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The Stigma of Mental Illness

So, I might be short and to the point here.  Mostly because I know I’m going to get a pretty big workout in the comments.  My opinion has also been stated here a few times, but I felt like bringing … Continue reading

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David’s Demon Design Department Store

Welcome and try not to breathe in too much of the sulfur.  We’re in the middle of a clearance sale, so the summonings are coming fast and a little sloppy.  Oh, step around that puddle, which I assure you was … Continue reading

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A Hint of Good in the Bad

A major point of Path of the Traitors is that some of the villains in Legends of Windemere are not entirely evil.  They have a chance at redemption and even some positive qualities.  While not every villain is in this story, I’m … Continue reading

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Returning to the Light

As the path progresses The night falls upon the heroes Inky darkness Consuming all it touches Devouring stars To block the light entire Pain and suffering Doled out upon the good Evil gaining ground To the point where stories twist … Continue reading

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Fate of the World in Your Words

I came up with an interesting scenario and question last week, but didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle.  To be totally fair, I’m setting this post up on October 30th and will probably do a test run … Continue reading

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Why Do I Prefer Good Triumphing Over Evil?

Now, I’d like to say that ‘win’ does not always equal ‘survive’.  Heroes can be victorious and die.  This part is really a clarification of my own stance and I’m also not entirely sure where to go with this because … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Balancing Act

So what seems to be the trouble?  Your hero went too dark and lost the shoulder angel?  It happens when you’re too rough with them.  Guessing you pushed a little too hard and the poor thing couldn’t move on.  Did … Continue reading

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