to write this up either and have gone through it in my head many times.  Then I stumbled onto this part from a Suicide Squad review: “In my sensible … Continue reading

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