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Goal Post: At Least I Made It In One . . . That Shouldn’t Have Fallen Off

I did say last Saturday that I was going to have a rough week.  Didn’t expect it to be as stressful as it was, but I didn’t delude myself into thinking things would go well.  There was a disturbing theme … Continue reading

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Final Goal Post of 2020: How Will I End This Year?

First, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  If you don’t celebrate then I hope you had a relaxing Friday.  Also that you found a place to get food because most places close early or don’t open at all.  I … Continue reading

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Goals . . . Eh, I Might as Well Try Again

Pure honesty: I’m writing this right before I go to bed Friday night. Purer honesty: I’ve had a few drinks before tackling this.  I’m not drunk, but I’m in a drowsy state. I guess I could have waited for the … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh! Maybe . . . I’m Napping this Weekend

It’s Thursday night and I’m scheduling this baby now.  What else could possibly happen this week?  Well, Friday is my son’s moving up ceremony because he moves on to middle school in the fall.  That’s going to be fun and … Continue reading

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Give Me a Silent ‘P’! (I Said Silent, People!)

All goals for the week were curb stomped pretty badly.  Last weekend was spent resting and catching up on errands instead of outlining like I’d hoped.  That and I just couldn’t get my head into the game.  Ended up tearing … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Summer Edition . . . How Ya Doin’?

Well, we’re pretty deep into summer and things are going.  Sure, I’m writing this up in early June, but I know what’s coming.  Sadly, I’m sure it isn’t an author contract, a billion dollars, and/or a good night’s sleep.  Anyway, … Continue reading

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Let Sleeping Authors Lie

So, I had an idea for a theme this week and it was ‘Eat, Drink, and Be Merry’.  I thought the first two worked together and decided that sleeping should be mentioned.  Anyway, these three things are fairly essential to … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Now Begins the Summer of Recovery

Wait!  Don’t go anywhere because I will still be blogging and on social media.  There’s also Quest of the Brokenhearted coming out in a little over 2 weeks.  By the way, should I make that one start at 99 cents for … Continue reading

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Probably Made More Progress Than I Realize

The above video shows a character that I just stumbled onto when I randomly picked ‘Magi: Labyrinth of Magic’ to watch this week.  The original choice was ‘Fate/Zero’, but I had a really bad anxiety attack on Sunday.  Watching an … Continue reading

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Almost Time to Get My Butt Back to the Grindstone

I didn’t have any goals for last week.  That set the bar pretty low, which is a good thing because I wasn’t doing too hot.  We had a lot of cold and rain early in the week, but then things … Continue reading

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