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Right in the Gut

A flash of heat Creating of beads of sweat And a pallor of near death Every bump Combines with every turn Changing lanes Feels like a rollercoaster Memories of food Ripple through the brain The most current meals Driving fear … Continue reading

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Lovey Dovey Mushy Stuff in Fiction

 Cuddles and kisses Saccharine dripping From the pages While others look on From both worlds Puppy love First love Slipping into other genres Giving characters A chance to be more human Yet it can be out of place Smooching among … Continue reading

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The Last Word

The final keystroke Flourish of the ending scrawl Echoing in the air Driving home the fact That you have written The Last Word No more to be added A period has sealed your fate Edits are a farce Meant to … Continue reading

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The Adopted Children of Ambrosine

 Goddess of the hated ones Protecting those Who dwell in shadows Ambrosine dreams Of the day her people rise And are welcomed by the sun Yet the Goddess of tricksters Knows the game herself Her influence has stretched To nurture … Continue reading

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Crests of the Baron’s Mortal Sins

Six families stood At the peak of their world Some kind and pure Others selfish and cruel Yet they worked in one circle Maintaining balance For good and ill Six families danced To greet a friend from afar A man … Continue reading

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Path of the Indie

Neither alone Nor in a group The indie stands between Depending on our own hands To start the tide Hoping others arrive Their whispers Turning the ripple Into a wave Our path is filled With sneers and suggestions Advocates of … Continue reading

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Family Man

The Provider The Protector The Repairman The Outdoor Cook The Empty Seat at Dinner The Family Man Many roles to play Some choose one and hold While others forge new niches The Stay-At-Home Times change the needs More than a … Continue reading

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