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Poem of Fear

(This is a poem I wrote way back in high school.  We were supposed to give a human voice to something without form.  I think that was the assignment.  I chose ‘fear’ and it came out really good.  I’ve revived … Continue reading

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You Never Know Who Is Suffering

There is a constant scream It is in silence Though there are signs Awkward movements Eyes of others Hold daggers of poison Itches and coughs Heartbeat rushing Even when at rest Tears welling up But only flowing in solitude Cracks … Continue reading

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The Art of Apology

(With mistakes comes apologies, which will be another big thing in War of Nytefall: Ravenous.) A single word That depends on tone * Sorry Used in sincerity To repair the harm That one has caused * Sorry Used like a defense … Continue reading

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Hope and Love Sputter Eternal

The bubble was popped Hope lost Love soured The heart beats With an undertone of pain Numbness at the edges Anything To make the agony pass Will the horror end? * Hope can be revived Love found once more If … Continue reading

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Lost a Piece of Heart and Soul

They had a place Settled in your chest Adjusting your beats And nurturing the soul Existences entwined Allies in life And now you are alone * A mix of pain And numbness Denial may rear its head Along with anger … Continue reading

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A Test of Empathy

I watch it unfold A test of the heart Can you act to protect another? Shield a stranger from harm Even if it requires discomfort? Do you care Beyond your circle? These questions are silent Never being spoken Drowned by … Continue reading

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To Follow a Trend

You want to join And taste sweet victory Even for a moment Regardless of yourself To dive into a sea of cheers And swim to your own dreams * The trend is a stepping stone A door left open That … Continue reading

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Revenge is Sweet and A Little Overdone

Pride and body Have been maimed and marred Only one path remains To make life worth living Revenge * Plotting every hour Barely breaking for sleep Notes written on shower curtains In the finest of soaps Used only for vengeance … Continue reading

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Bad Girl vs Bad Boy

(I feel like I’ve beaten a dead horse with this topic, but I’m seeing it through to the end.) Living on the outskirts Both rebels Attractive in their distance From society And norms Tempting in their danger Yet, different In … Continue reading

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Life of the Author (A Shakespearean Sonnet)

To be honest, this is my first attempt at a Sonnet.  Learned about them in college and it was a project in ELA last year.  I helped my student with this, but I never took it by the reins myself.  … Continue reading

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